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IG is cute. CUTE !

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Buy extra turrets on ebay.

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Is the Baneblade the best LoW available for the Imperium ?

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Hell yeah

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>nonhuman nose
furries out

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>tfw my order of Krieg soldiers came in the mail today.

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Will FW ever remake Krieg Grenadiers ?

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Ist the Krieg list a balanced one ?

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They're one of the weakest of the Guard lists, but that's like being number 10 on the ten sexiest singles list. Errata gave them access to new Grinding Advance and some other goodies.
Overall they're in a good place, but not quite as crushingly good as vanilla IG.

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> Not wanting to have a QT felinid waifu to fuck platonically and not in a slaaneshi way at all.
> Not knowing what a "Sanctioned" mutant is.
> It's totally not heresy guys, they're people too, just with adorable cat ears!

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>Play IG Siege Regiment, lots of tanks.
>3-4 infantry squads at 1500pts.
>Friend plays Tyranids
>Always quits turn 2 after I shoot him off the board

He complains that I don't do anything but sit back and shoot, and his "fluffy" army can't stand up to my "competitive gunline." I tried to explain if I moved forwards literally at all he'd get to charge my infantry and tanks on turn one. Our normal table is only 30ish inches wide.
He's complaining that the game isn't "engaging" enough because all I do is shoot. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue? I was under the impression most Guard units never, ever wanted to be in combat.

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> MFW I won a tournament once with an UNDERDOG AS FUCK LIST
> By charging tanks with 30 Rough Riders

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This mostly. Though I'll admit I mostly lurk around these threads to see if that small snipit of artwork I've ever done comes around, though they arn't acting as one of the recognizable regiments, and technically they arn't felinids, but ya know. reasons.

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