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This pic is true you know

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>Vote for separation fails on technicality
>Movement gains popularity
>Movement grows angry
>Canadian separatist movement hoards capes
>Canadian government arms national team with anti-cape weapons
>Attempt to form official representative team found to be tricky or even impossible
>American capes visiting to do what they can to mend Canada's deeply rooted and complex situation find themselves surprised that Canada has provinces and regions and a separatist movement and isn't just one big Alaska because that would be silly Americans so ignorant they don't know anything about their neighbor until they actually visit the place or until a week-old discussion on superheros prompts them to skim Canada's wikipedia page fucking hilarious what a funny idea for a little joke right guys
>Canada on the brink of being the grim nation in Cape World
>Rumors that a new vote is coming seem all but confirmed
>Tensions rise higher than ever as PC plans to amend all of Canada's troubles using werewolf girl as the mascot of an official "Province Men" team fail horribly
>King Arthur and his murdersword of Distinct Lack of Mercy and ancient Homo Dynamus knights of the "why do the Homo Sapien peasants revolt against their one true king" table show up in Quebec

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Whatever man, flippers pretty much ruined battlebots. Made the show boring. as. fuck.

Ultimately, I would rather see a cool as fuck ineffective robot than another boring wedge.

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This is how I take a flaw.

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Fucking this.

And I'm a god damn Canadian too, so when summer rolls around, my cold acclimatized body needs fucking shorts and t-shirts to get by.

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>mix it with Canadian dollars

If he's Canadian, he'll notice that it doesn't smell like maple syrup.

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>Dragonesses store kidnapped princesses in their wombs for immortality

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>>mwf Bretonnia FreeLC

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>That pic

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Just imagine finding this on the attic

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We shall show them how to rule the waves.

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Yeah, Christ. I couldn't even wear an overshirt in Ottawa, let alone an inch and a half thick cloth vest. I'm pretty sure someone would melt in South America/Africa with that on.

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>multi-hit 4
Same feeling in my peepee, tbh

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>it's working

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So......how many come in a box?

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Well, time to meet up with Mexico to decide how we're going to split up all this unclaimed territory.

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>applied for roll20 campaign
>DM doesn't seem to be picking all his players at once
>rather, one every few hours
>there's one slot left
Please, I need this game.

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We should definitely start doing this as a thing before anyone starts voting.

Who's in favour of this?

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The actual media hypercorp.

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And the entire thread held it's breath.

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>292 posts
So, I'm putting the final touches on a villain right now. I should wait for the new thread to post him, shouldn't I?

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>>every woman in the village is pregnant

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sure is rough up here
>not him though

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It just hit 30c inside my house. It's even higher outside. fml

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