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[ ] [DRINK], sit back, fortify, and wait for either someone to find you, or for someone to kick up an extremely visible fuss. It's bound to happen.
[ ] [CONSTRUCTION] Build something to serve as a beacon for your allies. Knock down some trees, build a big tower-and-staircase combo, and start figuring out how to get a lavafall going.
[ ] [RECON] ... this idyllic shit's too good to be true. Sweep the area and find the big honking bullshit problem that's bound to be lurking in this place.
[ ] [GET MOVING] Pick a direction and set off toward the nearest landmark. Nothing will happen if you stay in one place all day.
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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You creep up to the open door, keeping out of sight. On the plus side, IF doesn't sound /that/ angry; all that stuff she's saying about power, responsibility, and the importance of not disappearing without a trace seems like a well-rehearsed speech at this point, although it's interspersed by the occasional "sign this" and "no, you can't have a pudding yet."

On the other hand, you... you don't know how long IF's good mood'll last when you up and tell her that you got her good friend rip-roaring drunk, especially since she was meant to watch over you and make sure you don't do shitty things. Like getting people rip-roaring drunk so you can sneak away.

... well, you either gotta tread carefully, or run really really fast.

[ ] [FESS UP] Just tell IF straight up that someone oughta look after Compa, and prepare to stand your ground. That's more important than worrying about pulling your own ass out of the fire.
[ ] [PREPARE TO FLEE] Tell IF that Compa's rip-roaring drunk and needs assistance, and get ready to run like hell. /Technically/, it's not your fault, and you've got better things to be doing than suffering wiht Neptune.
[ ] [LOOK FOR SOMEONE ELSE] Because there have to be more than, like, two other named characters in the entire goddamned Planeptune Basilicom, and you're willing to take your chances with one of Neptune's other hypothetical friends.
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[ ] [IF & COMPA] Try and catch a chance to apologize to them directly. Or at least try to pin everything on Gamindustri being Gamindustri. They really should understand.
[ ] [NEPGEAR] See how your surrogate little sister is doing. What's it like, coming "home" to Planeptune and the church-like palace she was literally born to inhabit?
[ ] [NEPTUNE] Mentally steel yourself and talk up Neptune, because you're honestly curious: what's her plan now? Is she coming back to Hyperdimension when you leave Planeptune?
[ ] [EXAMINE KEY FRAGMENT] Okay, you keep thinking these damned plot-important rocks are just.... rocks, rather than the things keeping Histoire imprisoned. Look it over and see if there's anything important that you're missing.
[ ] [CHECK PHONE] Come to think of it, you actually have service on this damn thing again, now that you're not floating in the horrific nullspace between universes. Check your messages, look at the news, maybe make sure your friends don't think you're. Y'know. Dead.
[ ] [SNEAK OUT] Explore the Planeptune Basilicom on your own. Why not? You'll probably never get a chance to come back to this place, so you might as well get some pictures for Mojang when you get back.
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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That said, it's time to go get some goddamn Seganium and put an end to this sordid Neptune-inundated chapter of your life once and for all... except you, uh, you can't actually /dig/ in this goddessly body of yours. All the power in the world, and all it can do is 1) dig by hand like a dabbling miner, or 2) dig things out with copious explosions and hellish firepower, which is exactly the opposite that you're looking to achieve here.

Now the question is, who do you bring down to the caverns with you?

[ ] [JUST YOU AND NEP] Because that's really all you need: someone to do the digging (Nep), and someone to do the protecting (you, as CPU Purple Heart). Mojang and Blanc can make sure everything stays shipshape.
[ ] [JUST YOU AND MOJANG] and let Neptune have some quality time with her own little sister. Mojang can help you dig out those ores, and you can watch her back, (kinda) like the good old days. Blanc can keep an eye on everyone else.
[ ] [YOU, NEP, MOJANG] You know what? The more diggers you have for this, the better.
[ ] [YOU, NEP, MINI-NEP] Because mini-Nep is the little sister of both you and Neptune, and you can all spend some more happy quality time together!
[ ] [YOU, MOJANG, MINI-NEP] Because you are a terrible person who torments the Nep.
[ ] [EVERYBODY] Except Blanc, because someone with a brain needs to stay upstairs and keep an eye on things.
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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... well, she's got you there, you muse as the three of you split up. Little wonder your surrogate lil' sis has come so far in the fucking world- she's good at these sorts of touchy-feely-almost-violent little situations.

[ ] [MOJANG: ENTRANCE] May as well catch up with the Minecrafter, huh? Besides, you've been meaning to properly fortify the entrance to your Hyperdimension fortress (for when the water recedes, obviously).
[ ] [DOOMGIRL: PATROL] Try to get to know your newest acquaintance better as she secures the premises- which is important, since you and Mojang sort of left the front door open, last time you were out.
[ ] [SHARICITE] Inspect the big old lode of Sharicite a little more, and see if you can't glean any more insights. Seriously, the Shares Crystal is big enough to be fit for a goddess.
[ ] [SOLO: CAVERN BREACH] Leave everyone else to their duties. If you can at least breach the first cavern level (and seal it up afterwards), plants and trees will spread and start growing in the muddy parts of your fortress, and you can get food started.
[ ] [ALL IN: CAVERN EXPLORATION] Interrupt and gather everyone else up, breach the first cavern, and secure that sunnovabitch. You need access to food and fresh water, and you've put it off for far too long.

