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Kidnap the things they love.

Or follow this image's instructions.

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>Why is it so hard to get players to come up with concrete, well-defined goals?

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So basically, this?

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>[I] am wondering if you guys have any good sites with some free content or any suggestions.

>I've tried using some of the map making tools but it always ends up being a huge pain in the ass.
Maptools, roll20, gametable, etc.

>Also for any more experienced GMs out there do you usually write down the story of your campaign?
you dont; try actually participating with the players, but use the world to react to what they do.

>Have you tried just winging it on some encounters?
Yes; after stats its all winging. No plan survives first contact with the enemy.

>How do you get your players to get more involved and not just act like robots?
you engage them on their level
try this

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You can either start building a campaign from the concept down (pirates! Genghis orcs! steampunk technological revolution in a magic world! etc.), or start with the characters and let their interactions dictate the story (pic related).

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Find out what makes the characters tick. Build the plot around that.

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Have your players come up with quest ideas for you. Ask them for backstories, then read what they have going on and incorporate it. One character has an enemy? Have their minions show up. Have family? Maybe their mother needs a favor (don't kidnap or kill family members.) If a character is on a mission of some kind, give them a chance to get closer to accomplishing it.

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And you haven't already built a campaign around these characters because..?

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Try this.
tl;dr - pic related

Alternately, you could always go with the common standbys:
>You all meet in a taver -- err, nightclub
>You all live in the same area, discovered your individual radicalness, and decided to hang out
>You guys have been friends for a while
>Dire circumstances (a frantic showdown in a construction site arena) force teamwork

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Look, this is your first time riding a bike. You've seen people ride bikes before but you've never been on one. And maybe you wobbled all over the place and nearly hit a tree, but that's to be expected and getting philosophical at this point might be over-thinking things a bit. Play a couple more sessions and then come back and talk about any issues you have. Honestly, if your first session isn't bad, or at least amazingly lackluster, you're ahead of the curve.

But to try and address your specific concern, as I understand it, maybe the problem is that you sense that your session wasn't "meaningful". You just tossed some monsters at the party and described their surroundings. The answer? Well, part of it is probably perception. As a player, you've always imagined something deeper was going on, but now that you're GMing, you realize how thin things actually are. But its kind of your players' job to get wrapped up in things and let their imaginations run wild. And as long as they're having fun, you're doing your job. And just because you have come up with something deeper going on behind an event now, doesn't mean you couldn't fill in the blanks later on.

But maybe you feel that your games don't have a point. So give them a point. Give them a theme. Or have there be more of a plot arc. Or tie things into the backgrounds of the PCs. Maybe do something like in the picture.

But mostly, just relax and accept the fact that you're doing something new that's complex enough that it's probably going to take you a little while to really get a hold on things. Your players had fun? That's great. You did your job. And next time, maybe you'll go a little better.

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>How do I even begin to do that?
Use this, Anon.
Check the source thread for examples in use https://archive.moe/tg/thread/17679146/#17679146

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Make things personal. Also, consider starting them out in the middle of things. They're trapped in enemy territory and have to fight their way out. Maybe they can't even remember how they got there at first (drugged or magical amnesia), or maybe they do but you're nonspecific about things and let them fill in bits and pieces as you go along, letting them co-narrate the process by which they got there. Regardless, starting them off in the middle of things means that they're already in the middle of an adventure.

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Stuff like http://dmingwithcharisma.com/category/systems/pathfinder/

Or many other things published on the net about 3.5/Pathfinder

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I've been pimping this pic all day, but it's simple and good.
Also, if you are not shy about buying books, I picked up the Complete Book of Villains once, and it helped me out quite a bit on creating in depth NPCs and settings..

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Posting this as it sums up most of my advice better than I can.

Like other anons have said, a DMPC, or even better an NPC, is ok.
They just have to be less important to the game than the players.
Zap Brannigan over Gandalf is a great analogy.
Your NPC should serve a need, provide whatever story elements you feel they should, never overshadow the PCs, and be fallible.

I would recommend adjusting premade games to your players' characters.
But that's probably only because that's how I started and it worked for me.

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>I'd like to give my players more freedom of choice and in fact I've told them they're free to do whatever they want, but it feels like what they decide to do is always what they think I want them to do
>Is there any way that I could encourage my players to make choices for themselves?
I think the best way to provide a sandbox experience for your players is to create a "stick," something they fear and a "carrot," something they want.
Then I come up with a rough idea of multiple methods to accomplish both.
I like to use the alignment system to come up with 8 possible solutions like, "How would a Lawful Good person do this?" But what ever works for you.

Then you present hooks for these possible plans to your players equally. They might make assumptions about what you want, but the choices are really theirs.
Then you throw your encounters under their feet as they walk towards their choice.

pic related.

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Sup, /tg/

How would you guys rate the rpol.net community? I'm considering running a Pbp on there.

>Quality of players. Power-gamers? That-guyish-roleplayers? What's your experience?

>Quality of site. Poor interface? Often down? What are you're experiences?

Finally (and, largely, incidentally), I'm considering running the campaign using the Mastercraft Method of campaign design, but I haven't run it before.
>Tips on the Mastercraft Method?

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Sorry, but assuming something that allows travel to every plane in the setting is found in every single caster's pouch as RAW suggests is too much for me. Plane Shift foci should be rare and expensive, IMO, or at least hard to find - unless your setting is flooded with high-level magic and planar teleportation is an everyday thing. You can replace the goal of the quest in my example and my point will still stand: a plot that gradually intrudes on PC actions is more likely to engage them.

Besides, it seems the DM just needs time to build the planar destination (>>30539717), because he built a plot for the prime material without considering the motivations of his PCs. Perhaps using pic related and updating PC goals as the campaign went on would have resulted in better communication between the players and the DM.

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OP, use the attached image. Specifically, since your players have already built their characters, ask them for GOALS and BELIEFS, the things that matter to their characters. Incorporating these into your encounters will make the players feel more involved in the campaign.

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Pic related. Write the campaign around the characters.

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