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>he doesn't hateship Russ and Magnus

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>mfw CSM players still actually get their hopes up at new releases

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>believes the loyalty is its own reward memes

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>mfw people actually think Alpharius is dead

Do you fucks even know anything about the Alpha Legion?

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> MFW I'm in a multi-man kill-teams game
> MFW I totally fucking ignore 4 people who are huge threats to me, purely to spite the chaos and tau players
> MFW the other players start ignoring my kill team, and just focus on each other and the tau

Your prophet was secretly a psyker and didn't tell anyone. He died to a cullexus eating his soul, who shouldn't have been able to fuck up his command center in the first place, but for your stupid prophet feeding warp charges to the null.

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>implying the 'spear' of Russ is not a weapon of mass destruction
It would also explain what Macha is doing there.

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Lets change the subject to something more interesting.

Do Eldar nurse their young or are they just for show?

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>"Ahahaha look at that pathetic looking beast, it thinks it so much smarter than our species."
>"I know right? I've seen humans, both men and women who've courted me in my entire lifetime be alot smarter than that filthy beast!"

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>anywhere remotely biggest
>the Mon-keigh believe this

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> MFW 8 points nets me the following with my Monstergirl Operators
> Strength 4
> Toughness 4
> Initiative 2
> 3+
> MFW 8 points is the cost of an Ork-boy with only a measly 6+

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>Hating Eldar

S M H Mon Kiegh

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But yeah, though SPEHS MUHREENS are kind of ridiculous right now.

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>Doesn't have 40 Justaerin
>Thinks he's worthy of posting on /HHG/

Iron Hands, surely? Wait, they don't get the LA rules

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> mfw

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That's why you use the Codex: Space Marines to properly represent sisters of battle. They're supposed to just be female space marines anyway.

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>bolt action rifle

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But anon, cataphractiis can indeed take bikes. They have the option to take them listed in their wargear, and are not explicitly stated to have the same restriction as classic terminators.

Oh wow, this is carnac.

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> Still needing to actually hit Smashfucker PRIME
> When smashfucker is being followed by a retinue of honour guard and librarians, who can give him invisibility
> You straight up cannot target him or his goons with the D weapons because blast.

Have fun nigger.

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> "If I saw bolt pistols, I'd be chilling at 24" with the volley guns".
Have you even played 40k?.. Every space marine in the entire game, from the lowest of scout marines, to captains, has a bolt pistol. Tacticals, Scouts, Devastators, Assaults, even Sternguard vets. They all have a bolt pistol.

So you're saying you would never deep strike into rapid-fire range for fear of being charged? That's impressive.

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>even trukks are fast.
>doesnt know about the blood angels overcharge engines
point and laugh

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>he doesn't want to live in the grim darkness of the far future with his waifu

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>points another's mistake
>quotes wrong post

Mon-keigh are getting dumber over time.

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>an elf trying to cosplay as Quiet from MGSV

"Look at her! She's trying to 'cosplay' as that one monkeigh woman who walks around in the nude!"
"You mean the one who turns invisible because she's infected with overglorified tapeworms right?"

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