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>Dark skinned
Desert Elves
>Pale skinned
Dark Elves
>Alien-lookin' ass
High Elves
>LOTR looking elves

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>tfw had my gun jam 3 times in one combat, then botched the save on the last check

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Actually now that I think about it, I'd be fine with Deathwatch.
I take it back on putting it on a lower reccomendation.

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Last time I played with my mom she made a slutty bard who fucked tons of guys and the DM found it hilarious and allowed it to be roleplayed in detail for bonus XP.

>She tried getting my character involved even

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>Party gets genderbent
>Ends up as a harem to the lone female character turned lone male

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>Underworld got sued by WW
what? wy?

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