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[A1] [SUDDENLY, CATS] Command your cats to mob Arfoire while she's laughing, freeing up your allies. The cats won't slow her down with lag, but hundreds of cats may slow her down by virtue of being hundreds of furry bodies that can't be easily shaken off.
[A2] [STEALTHILY, CATS] Command your cats to move away from your allies. If you've got any chance of getting out of here alive, you desperately need them to NOT be lagged to hell and back. As a bonus, you'll be able to better position your cats for a sudden strike.
[A3] [HACKING THE CATS] Pull up DFHack and start ramming tags and bits of code into your cats, because desperate times call for desperate measures. Do this right and you'll end up with an entire army of murderthings at your command. Do it wrong and... well.

[B1] [CHAT UP ARFOIRE] You need Arfoire to keep on talking. Ask her questions about her history, butter her up, anything- if she really likes hearing herself talk, then you'll gladly humor her as long as it takes for backup to arrive.
[B2] [GRILL ARFOIRE] If you're going to talk to Arfoire, you might as well get something out of it. Ask her questions about her underlings, her eventual plans, and what she's been up to. Hopefully, she'll bite.
[B3] [RAGE AT ARFOIRE] Go full protagonist on her ass. You'll never get away with this, I'll avenge my big sis and what you've done, etc. etc. Draw attention away from your allies, and from Exey's backup- whatever that may be.

[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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Okay, looks like we've got some discussion going here, so I might as well put it to a vote while I'm writing-

[ ] [YES]
[ ] [NO]

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"I believe I have a few relics which may be of assistance," the shovel-wielding knight says out of nowhere. She hesitates, glancing over to the poker-faced robot. "Although they might... not be as helpful as the Blue Bomber's contraption."

.... right. And you could probably whip up a minecart, which you KNOW for a fact will reliably fit everyone- the rainbow bridge's wide enough to accommodate ten of the damn things running side by side- but you can't really guarantee any sort of steering capabilities. Like, at all.

So, how will you make the journey to Leanbox?

[ ] [TRAIL WAGON] Hire the farmer and her wagons to drive you over. It'll be the slowest method (short of walking), but none of you will have to burn energy conjuring ways to get across.
[ ] [SHOVEL KNIGHT] Rely on the Shovel Knight's relics to get you across. There's enough to go around for the three of you, but aside from being the second slowest, it'll burn her out right quick.
[ ] [RUSH JET] Rely on Rokko's mode of transportation; this will be quite fast, but will strain the Blue Bomber's powers the most. And it'll be a really tight squeeze.
[ ] [MINECART] Cram your two party members into one minecart and roll the damn thing across. This is a very fast method, but will strain you the most- and you're not sure how you'll STOP once you're across.
[ ] [OUR POWERS COMBINED] Combine your minecart, Rokko's Rush Jet, and Shovel Knight's relics into the absolute fastest mode of transporation, getting you there nigh-instantly. What's the worst that could happen?

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You can probably reach in there and try to do something about the glitch. Maybe. You've never, never, NEVER used DF Hack for something like this before, and you don't even know where you'd begin. Honestly, Estelle would be in a better place to take care of this. But maybe if you gave it some time, see what the glitch'll develop into...

A thought strikes you out of nowhere. What the hell did you do with Keeper's red rock? The damn thing that she used to summon minions on top of your head?

>What did you do with the Red Rock? CHOOSE ONE:
[A1] [LEAVE] it on the ground. All you need to know is that it's a piece of Keeper's dungeon, she can use it to hurl monsters at you, and that it's none of your business anymore- just so long as you don't have it on your person.
[A2] [DESTROY] the damn thing. The fewer pieces of Keeper's dungeon that are lying around, the fewer places she can summon her minions to. She can only directly summon 'em where she's claimed land, after all.
[A3] [KEEP] Keeper's red rock. Sure, you'll risk her popping up when you least expect it, possibly with company in tow- but if you can find some way to leverage the magics kept inside the damn thing, maybe you can strike back at her.

>What will you do about Estelle's glitches et al? CHOOSE:
[B1] [SOLVE] the glitches! Or try to, at least. May as well see if you can give it your best shot. (ROLL REQUIRED)
[B2] [ALERT] Estelle about it. Ask her what she wants done about it, if anything. She's bound do know her own glitches better than you do.
[B3] [NOTHING] Leave it alone for now. Maybe if you give it more time to gestate, you'll be better able to ID it and figure out a countermeasure.

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