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No anon, that doesn't work.

It's sexy, but chaimmail sleeves and hood aren't going to protect you if the rest of your body is almost completely bare.

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Am I the only one who thinks knights are boring? I am completely fed up with knights in any media. Earlier they were chivalrous and honorable warriors to duel (in the East they are quite different), but in more modern times, they have been quite "realistically interpreted". They are now the most petty, most cruel, most noble, most brutal, most sadistic and most dishonorable. Especially now we live in the Age of Internets, the Game of Thrones community and pallybros have also spoiled the knights.

What do other fa/tg/uys think?

More seriously, all this dragon stuff is open to interpretation. If you're not willing to try and do a different take on dragons and just call them all boring, that's your choice, but I'm sure you can find some way to make them awesome again in a way you enjoy.

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This lady seems to be wearing a dress with her armor. Does that work for you?

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I don't understand. Female fighters are pretty cool.

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