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"Do you not like this place, Kaori?" I worriedly put my hand on her shoulder.


She takes a step back. Her tiny leap away from the locale is enough to take away a burden of worry.
"It's very crowded, that's all."

I look at her with worry. This is a side that I'm not sure I've seen before.
"Do you not like crowds, Kaori? You seem okay around school."
"That's different." She snaps back immediately. "School is where all the children laugh, play, and learn. This place-"

She eyes it with an almost kind of contempt.
"Is filled with nothing but anger."


I gaze inside the establishment. I can see children happily laughing and bashing at the machines while a clearly stressed-out manager tries to keep them under control. In the back, several rows of machines seem to be showing a game where two characters are facing each-other.

"Everyone looks happy to me."
"Trust me, it's there." Kaori nervously thumbs through her hair. "The feeling of dozens of people, some of them on the brink of breaking, all at once feeling an unbearable amount of frustration. Anger, frustration, sorrow, it bubbles like a fountain."

I look back into the arcade, it just looks like an arcade to me.
"S-sorry." Kaori has leaned against Maeda's shoulder. She keeps her standing. "It's just- places like this where it's very crowded and people are very angry. I can hear it, it's as clear as a bell."

"You never told me about this!" I stamp my foot.
"I-" She stands up straight, "You never asked."

How could I ask about something like that?!

"Kaori, If you're not comfortable, we don't have to go in."

Her eyes turn to you.
"But- Alex."
"We can ask him later. There are other adults we can go ask."

She blinks. "Like who?"
"C'mon, let's go find someone. Like-"

>Alex, I'll just get him to come outside.
>Maeda's parents
>Oh! The principal!

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"Any other ideas then?" I plead with Kaori. "These are all pretty good, but I feel none of them really fit Asai."

Kaori thinks about the question for a few moments.
"The 'other' side of him you told me about, I want to know more about that."

I explain to her how he seemed to be a massive coward, and was the parts of Asai that he didn't like and therefore split from his body. With assistance from the chairman of course.

"Huh." Kaori seems dumbstruck.
"I know, right?"

"So, that good part is still in there, with Asai."

"It's just, he's suppressing it?"
"Or that's how Asai was all along. And that half of him was the odd one out the whole time."

"I'm not sure I buy that." Kaori huffs, "If that was true, Asai would have changed to be more like the monster. I think he took him back in, but is actively keeping those parts inactive or dormant."

Something else comes to mind, that I'm not sure how to answer.
"Kaori, how would I make someone feel an emotion?"

"Well, there are a lot of reasons. People feel emotions from watching movies, being with friends and family, listening to sad music-"
"But I'm not sure Asai does any of that."


"Would someone specific make him feel an emotion?"
"Mom was making him feel some kind of distant sense of love, right?" Kaori tilts her head.

"Well, he said he wanted to marry her, so-"

"No, that is absolutely out."

"What I mean is-" Kaori puts her hand over my mouth, "It's clear he must be feeling some emotions, and other people are making him feel things that I'm not sure he's felt before."

I let all those facts pile up in my mind. Though, I'm not sure which ones are important or not.

"Hey Masami?"

"Want to go get my father and see if he has any ideas? I mean, he split Asai up in the first place."

>Your father? you mean- the chairman?
>He can rot.
>I trust him less than I trust Asai!
>I guess there's no harm in asking?
>We could give it a try.

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I stop myself, before searching around to make sure nothing else is in the room with me.
"I think I know what he's talking about." My hand wraps around the gold band in my pocket.
"Uh..? You do? Do you have something like that?" Kaori asks, confused.

"Yeah, I picked it up during the fight when he flashed it at me, and-"

Wait, what the heck are we doing!?

"No wait! We're not here for that! He just told us that to stall us!"
"H-He did? Why would he do that?"
"Because he probably has something bad planned, duh! We have to find Mom!"

Kaori looks as if she just mentally slapped herself.
"Oh right! Mom! Listen, if she's not on this floor, then she's probably back on the 13th floor. We could get there really quickly by dropping down the stairwell!"

"Right, let's-"
"You go ahead, without me!" Kaori heads back into the room, toward Asai's desk.

I look at her as if she's really lost it this time.
"Are you crazy?! I already told you that I'm not leaving you alone in here!"
"This is different! I think I can find out where Mom is from in here. If you lock the door, no one should be able to get in!"

