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>Sure. But I don't think there's anything gayer than me and my boyfriend using a double ended marital aid after both building mana only Magic decks.

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Rolled 9, 1 = 10


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Hell, I'm laughing at that now. What would make the Hades Autocannon good?

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>psionic multiclassed with monks? that makes no sense
I call bullshit on that, it makes the most sense for a monk to start accessing psionic powers after training his mind and body to the extremes.

you should find out if he just doesn't want you to play, and/or just find a new fucking group he sounds like an asshat.

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> mfw I can immediately tell from the thumbnail which doujin that's from

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This is how I GM.

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The Gnoll for tracking and the Batman for scouting,and for countless more jokes.

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