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Rolling new magical girls is nice, but having one good old build is even better.
Moe right now is down, so hard to find my roll, but at least I remember what I got.
Age: 16
Body: overdeveloped +1 VIT
Specialization: Vampire
Weapon: Ranged , deagle with longer barrel
Outfit: Uniform +1 silver=> Flowing +1 STR (Dark flowing coat with red shirt underneath it, simple trousers and boots)
Power: Tentacles +1 bronze => Killing blow +1 MAG
Flexibility +1 AGI
Disguise artifact
Absolute direction
Masculinity +1 LCK
Patron +1 AGI

STR: 5
AGI: 10+4(2xsilver)+4(1xgold)= 18
VIT: 5
MAG : 7+3(bronze) =10
LCK: 7
After accidentally shooting MG several times, puchuu tried to turn me in little girl, but "thanks" to wrong transformation, Patron hijacked me. Now I'm vampire with Patron, enemy of other corrupted magical girls, yet enemy of my enemy is still my enemy in case of normal MGs. So this and the fact that there is no backup(as patron is not strong enough to power more GMs) turned me into nervous and paranoid person. Always carrying magazine with silver bullets, one or two incendiary grenades in my costume and aviators during day, damn that sun burns, several M82A1 stored in overcity in case I need to kill bigger targets. But don't worry everything is stolen from American military base, so it works just fine. Yeah and having drinking problem kills me

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