"Yeah, no one except Asai. He's a crazy guy, I don't think you should be doing this!"
"Please Masami! I want to find Mom as much as you do, but wandering the building blindly isn't going to help either of us!"

>"uuuu OKAY FINE! But stay hidden, and leave through the roof when you find her!"
>"Absolutely not! You're going with me!"
>"..Only if we can find someone to wait here with you, like that monster who is really helpful."
>"Okay but not here, I don't trust you in Asai's office. We'll go to a meeting room or something."

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"Hold on! Aren't you getting ahead of yourselves? Kaori hasn't even talked with her father yet!"

Ryouta snaps his fingers, "Ooh yeah! She did say she wanted to do that. So, Kaori, do you want us to-"
"NO!" She snaps back, looking away from the rest of the group.

"All right, all right. But still, if you need us to come with you when you-"
"I said 'No'! I'll be fine on my own!"

I interrupt before she gets even angrier, "..but still! Ryouta, You shouldn't act so suddenly. Just.. give us some time to decide how we're going to deal with all of this first, okay?"
"Hmph, I don't like not acting. The longer we put things off the worse things usually are. Besides, I don't see why we shouldn't be helping Kaori, or at least why you shouldn't. Her father hasn't proven to be anything but a backstabbing-"

And with that. Kaori storms away from the pavilion. Leaving everyone staring blankly in absolute confusion as she storms away.
Except Maeda, she glares at Ryouta like she's going to kill him.


"Hey! Kaori! Wait up!"
"I'm going home, Masami!"

"Wait! Hold on! Ryouta had a point earlier, you're not seriously going to go meet your father alone, are you?"
"And what if I am? What business is it to you!?"

>"I'm your sister!"
>"At least tell Mom first!"
>"This is out of hand. I'm going with you no matter what!"
>"Why is this so important? You hadn't told me why you want to even see him again!"

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"I.. I guess I'm going to give them a bracelet tomorrow."

"Mm, then what?"
"I'm- I'm going to give them a bracelet and pretend that I don't know where the others are. He only asked for one. I'm making all these cards so if he tries anything strange we can ambush him!"

Mom reaches over and scratches my head.
"So you have both a plan, and a backup plan. You're both so resourceful and intelligent. I wish someday you can use all of that for something besides fighting."

I can feel myself blushing, but I try to hide it as best as I can.
"What should we do now, Mom?"
"Isn't it obvious, silly? You should train!"

"Huh, train? Do you think we'll need it?"
"Well, you have two cards and three bracelets now. You should get everyone used to them in case you have to use them, right?"

She makes a very good point.


We spend several hours training out in the courtyard, it's not like anyone is going to notice us out here in the middle of the night anyway.

"So" Ryouta says, holding bracelet on one arm and card in the other, "Just.. slide the card, and it doesn't hurt, right?"
Maeda is none too pleased, "Stop being a baby and just do it! I've been standing here five minutes waiting for you to do something!"
"Ohhh, but there's just so many unknowns here!"

Maeda, still none too pleased, pierces him with a glare that could kill a cobra.
"Bro. Card. Wrist. Do it."
With a little more than a girly yelp, he swipes the card across his wrist. Slowly, his hands become enveloped in gloves that shine brilliantly in the night.

"Oh. OH! Not bad!"
"You should have done that ten minutes ago when we asked you to!"

The two siblings continue to bicker. So I walk over to my sibling to make sure we're ready for the morning.

"So, think we're ready?" I ask Kaori, she sits down after testing out the speed card.
"I.. can't think of anything else." She looks around the courtyard, "Hey, where did Mom go?"

>Anything else you want to do before the confrontation tomorrow morning?

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"I don't get it, Kaori. I thought you liked your father."
At least, I thought she did.

Kaori sighs, pushing the card back into the cabinet.
"Masami, I didn't mean I wanted to fight Dad. I just didn't want to be pushed around anymore. I was sure if he saw how strong I could become, then he'd-"

She stops herself, laying her head onto the table.
"But I guess that doesn't matter anymore. He probably really hates me now."

Hey, I should change the subject!
"So! Why did you need three?"
She doesn't even lift her head off the table, "I didn't, I just didn't want him to have all three of them."

That didn't work too well.
"So! Want to try one of my cards?"

She lifts her head from the table.
"..can I? Really?"
"Yes! Really! All you ever had to do was ask!"

Her mood improved quite a bit with that remark. Slowly, she stands up from the table and places the bracelet back onto her hand.


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