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Pretty impressive!

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Well, thats make it even more interesting. I mean, generally with all the little details he included, like the blood clumping etc. its obvious that the guy behind it knows his stuff, so I really want to see what kind of OC Stuff he writes.

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>80 flagellants

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>dat promising premise utterly shattered by the 2nd game

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Half-elves are the offspring of human and elven parents.
Half-elves strongly resemble their elven parent, but unlike the elven races, males have facial hair. They are slightly taller and somewhat stockier than most elves.
Since most are raised in an atmosphere of shame, half-elves are insecure and unsure of themselves. In extreme instances, this insecurity manifests itself in rebellious or anti-social behavior. Others are trusting of strangers, yet lack the openness necessary to establish true and lasting friendship. Many are natural leaders, but few feel worthy of a leader’s responsibility Regardless of their disposition, all half-elves are loners – brooding, quiet, and struggling with self-doubt.

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That's actually pretty good--losing the challenge is gonna hurt bad, but it doesn't clash with my other archetype. Thanks.

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I think about her offer carefully, I don't want her to think that I strong-armed her into this.
Even though, I may totally have.

"Do you want me to see it?"

She crosses her arms, "I suppose so, I mean, you're going to go try to find out what it is anyway, right?"

"Yes." I say with some defeat.

She smiles, "I knew you would. C'mon, let's go!"
"Let's.. go?"

"Yeah! It's easier if I show it."

Julie, Haruko, Maeda, and I are all intrigued now. We follow close behind her as she leads us in the direction of the school.


We make our way around the block, and gradually approach the school.
The tops of the flagposts come into view as the pristine-green lawn of the facility shines like a beacon.

Kaori treads on the grass, despite all the signs telling her not to. We follow behind her cautiously in case that crotchety old groundskeeper sees us.

She goes behind one of the storage sheds for equipment, and I can almost hear something.

Is it.. whimpering?

She walks to the back of the shed, where a piece of tin has been torn away from the skirting. She kneels down and takes something out of her jacket pocket.
"Hey, girl. How are you today?"

There's some shaking, and panting. As well as a chorus of little yelps.

I stand behind Kaori and witness what she has been keeping a secret.
It's a dog, maybe the size of both my hands put together? It doesn't seem very big, but more of a strange toy-dog of some kind. It lays curled up in the dirt, mud entangled in its fur. It happily sniffs and licks Kaori's hand as she feeds it leftovers from Breakfast.

"Here she is, Masami. My secret."
"Oh." I stare at the fuzzball. "Uh, what's the secret, then?"

"Well, I want to keep her." She happily scratches at the puppy's ear. "By the way, now that I've shown you this, you can NOT tell Mom."

Now your secret is mine! Don't do that to me!

>Thread End

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"Well, I don't forgive him right now." My arms cross, "But- someday I might."

"How soon is 'someday'?"

"I don't know. This is still a pretty heated subject for me. I'm kind of tired of Asai, but I can't really say the same for Tower. Not until I meet him. Keep in mind, that this is how I feel right now, and doesn't mean I'll feel this way forever."

"I just want him, or Asai, or whatever part of him that has made my life so crazy out for a little while." I try to think of the right words to phrase this. "Maybe not forever, but I want to calm down and live a normal life for once."

"That's-" The voice tries to think of an appropriate response. "That's a very mature thing to say, Masami."

"I AM mature, though." I sulk. "I just, also want to live with my family. Whatever obstacles stand in the way, I want them gone."

The voice doesn't say anything else, but seems to sigh.
"I think, I think that I need rest, too."

"Really? from what?"

"From, all of it. Fortune, the monsters, the cards. I feel as if I need to go away for a while." The voice seems to deepen in pitch.

"Go where?"

"I haven't decided yet. Somewhere that I don't have to think about magic, or cards, or even running a company." The voice grumbles. "I just want to look away for a while, maybe someday things will work themselves out. They always have, especially when it comes to Izumi."

"Well, what are you going to do, then?"

