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Keeping meme shit slinging to minimum, do you think that GW will eventually move all of old marines to Legends and make the SM codex Primaris only or are they still reliant on the sales of the good old Tactical box?

Also if we ever get another Dawn of War, do you think the Marines will be Primaris only or a mix? Is there a future to this whole "firstborn and primaris, working together forever" thing or is just a matter of time before GW will want to fully replace their old product?

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>all chaos factions should be folded into one codex like with space marines
>but all the legion and gods get their supplement
>that way you can still have your themed no-daemon or daemon-only army, but also flexible old school list like word bearer mixed with daemons

>chaos space marines (the unit) should be removed the game BUT each legion gets a specific unit as troops instead
>iron warriors get havoc troops, alpha legion gets chosen troops, black legion gets terminators troops, etc

>all manlet units should be purged from the SM codex which would become primaris only
>however all the stuff removed from the SM codex would be added to the CSM codex, chaos manlets vs loyalist primaris

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So now that the hype for folding all marines into one codex is dying down, how much longer do you think it will take before people start despairing that Dark Angels now have Centurions and will castle them up with Azrael?

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Codex release order predictions?

>Space Marines, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, Blood Angels, Tau, Space Wolves, Custodes, Dark Eldars, Deathwatch, Orks, AdMech, Tyranids, Chaos Daemons.

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So do we know if the new chainswords are Primaris only, SM only or do CSM get it too?

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So the new guideline for most armies seems to be:
>big army rule
>small army rule
>subfaction rule
We can see that with armies like the Guard or Marines. Any prediction what your army will get?

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Newfaggot here, having a hell of a time picking an army and color scheme. I think I want to do space marines because I like the way they look. I like the Ultramarines color scheme a lot but doing my own thing seems fun too. No idea what to start with though I don't want to end up with something gross looking. Chaos SM also seem cool I like the idea of painting them like the Alpha Legion but I don't really like any of the deamons? So not sure if Chaos is a good idea. Would appreciate any suggestions

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