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I've got what you need for the first two, senpai. Hell, homebrew isn't necessary since the LotLK companion has everything you need to make a campaign set there work (reputation system, loads of plot hooks, ransom system, advice for places to become Linnorm Kings, etc.)

I just ain't a DM, so that all-important #3 is still up in the air.

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But that's the thing, anon.

I've been trying my gosh darn hardest to throw big, fat, throbbing plot hooks at the DM for sidequest potential, but none of them have stuck.

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Oh sure it's all fun and games for the men, but do you really think the women enjoy getting fucked by perfect bodied men with genius IQs and wonderful practical skills?

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Just full of the old questions this morning.

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Tell me about your current (or next) campaign, /tg/. Are you playing? DMing? What class? What setting? What system?

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>Playing CoC for combat

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>Any Other Option
>>38667123 Prime Body
>Magical Realm
>True Form

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We'll see if it stops.

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I watched them play the other night for the first time. Really liked Dodger, totally hated that prissy "I'm a nerd, too!" bitch who clearly didn't belong, and then there was that one New Jersey dude who has the most annoying laugh I've ever heard.

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>that fucking faggoty-ass one-handed strike with the longsword
That shit's infuriating and only exists because of the nature of scoring and tournaments.

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>Orcs are not corrupted elves
>Orcs are corrupted elves
Which is it?

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Why is the khopesh in the book spelled kopesh?

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>"we can no longer live without it"
If the local population of a planet said these words to me after I attempt to go groping a incredibly important artifact that was already explained to me as being the source of their evolution I would leave it the FUCK alone. Not just naturally assume everyone one the planet was a shotgun darwinism junkie.

Antagonistic is relative in this case. He was broaching the border of a very important site on an alien planet and they detained them. That seems like pretty standard and even handed behavior considering they are evolved plants and not animals killing Dandy off right then and there may not even be a blip on their moral radar.

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All them beautiful, wasted 5s.

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>Robert Forbes Otaku

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