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Don't you mean pandaing to a certain market?

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>Dwarf stuff went downhill

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All poor little david needs to fix himself is to find his other half

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Have you fallen for her devilish charms yet?

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>a spare primarch laying around collecting dust
Shouldn't it have been Magnus, then?

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>Somehow, the prog knives in this show disturb me more than any supposedly cursed blade I've seen in fantasy.

That seems pretty edgy.

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You call up the reporter


"Is that Becki?"

"Ah Kyran, good to hear from ya, someone's been a naughty boy ayy?"

"Yeah, i'd like to apologise for tha-"

"Don't be, now what did you want to talk about?"

"Do you want the rights for my biography?"

"Do i look like a fucking publisher lad?"

"Point taken"

"Yeah, and it's not me you should be apologising to, it's them"


"My art clients, specially that one senator I gave your number to"


"Cos she was freaking out, i'd drawna portrait of ehr dad, some kind of criminal, and the only photograph she had of him was in that notepad and used as a reference, and now she has neither. Well, until I draw it again, perfect memory you see. I could receite your story right now if I wanted"


"No, I recorded it, not so smart now are ya burning my shit?"

"sorry again!"



That being done you head to the party and walk through the double doors to be met by cheering

"The party started an hour ago Kyran" Kj lets you know

"Always be fashionably late, even at your own party"

"Aha, whatever man"

>what do now?

sorry onii-senpai
she's momnipotent

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This is Rasputin's wet dream

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Either can be used to make a rock-et ship.

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more like railROLLING

also any DM worth his salt knows that there are times when some light handed railroading is necessary if you're doing an actual campaign or module, and not an open world 'players make the story' campaign. If you don't throw the players a bone or open an alternate- Usually harder, less safe- route when they fail a check or fuck up a conversation, they're going to get frustrated pretty fucking quick.

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But anon, you don't know squat about how dwarfish he becomes.

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Cheeky little man.

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>Where do you see yourself in three levels?
A horrifying elevator accident.

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Well, they are sinfully delicious.

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Wouldn't that make it Studio Gimli?

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I could probably do something with degrees of need for each place they try to barter, though somewhat generalized.

Location x might have a surplus of resource y, say furs, since game is unusually rich there, it'll never be in high demand, on the other hand they'd probably need flint for spears, knives and whatnot and are more likely to trade their crafts for those.

should the players come upon a random settlement I might use some sort of table to see what those settlers have and need, letting me have some semblance of pricing rather than complete arbitration, in those cases I do intend for the player to haggle, it would also sorta let me use the pre-existing currency system.

I'll check it out anon

I do intend to look through the magic chapter, I don't think that the players will have all teh spells available to them and right now I'm thinking I'll allow/disallow on a school by school basis But nothing is set in stone

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I guess you could say he...

Stirred some shit.

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Cannon-ise it.

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Sith?! More like... SHIT

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>>Not having the Lich BEE a beehive.
I can not BEElieve you made that pun.

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>No crab
But who will do the writing?

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I guess they really wailed on their enemies.

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I did nazi that one coming.

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That sounds like a greavous mistake

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