The voice mumbles, "Thank you for reuniting Tower, Masami. Him and I both need to learn what it means to be a better person. He was, never the kindest. I blame myself for that. There is some serious soul-searching that needs to be done, for the both of us."

I'm silent.

"One more thing." The voice seems softer. "Can you do me a favor, while I'm gone?"
I'm even more confused now than ever. "What is it?"

"Take care of my daughter. Please make sure she grows up in the loving home I couldn't give her."
"Your.. daughter?"
"Yes, please. Take care of Kaori."



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I sigh, seeing him like this does make me feel just a teensy bit sick.
"Anything you want to add, Kaori?"

She nods, and then looks toward the Chairman.
"Dad. I know you haven't always been the kindest to me, or to anyone else. But, you'll always be my father."

His head turns very slightly, I can tell it's very painful for him.
"Even if you're not a good person now, or even think of me as your daughter. I want to let you know that I will always be there."

He's silent, for just a minute.
"Are you going to tell me that every time you see me?"

Kaori smiles, she's very pretty when she seems genuinely happy.
"Of course, Dad."

She kisses her 'father' (ugh) on the forehead and walks over to me.

"Hope you get better, in terms of being a better person and otherwise."
He blinks at me.

That's.. a weird contorsion on his face.

"I will take that into consideration, Masami."

I feel, sort of dumbstruck right now.

"Bye Dad!" Kaori gives one last wave before we blink back out of the hospital room.


"So. What's the verdict?"

All of us who feel the need to comment have gathered around the dinner table. Emillion, The secretary (she really needs a real name!), Julie, Haruko, the friendly monster, Mom, and Kaori sit in a circle. Aiko is cautiously observing from behind me.

Cirrus is here, too. But I don't think she knows why we're having this meeting.

>Before we begin, let me tell you about this new idea I had.
>About splitting him and putting him back together.
>Keep it to yourself, ask what everyone thinks first.
>Want to go visit him, right now?

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"Big monster! Stop!"

"Stop! Stop playing his mind games! He makes you mad so you start making mistakes! You should know that better than anyone!"

The monster's head stays locked onto me. Slowly, he retracts himself from Asai.

"You're not wrong."
"It's a shame my daughter is far smarter than you are. You jealous? You jealous that I got a sweet daughter that's the best at Magic and you're a-"

"Enough!" I stamp my foot.
Then something else hits me.


"Sticks and stones." He stretches his arms with an audible pop.

"Listen. We just gotta think of a way to get you two back together, right?"

"Like I'd ever accept that."

Asai, oh no, he's rubbing his chin. Is he getting some dumb idea?
"I have a proposal." Asai smiles in that evil grin.

"No." Mom jumps to her feet.
"No." I cross my arms.
"W-what is it?" The monster looks back at him.


"We can recombine, BUT! The structure of how we recombine is entirely up to me. Lay down your mental defenses, and I'll handle the rest."

>If you do that, I'm keeping you here forever
>No, I'm recombining you
>Fine, at least it's a plan, I guess?
>No, you do it to my specifications, not yours.

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The world starts to fade back in. Fortunately, the card should disappear from the real world. It's like a door, after all.
I think, I don't really understand how it works. It's not a science.

Huh, everything seems a bit more wooden than it usually is.

Typically, I would be standing on the carpet in my living room.
yet, this almost seems like.. wood finish?



"Well, look at what we have here." A booming voice seems to vibrate the table. "It's so adorable, I just want to hang it on my keychain."

I look up, toward the sky. I can see a face distorted in the glass. It seems to be-

I'm inside of an upside-down cup!?

"Hmm? what was that? I can't hear you."

It's Asai.
It's a really, really big Asai!

"The last couple of minutes were.. interesting. Tell you the truth, it was more of a spiritual experience than I would like to admit." He licks his finger. "Though, this doesn't speaks nothing for the rude guest who also showed up."

"Rude guest?"

"Hmph. I knew it would come crawling back eventually." Asai taps his finger on the table. It almost feels like an Earthquake! "But I didn't expect him like this. He was almost my size, when I saw him!"

"Where is he now!?"

