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Good start

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Use this then.

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>Using Pathfinder
Don't. Use something good, like 4e D&D or Fantasy Craft or Legend.

>Skyrim theme
Check out Hellfrost from Triple Ace Games. It's a pretty good nordic-based setting.

>How do I make it fun?
Roll with your players' punches. No one likes it when you say, "No, that doesn't work."* (*Note: Unless it's fucking stupid)
Integrate them into the world. Make their actions have impacts, good or bad. Be sure to allow them agency to pursue their individual goals and the goals of the campaign. If they want to go slay frost giants, but you want them to kill the Ice Lich of Bjork, don't railroad them into fighting the lich.

On the topic of player agency, be sure to be overt with plot. They're gonna be upset if you decide that they left the lich alone, allowing him to wipe out some towns they like, without establishing the lich as a threat.

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Get your party to make characters in the same room, with each other.
Run an adventure first. Start with the basics.
Keep those rulebooks on-hand; they're going to be useful.
No laptops at the table unless if they're referencing rulebooks or the SRD.
Bring snacks, and the type that don't make a mess.
Let people know that they can freely use the restroom if they need to - the game isn't an attention whore.
Don't be afraid to rule in favor of fun (as opposed to what's written).
Always attempt to say yes (perhaps yes, but...).

If you absolutely want to run your own campaign, try using this methodology. It's basic, but it works well.

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For the characters.

Give them a basic dungeon crawl. Nothing forges bonds faster than deadly combat. No need to make any grand, over-arching plot.

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Yeah. Smells new too.

Ultimately quest threads take a lot of effort to maintain, so I'm not concerned about those either. Plus things like this can keep happening on /tg/, so I'm not worried about our prospects either.

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If you can't get your campaign together after reading all those, stop DMing.

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Always useful.

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By Pelor's beard of disguise, why.
Short notice? Find some prewritten module.
Medium? Play more prewritten modules, changing details to give a semblance of connectedness (That minor noble with the daughter you raped? Now the leader of the slavers that attack you).
Long-term? Character-driven campaign, pic related.

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I always found pic related to be useful.

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Discussion isn't simply "this sucks" without any criteria as to why it's bad and buzzwords like 'it's too anime' don't help quantify the arguments at all as they're vapid non-descriptors filling in blank spaces in non-discussion.

In any case, I'm reposting pic related for discussion / learning purposes.

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The rule I've found for dealing with MM1 and MM2 beasties is to cut the health on non-minion monsters in half, and up the damage they deal. It turns things into less of a slog to chip away at HP and increases the tension.

I'd advise that increasing the base damage dice by one dice step (d6--> d8, etc) adds more variety to the rolls, but more consistency (at least +3damage --> +5 damage) give more consistency to the hit. As such, the latter makes monsters much scarier, which is needed with the MM1/MM2 beasts.

Also, for general DMing - this is an extremely useful tool for PCs and Dms alike. If you want to encourage RP and design a plot around it, it does that in spades, but it works equally well for characters to get to know their PCs.

Just make sure that folks are aware they need not stick religiously to what they write here: if they find a belief or goal is no longer part of who the PC is, they should happily drop it! From a PC perspective, this is less of an iron-clad rule and more of a guideline to help sell the idea that this PC exists in a fantasy world and has their own goals besides killing monsters and stealing their stuff

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Sure, this is basically all you need.

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When making characters, creating a new arc, or just working on plot try following this

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I'll answer the call too. First a useful, but simple, structuring tool.

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Just take the campaign mastrcraft method and use it to write a subplot for them. It's what I do when I don't have time to be meticulous.

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Oh my gods

>no one puts points into Fight; one player puts a tiny bit into Shoot
>the game is explicitly action=packed pulp by their request

I had this same problem, except with In Nomine. Who decides to play a War in Heaven style game without taking any fighting skills? We had three players and the only weapon skill was one dude who put a point in 'throwing'.

More random /tg/ pictures.

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That's a single scene. If you don't have any methodology to work off of, there's always this.

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Also posting this, because it helps regardless of campaign style.

If your players fill it out with something other than "derp i kill things and my goal is to kill things".

...which doesn't happen a lot...

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>While characters can have secrets from each other, players shouldn't. There's no point in giving a cool secret to your character if no one at the table ever gets to interact with that.

>No solo sessions, though. Tell him if he's gonna seduce her, he has to do it at the table. Deal with it.
Also this.

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This helps.

It's important to know what your players want/know/like/expect.

Some groups actually really like to be gently guided and/or railroaded. They like exploring a pre-existing plot.

Other groups really like super-duper-sandbox-mode, where there is no plot, they just run around in this fantasy world like GTA with wizards and swords.

But always remember to build the skeleton (the primary premise of the plot) and add on meat (the main NPCs, quests, objectives, and plot points in the story) and then skin (the surface that you see most often).

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This is all I have guys, sorry. If you want I can drop off a couple of tg-related funny stuff too.

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