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The system kind of relies on magic, the characters are all meant to be spellcasters. I guess it could be possible to fluff it up otherwise though, and the new version in the works might be better in that regard.
The setting is perfectly interchangable with any other, though.

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Do you use homebrew rules for sorcerers? given that they are the weakest full caster.

I was thinking that I'd allow them to change few (not all) spells maybe once a week in game time, on top of the that levelup when they can change all them.
as a DM I really want to like them and make them equally appealing to my players as a wizard

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I need anything and everything that has the connotation of "illusionist"

except for stage magicians.

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It's the system we're using. I suggested FATE but they know Pathfinder inside and out.

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Girl in my group is almost certainly autistic.

Very smart, physics major, good head for math and shit...less straight forward reasoning, strategy, cause and effect, anything that involves an organic component, and she doesn't quite connect. When we're planning, she often either offers up unfeasible ideas or frets over something irrelevant.

She's not much of a role player, though she tries at times. It generally ranges from her just being silly, which is ok, to her make occasional in character comments or quips.

>playing highly political pathfinder campaign
>5 man party is often split
>an aristocratic doctor and a guard sergeant, both LG
>a drunk, belligerent hobo and thief, both chaotic something
>in the midst of city-wide rioting, political controversy, questions about police and the queen
>super interesting party dynamics going on
>then there's her character

She tunes a lil more for things that interest her personally. She likes machines and clothes. I guess when she's pressed for a decision, she makes the decisions IC that she would OOC.

I'm still happy to have her at my table. She's a great girl, very kind. Having one quiet-ish player doesn't hurt anybody.

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Playing as any kind of magic user. Magic only exists as a masturbatory wish-fulfilment tool and every game would be better with it removed.

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>Everyone else seems to notice, and all eyes are on me so I have to decide how to go forward.
>I calmly just 'change my mind' and agree to play a senile old wizard. Mad with power. Addresses everyone as FOOL!
>DM digs it and gives me some special perk straight away: A talking wizard hat that explains why my guy is so senile: It's a familiar that took a lion's share of his wisdom and charisma.
>The hat will be my straight man to my utter madman of a character.
>I like this. We move forward.

>First session is a little awkward to start with. Fred has rolled a fighter so we've got a fairly balanced party.
>We meet up somewhere, and immediately I begin to notice the bad habits of the people around me.
>Joe is a little socially awkward, so he waits for everyone else to act before he does anything.
>Alice seems to be paying attention, but she phrases everything she does in the form of a question. Like imagine if someone was talking like this? And can they do this? And if so can they do this? And their voice gets higher-pitched every time? And they just fall into a rhythm like this? That'll eventually drive you mad and onto a murdering rampage like this?
>Donald is already starting to get a little loud. He's also doing overblown speeches about how his character 'blends into the shadows' and more or less does what I can only describe as 'bullshit ninja stuff.'
>Fred is the sort who just tries to make the game focused around himself. He decided somewhere along the line that he was the main character of this campaign and would interrupt other people, including the DM, while they were speaking and was generally disruptive.

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Back to magical girls.

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>Mili seems to be collecting a group of special snow flake types.

Like mother like daughter

>The two boys are the most mundane and with the older swordie.


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I think their creativity got the better of them.

In their effort to make magical characters feel different from martial characters, they created this overly power system of wildly varied spells that covered tons of different angles and possibilities. Different damage types and status effects and saves and so much shit... They shit the bed when it came to rolls. The fact that most magical characters don't have to roll shit to see if their spells even hit is nothing short of retarded.

But when it came to Martial characters, they just assumed that tripping and bullrushing and grappling just sort of covered it. They didn't really have a good source of inspiration, at the time, to make them think of super powered sword techniques and maneuvers. And they definitely didn't want to just give martial characters spells, but not call them spells, because that just didn't make sense to them.

But they thought it balanced out because martial characters were tougher and could wear armor and wield flaming swords.. They just never really checked their "math" on a larger scale. They wrote dozens of pages of cool shit for magic characters to do, but never really seemed to understand that a few pages of gear martial characters could possibly use wasn't the same thing as being able to be a flying invisible Angel Summoner.

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>MFW I got 10, 12 and 6 in this quest.

Well I'm off to bed now. I hope you all do ok without me.

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Any qt character art?

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