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>be 18
>party infiltrates the fortress of evil warlord, disguised as maids
>entire group except me is female, so I'm the only one feeling awkward about this
>through series of unfortunate events my cover was blown by governess
>she was going to expose me to warlord, famous for his cruelty
>I make a desperate attempt to negotiate
>"Isn't there ANYTHING I cand do?"
>GM pauses and looks at me across the table
>"Well... there is one thing"
>She asks me to move a little closer
>I take my character sheet and everything and move
>GM takes my hand
>whoa, weird
>"Governess asks you to sit on her lap"
>GM invitingly gestures towards her own lap
>I look around, seeking support from my group, but they are silent
>GM calls my name, her voice adamant. I reluctantly sit down on her lap
>she wraps her hands around me and starts whispering things in my ear, barely even pretending to roleplay. Her tongue touches inner side of my ear
>she made me roleplay femdom sex with governess in extreme detail, and by the time she was done I was blushing and shaking a little
>Sitting on her lap with her hands wrapped around me like that was so embarrassing, and yet so comforting...

Yeah, basically I suspect that percentage of rape-loving horrible GMs is not that great, it's just that fa/tg/uys have a fantasy of being forced to roleplay rape. I may be wrong, so please take no offence.

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Sure thing, sweetie.

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You hold Mato's hand as the both of you head to work.

Once again, she's wearing her bikini/shorts/long-coat ensemble, with boots that come up to her shins this time.

You make hideously good time and reach the office in the blink of an eye. You open the door and step inside to see Mami and the Twins doing some sort of research or analysis or something.

Mami gestures at the coffee table, where a new armband sits. “Your armband is on the table, darling. This one should be a good deal more resistant to fire.” She turns and smiles at you. “I apologize for my lack of foresight in not fireproofing the first one. I don't know what I was thinking.”

You quickly put the armband on and, at Mami's direction, head off on patrol.

Where did Mami send you today?
>The Strange
>The 'normal' patrol route.
>Something else? (Write-in)

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