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[ ] Not told
[x] Told

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>He paints

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>Mon-keighs like the worse stuff better
>They call it nostalgia

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>Everyone gets those same points
>Chaos still loosing despite having a mission where they have a significant advantage
>Xenos still doing all the heavy lifting for the new NPC factions

Can chaos even compete?

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Whatever my guy, whatever you want to call it it's hilarious and kinda sad, but this is your last (You) from me so have a good time or whatever

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Because I play Eldar :^)

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Marinelets, when will they learn?

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>they still rely on "skimming" the warp

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If I took living saint in Sororitas and maintained faith in the big E would I be protected from chaos corruption in future 40K jumps like Craftworld? Like as an Eldar I could survive without a Spirit Stone?

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>how to spot a newfag

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>power level
pic related

Do you want to count special cases? Because there are a shitload: FNP, invulnerable saves, Necron's Quantum shield my own mathammer sheet uses 48 targets, ranging from Grot to Knight

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>A dirty commie calling a group Nazis

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>The Eldar aren't obnoxious about it, though.
>aren't obnoxious
>the Eldar

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any word on eldar or skitarii yet?

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Mon-keigh cannot handle the bantz?

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top kek. Cool your plasma blueberry.

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>listen to today's audiobook
>Yvraine has found a flower of Isha
>It's a magical flower not seen since the War of Heaven. The flower is born in the footfalls of Isha the Maiden Goddess of Life

Guys, guys. I am literally shaking right now. This is a major omen of hope for the Eldar. The Eldar no longer have to fear. Everything is going be okay. The Eldar will ascend back to their rightful place among the stars. The Tyranny of Chaos will be broken over the Eldar. There is hope!

As for the humans? Nah, they are still fucked. But who cares about them anyways?

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