"Oh he was upset, so he stormed upstairs. He's now wrecking that nice guest bedroom you had set up. He never had a very good temper, throwing fits all the time."

>Phase back into the real world and shrink the card back down again!
>Then come back and deal with it!
>Yell at big-Asai!
>Phase somewhere else in the house, you need to give him a talkin' to!
>Go back to Mom, say mission complete but with a big * next to it.

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"Hu-" I say, unsure of what exactly I was trying to form with that sentence.

Asai props his legs up on the ledge Haruko and I are on. He has this huge, dumb smile on his face.
"Hey, pay attention, this is a good learning experience!"

We look back toward the multiple Asais running around the park. Each one seems to be doing something different.
Two of them fight Daichi, one fights the principal, and the other is still talking with Mom.

Her face, oh I hoped to never see her make that face again.

"So, what are you two here for?"

"H-HOW!?" Haruko springs to her feet and points at Asai.
"W-w-w-w-" I seem to be stuttering.

He chuckles.
"Oh come on, Masami. Why are you surprised? You have a card that does almost the same thing, only it can only make one extra copy of you."

"ENOUGH! Stop this! Stop it right now!"
"Is that why you're here? To tell me to stop!"

"No!" I stand up, lunging over toward him. "I'M HERE FOR THIS!"

I take the card out and slam it against his forehead. He seems confused at first, even a little worried. Good, he has reason to be.


We fall into the 'other' world, not quite inside the house. Which is when I realize something.

That thing, that I was just putting the card against? It's a statue now. A statue of Asai in the other world.
It crumbles away, into nothing.

Darn it!

I look over to my right, nearby the gigantic mansion looms as the only object on this otherworldly landscape.
I'm disappointed that didn't work.

>Go inside the mansion and see how 'time-out' is going.
>No! Back out! I need to try again! Mom is in trouble!
>Something didn't feel right, let me go back out and ask Haruko.
>Feel confused, and cry.

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>He first came to her in dreams, when she was a freshly made magical girl, an obese man near four times her size, with a pecker as long as and wide as one of her arms, who pressed her into the ground, raping her over and over until she was a numb, sticky mess.

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How did you paint that scheme?
I must know.

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>yfw you realise everyone who ever existed is actually the Emperor
>yfw you realise YOU are the Emperor right now

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> Let everyone one in love come and see. I want to break Venus’ ribs with clubs and cripple the goddess’ loins. If she can strike through my soft chest, then why can’t I smash her head with a club?

Why can't we be this eloquent in today's times, /tg/?

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No no no NO!
I can't think about that stuff right now! I have to find Kaori! What am I thinking!?

Quickly, I rush past the completely confused staff mulling around the first floor of the office. Taking off my card just as I approach the sliding doors as to not run face-first into them. They slide open as the secretary glares daggers at me, but at least she's not alerting anyone to my presence.

With haste, I sprint across the parking lot, past the gate guard, onto the sidewalk. Which is when I notice something awful.
I can't find Kaori.

She was just here a minute ago. I saw her running away from me just as quickly as I was running toward her. Now she's no where to be found. Did she use a card? Maybe that speed card again that let her run fast?

I grab my phone out of my pocket and quickly tap the tile for her number, nothing. It didn't even ring that time, she must have it turned off.
This is worrying.

Suddenly, my phone starts ringing.
"Sweetie!" It's Mom, finally. "Sorry for not answering, but I'm almost at Fortune! I had to stop and get reinforcements!"


"Mom, it's okay, Kaori's done talking with her father and-"
"OH! So everything went well! Oh thank god, I was so worried."
"-Not exactly, Mom. She ran out of the building in tears. Now I'm outside of Fortune and I can't find her. I think she's running home."

There's silence on the other side of the line, as well as some mumbling between someone.
"Sweetie, I'm almost at Fortune, do you want to ride back with me?"

>Ride back with Mom, you have some questions anyway.
>No, Go find Kaori.
>>But where to find Kaori?
>>Is she running back home by herself?
>>Using the subway?
>>Even going home?

