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Thank mr skeltal

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>Human guards
They were in the undercity. The 'guards' that responded were a pair of hobgoblin enforcers from Dargruun, working as part of a force that wants to stabilize the local monsters in their empire's favor.

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Only necromancy spells that create undead are inherently evil (although some are capable of great harm, so are a lot of spells)
Reading the Zombie, Skeleton, and other undead's pages in the Monster Manual makes this abundantly clear, if the text in the Spellcasting section of the PHB didn't.

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>Mfw this thread

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Default fluff in 5e Forgotten Realms is that animating undead is done by binding spirits of negative energy to the corpse. So, as >>46995325 said, you're pulling negative energy into the Prime.
Also, if you're even a minute late to refresh your daily spell to control an undead, it will be left to its own devices. Which are immediately killing any living thing. One small error, and your workers become murderers.

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First, the ability to restrain the enemy is fucking useless since you're restraining yourself.
Second, you don't make an attack roll when attempting to grapple something, you make a contested skill check.
That is literally one of the most brokenly useless feats. How could you possibly think otherwise

Meanwhile, the level 3 Cleric casts Hold Person

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Has anyone got a link to it? Is it hiding in the last thread? Or is it a chapter in the book itself?

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Wut, no. I never even asked a girl out. Let alone a goddess. I just want to have ultimate power and help people out. Now fight these skellys while I do important stuff.

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While the zombies are strong enough to be able to water and plow the fields, it's questionable that you want stinking meat to fall on EVERYTHING, and boy are those things gonna rot in the sun.
Skellies 9 times out of 10.

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Age: 16
Body: Underdeveloped +1 MAG
MAG 16 (2 Silver & 4 Bronze)
Specialization: Gold Coin; Dark Magical Girl, +2 MAG +1 STR/AGI/VIT/LCK, Unique Spec: Bone
Weapon: Ranged, +1 AGI
Outfit: Elaborate +1 MAG
Power: Barrage
Hammerspace Handbag
Enhanced Transformation
Big Damn Hero
Silver: Soul Jar

Now I just need a proper dungeon.

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>Using bumbling, smelly zombies and not precise, sanitized skeletons

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>Giving the players an empty cave with no loot except a trinket and note that says "overthinking"
Man I love being DM occasionally.

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>Adventuring in dungeon
>Mysterious pile of gold in room
>Wizard pings it on Detect Magic
>Barbarian runs up to grab it anyways
>Immediately crushed by a boulder
>Determine it's some sort of curse
>Leave a sign for any future explorers
>They'll thank us

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>On the flip side white scars also will wreck dark reapers.

No they don't. They won't be anywhere near them before they get tabled. Reapers don't give a fuck about any of your saves and they can hit you from across the other side of the board.

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You're far too late.

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Well, I gotta say that IS a better name.

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/tg/ is not religious, it's just a bunch of contrarians who feel the need to be special in 2015 when religion is becoming the pariah in a secular western society. Image board culture is anathema to a biblical lifestyle and anybody who takes scripture seriously would not browse a website like this for more than 10 seconds.

"I'm a devout (>calling yourself devout, kek) Christian" on 4chan = "I read a bunch of pop scholarship about the Bible and now I'm a bona fide saved-from-day-one traditionally baptized harbinger of Christ hallelujah." The people who claim this sort of thing are ironically the New Pharisees mentioned by Jesus several times, not that I would expect such people to have the extensive philosophical and linguistic backgrounds to actually know what is happening in the constantly revamped collection of gospels we call "the Bible" today.


Older Man Who Attended Seminary In The Early 2000s And Was Well On My Way To Becoming A Pastor Until I Learned So Much About Christianity That I Realized It's Ridiculous To Take Ancient Mythology Literally

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This is how I BBEG.

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