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Alright /tg/,
What is the BEST first session for a game you've ever played in or ran? As in, the way you or the DM set it up or wrote it that just made it awesome and enjoyable.
I'm looking for inspiration. Please help.

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Bad Fucking Idea.
Why? Because you're "punishing" them, in a VERY Passive-Aggressive manner, for something they've probably done unwittingly. It will create enmity between the players - they will end up blaming one another for 'fucking up that campaign' - and could potentially turn away from pnp rpgs in total.

What you do is follow these four simple rules:
1.] The Legion of Superheroes Rule
“No two players may fill the exact same role in the party.”

2.] The Scooby-Doo Rule
““Your character is a person who exists in society on some level.”

3.] The “You are an Adventurer” Rule
“You are an adventurer. You go on adventures. You do not avoid going on adventures.”

4.] The “No Dark Secrets” Rule
“Your character is not out to betray the party. Period.”

Additionally, use the 'Campaign Mastercraft Method', as shown in the attached pic, and the 'Group Template' (http://www.feartheboot.com/ftb/wp-content/uploads/resources/2_GroupTemplate.pdf) and 'Group Template Questionnaire (http://www.feartheboot.com/ftb/wp-content/uploads/resources/2_GroupTemplateQuestionnaire.pdf) from Fear The Boot.

These things will help you build a cohesive party, and work out a group background that will engender the group working together. HOORAY!!!

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Here you go.

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Hey OP, try applying this.

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Campaign mastercraft?

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Someone posted this for me.

I liked it, and my method has been similar.

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If you don't already have this, I'm giving it to you know.

It has improved my own DMing immensely.

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Having never played a PnP RPG before, I can't really contribute.

I don't think that there should ever be rails, only waypoints (eg the players need to retrieve the MacGuffin, and the path that they take will lead to different scenarios but will always end up with it). I don't think that you should create storylines (eg then the players go to X to talk to Y who'll tell them about Z) because the DM doesn't have control over the most important characters, the PCs.

Your way seems good because it allows the players to solve the problem in a variety of ways, and the challenges and duels allow each character to shine in their respective fields.

As always, pic related.

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Fucking ease your players into not being murder hobos

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You can still run the campaign mastercraft method just fine. Just be prepared to explain things when they need explaining, otherwise kids are quite smart and quick to learn.

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I'm using this method with my group, and I'm having a bit of trouble with the beliefs phase (my talents lie in improv, not planning). If you guys could help, that'd be great. here's my group:
Blood mage
1) Despise Weakness
2) Protect those who deserve protection
3) The Blood God's way is the only true way
Melee fightan barbarian type
1) Freedom lies in being bold.
3)To conquer the sky, one must learn to fly. To conquer the oceans, one must learn to sail. To conquer death, one must learn to live.
Drunken master
1) There is always a better brew
2) He who does not drink is a lady-man
3) booze is the blood of the gods
(don't know bout that last one, he may have been drunk when writing it infact)
So yeah, having some trouble coming up with positive and negative encounters for some of these beliefs. If you guys could lend a bit of the old elegan/tg/ent's magic then I'd really appreciate it.

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This is pretty helpful.

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also this shit is totally gnarly

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So silver arrow heads are viable? Who knew?

Someone needs to teach these people about campaign mastercraft. I've never even played a PnP and the few characters I've roughed out use this.

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I remember this thread from a few months back.

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Try this.

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I'm currently running a game, and would like a bit of help coming up with fun things to do with the players if anyone is interested. I'm currently trying out picture related.

The party currently consists of:

Dom, a street assassin. Learned to kill at a young age and got taken into a mafia family. Got betrayed, and now wants revenge. Holds the belief that family values, and the idea of a "family" is complete bullshit, also believes in survival of the fittest. The character is also a massive cunt and smoker.

Smith, a bounty hunter. Believes in vigilantism and fighting the power. His parents were activists and went missing when he was young, and thus he was raised by his aunt/uncle. Wants to find his parents, or the people that took them.

13, escaped experiment. Believes in efficiency, that everything has its place and survival of the fittest. Extremely paranoid. Of everything and everyone. Almost killed Dom when Dom pulled a knife on him. Wants to take down Evo Corp for what they did to him.

Arisa, dominatrix. Drug addict, novacoke. Her goal is to get established and eventually run what she calls a "kink empire". Believes that love is bullshit, enduring through pain and fighting her weakness head on. A hedonist, also has high connections in Japan from her rich family that is paying her to keep out of their hair.


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I'm going through a similar problem working on a Forgotten Realms campaign; I plan on basically sandboxing Zakhara, the "Arabian Nights" continent. There are lots of locations and NPCs, all with their own ongoing stories for you to just dump the PCs in the middle of. If you want to turn established works of fiction into settings, you could try that

However, that doesn't mean you should be doing all the work. Ask for backstory from your players (one side of A4 should be plenty) and see if you can work it into the overall narrative.

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