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>Primaris have no reliable long-range anti-tank

I don't wanna have to mix in marinelets.

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Oh wait you're actually serious.

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>tfw love SCE gameplay and models
>tfw their fluff inspires absolutely nothing

They're my perfect army if I wasn't so interested in fluff. They just don't hook me in at all, despite being a lot of fun to play and the models being great.

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>tfw actually like Primaris
>tfw trying to make an all-Primaris army
>tfw they're garbage

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>tfw really like the deathwatch models
>tfw want an army of them
>tfw can't paint black armour
>tfw know you wouldn't be able to keep up with everyone having individual wargear in a game

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>like a load of factions equally
>can't choose which
>endlessly trapped in indecision

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>tfw still using wartrakk models from 2nd ed

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>tfw GW solidify Black Legion as Abaddon And Those Other Guys I Guess

God, I fucking hate Abaddon. I want to play Horus' legion, not Abaddon's.

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>tfw played since 3rd ed
>tfw started primaris
>tfw going to get good with them

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