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I'm currently several hundred feet above the city. This flight stuff is really useful, but very disorienting.
One thing that I'm not sure I'm actually seeing is the monster who is flying ahead of me. He's slowly starting to lose height as we approach Fortune HQ.

I thought the plan was to land on the roof, but the way he's flying makes it seem like his actual plan is to land in the parking lot.

My suspicions are made valid when he slows down such speed that I'm able to pass him in mid-flight. I assume something must be wrong and decide to land right next to him.

We both hit the ground with a very loud crash. Not exactly the soft landing I had in mind, but it's nothing I can't handle.
We're at the edge of the parking lot, just inside the main gate. He seems very confused
"Hey! What's wrong?" I ask, clearly noticing that he's standing completely still.
"Shh, listen."

Off in the distance, I can hear.
The intercom? It seems to be barking orders at the whole building.

"...three and five! To the rooftop! Four and six! Prepare for battle! 18-A through C, to the first floor! 19, to the parking lot!"

Strange, it's giving orders to something.
"The building's on lockdown." The monster says with exasperation.
"Eh!? Why! Kaori should be here soon!"

He seems to be.. listening to the air?
"She's still 30 or so minutes away by subway. I don't think it's on lockdown for her. It wouldn't make sense for it to be if they agreed to meet here."

He looks over to me, "I think it's on lockdown because of you, I think Asai wants to keep you from interfering."

>"Well Tough!"
>"Then.. How do I get in?"
>"Maybe the roof? Wait.. I just heard they were sending things there."
>"The front door? No that's silly."
"Didn't I hear him say something about 'Number 19 to the parking lot'? Aren't we in the parking lot?"

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Holy shit!

What'd you use?

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"So. Wait!"

I can feel myself jumping out of my chair. This is the best news I've heard all day!
"You can make as many of those as you want!?"

She suddenly looks very saddened.
"Yeah.. But they're worthless."

I grab Kaori's hands and wraps my arms around her.
"This is the BEST GIFT EVER!" I can barely keep myself composed.

She desperately squirms in my vice grip, only to weakly push me away.
"Masami! What has gotten into you?"

"How many blank cards can you make!?" I say, excitedly.
"Uh.. Lots?"

"How many can you make in an hour!?"

I can feel the excitement welling up from within me.
Three bracelets, unlimited blank cards.
I probably won't sleep tonight, but I think I can make this happen!

>Thread End.

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Don't worry about it, your predecessor had it in the bag.

Jesus titties.

Welp, I guess I'll be writing, then.

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>harmonic resonance

So our power isn't specifically sound, but waves moving in a medium.

Yikes that could be strong. That's even better than what Accelerator has if it gets to that level.

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More hugs, yes, this is all I have in life.

"Thank you Aiko", I'm able to squeak that out between bouts of crying.
"It's fine, really." Aiko is the best big sister I don't have.

Ryouta seems worried, but walk over to the bench, picks up a racket from beneath it. As well as a small, fist-sized blue ball. He bounces it a few times and walks to the center of the court.

"You should really watch this." Aiko says

I look up and watch Ryouta carefully, he throws the ball upward into a serve, but as he does
The ball.. slows down? In mid-air?
The racket he's holding has the same kind of glowing energy pouring off of it that I saw this morning.

"Cover your ears." Aiko helpfully informs me as she presses her palms into her own.
Doing as she instructs, I then watch as the ball slowly starts to move on a path toward the opposite wall. As it slowly moves he lands and starts pacing around the ball on its extremely slow travel path through the air.

He walks away from the ball, looks back at it for a minute. And the ball, is now gone?

No, HE's holding the ball. It's in his hand now, even though I didn't see him touch it. Suddenly he presses his hands into his ears.


The ear-shattering noise fills the court and escapes the area.

Aiko taps me on the shoulder, giving me the all-clear. Ryouta walks up to me and shows me the ball, or what is left of it. It seems like the small blue ball is now a collection of tatters and rubber shreds.

"How did you do that?!" I immediately reply

He interrupts, "My question: are you able to do anything that completely defies explanation like I just shown you?"

>Show him the card
>Feign ignorance
>Show him the card, but also tell him about Empress as well

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