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Tips for new GM? Friend wants me to GM a game he's made and I've played for about two years but never GM'd before. Already have a few simple ideas in my head I feel ready to run with.

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Tips, tricks, and how to keep your players on the other side of the DM screen!

First order of business:

Alternate narrative styles - Good way to spice up your game, or a quick way to lead to confusion?

Flashbacks and non linear narrative?
Describing the PC's actions only in the third person?

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You and your companions.

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Alright, so my gm is gonna run a mystery/horror pathfinder campaign soon and I need some help with the character. Im probably gonna play the combat role in the party, even if this will be mostly against the occasional human, the monsters will probably be far out of our league and needed to be combated with guile, or just run away from them.

So! Fighter vs Barbarian at low levels; which one to go with? And also, which of them is more useful out of combat and how can I make them useful there.

Any tips welcome

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Well, yeah, of course you're gonna have a bad time, then.

The system's far from perfect, but I still enjoy it greatly because my friends aren't a raving pack of shit heads.

That said, SM against CSM can be a lot of fun in such small games. Squad on Squad, and that sort of thing.

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>you try to do something seemingly innocent

Why can't I game with people who understand RPGs

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Experience with Dark Heresy, but I'm willing to try Only War or CoC
Eastern (GMT -5)
in email field
Pulse. I've got two people who are interested already; if a few more want to play we'll get a time lined up.

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I'm pretty sure he "stole" the mouse from xerox.
And a lot of other stuff that technically wasn't up for grabs but that wasn't being used for anything major at the time. But my history's a bit rusty, the last year was spent getting an MA in the 16th century book trade. But yeah, they really do blend together. A lot of people will tell you there are no new stories, just different variations on the classics.
If you want an entire book on the subject, read The Hero With a Thousand Faces.

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Good evening, gents:

Due to a planning snafu, a campaign I am running is short one player (we have three). If you live in New York City and are interested in a game of 3.5 starting at level 7, my email is in the field.

In the meantime: gamefinder thread!

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Good ol' OC. Still as relevant as when I cooked it up.

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What's the deal with bees?

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We're in the top 20% of the world. For example, Armageddon is happening right now, every day in some god forsaken African shithole.

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I haven't seen one of these in awhile.
Lets do this.

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>if this is like recommendation threads on /a/

Unlike /a/, /tg/ LIKES new people in the hobby, since being a xenophobic hermit is pretty counterproductive to playing games

Sadly, there isn't an easy answer, because
>Or is it all different for whichever kind of setting/game I want to play?
is pretty spot on.

Really, the easiest way is to find a gaming store/club and learn from other people. If that's unpossible, I suppose going online and reading about different game systems is the other way to get info, but it's frankly pretty hard to start from scratch.

There are also ways to game with people online, but those are frankly unreliable.

There's an image of "Intro-level gaming systems" for different genres, but I sadly don't have it.

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>Preferred system
3.5/Pathfinder, 40kRPG
>Preferred Theme
>Time Zone
Skype: logicnproportion
AIM: bizarro solcia

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My GM insists on a game of GURPS set in 1985, using only characters from literature who reasonably fit the timeframe (ie. A character from 1975 is fine, but they'll be ten years older). The setting is a generic crapsack world with frequent alien attacks. Help me pick a character. So far I have considred a 55 year old Ragnar Danneskjold and a 25 year old David Xanatos. Apparently anything but comic book characters will fly. If I fail to find a decent character, I will play Goku from the 1985 comic and insist on derailing every adventure.

Pic related: My gaming group, artist's conception.

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Oh gods OP, do I have one.

>Decide to let That Guy DM for whatever reason
>Tells us this campaign is going to be more about gaman' than roleplayan'
>Tells us that to save time on character's 'bodily needs' that there will be a fun and easy 'rest function' ie, Final Fantasy inns
>Dungeoneering without plot
>Shitty luck in a combat makes us hesitant to go on
>Ask DM if we can rest here
>"Okay, but there will be consequences."
>Fukkit, whatever
>Party wakes up
>Giant hawks attack us every time we stop progressing through dungeons
>Party decides to act out 'bodily needs' to avoid Dreadhawk wrath
>Barbarian is feeling lulzy, says he's going to go piss
>Barbarian starts describing the act of pissing
>Chain on wall grabs Barbarian's dick
>Oh god!
>Turns out its a Chain Devil
>Wizard sets it ablaze to damage it
>DM says the chain still grabs Barbarian's dick...and it's now on fire
>Barbarian dies
>Party decides to retreat

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>Systems of Choice
3.5, Pathfinder, 40K RPG's
>Times Available/Timezone
>Contact Info
Skype: logicnproportion
AIM: bizarro solcia
Team player and will go along with whatever you're selling.

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>Free 3-4 days out of the week, but always free after 8-9PM
>3.5, Pathfinder, 40KRPG's
>Whatever I need to do to play
>Skype: logicnproportion, AIM: bizarrosolcia
>Very adapatable and a team player!

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My group has a house rule when we play at home (durr) for 40K.

If a weapon with at least 48 inch range and a strength of 7 misses on a roll of 1, we roll to see if we wound what we call 'The Snake.'

To wound the Snake, you must roll a 6. If you wound it, the Snake gets a 2+ armor save, followed by a 2+ ward save. (Yes we know that's for Fantasy and not 40K but fuck the police.)

If The Snake fails both of these saves, it awakens, and the game is considered over with all players losing, as The Snake causes the world to end.

It came about from when we were starting out in 40K and had to use random shit for terrain. We used a snake Beanie Baby once, and on a crucial weapon to-hit missing it's target near the damned thing, someone called out 'It Hit The Snake!'

Later, The Snake was given the above rules, which we use to this day in private for-fun games.

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