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Pretty much; what you want are conspiracy/master planner perks, because NERV pulls its' deadliest gear seemingly from straight out of its' ass and frequently relies on being 2 steps ahead of everyone else; Gendo exploits this to make 3rd Impact go down his way. Being able to preempt rather than react is honestly your best advantage.

The problem with figuring that out is that while Thousand Master is technically a very, VERY superb example of conventional magical prowess-like an Olympian sprinter compared to the average 4chan poster for example-the Ladies and their Mantles are sort of like, metaphysically attuned to aspects of reality. If nothing else, being a Lady seems to come with a great deal more breadth and versatility than just casting fireball/iceball.

Though it's worth noting 2 of them working together with their entourages managed to stalemate a sentient prison so complex it breaks the conventional understanding of safely practicable magic under the White Council's laws. All things considered, if you're relying on DF perks alone you'd probably have to take on every Changeling perk-especially Multiple Choice-along with TM to get anywhere near their league with Thousand Master-and even then you wouldn't have their conceptual attunement to their court, which makes measuring powerlevels...problematic.

Though to be fair, Maeve is a pretty crappy Lady in terms of using her power precisely.

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Alright, that makes sense. It sounds like infusing them with spiritual energy would be a better idea, maybe using a system like HSDW that magically manipulates spiritual energies as a medium. Thanks for clearing that up!

>the power being transferred from the demon to you is demonic energy

Huh. That's...going to have interesting ramifications if instead of demons we use Temple of Thought to instead tap into all the spirits that make up the universe.

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Probably closer to Warhammer than anything, because of the whole broken down clarktech aesthetic. Though Worm of all things is probably the best equivalent, given how everything is, theoretically at least, a deterministic sort of incomprehensible eldritch biotech.

ALSO DAMMIT, WE JUST. WANTED. THE REGENERATION. And the worst thing is-we don't even have tentacles all the time these days so just-look, mistakes were made and that's all we have to say about it.

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Sadly no, we spec'd in traps

Drawbacks: You Should've Just Died, Berserking, The Tuition is Cheap Here! This Isn't An Anime! (1600)

Attuned (Free)
The Song of Your Heart (Free)
Signature Genre: Mashup-Dubstep and METAL (Free)
Calling Card (Free)

Completely Legitimate Funding (Free)
'Geology' (Free)
Double Heretical Adaptation (1500)
Mundane Applications (1400)
Symphonic Manipulation (1200)
Pagan Science (900)
Lab Coat (Free)
Implanted Relic: Nemean Hide (600)
The Power of [deleted for public indecency] (0)

Oh boy.

Yes, Jadis. This does, in fact, give you a direct line to the effectively limitless magical endurance we possess for your own arcane workings.

No, Elodie. You still have to run everything by us first so don't go thinking you can just spread hopes and dreams willy-nilly.

Uh...can we get back to you on that Jibril? Look, you can't just spam every theoretically possible planetbuster spell you come up with because there's someone you can reasonably label an enemy to our plans-NO JIBRIL STOP WHERE ARE YOU GOING COME BACK

-anyway! It seems that due to unforeseen circumstances, the atmosphere's burst into flames and the moon's starting the flake apart! So much for 10,000 years of Only You Can Stop Magical MAD PSAs.

Well. We better fix that. Gonna have to store it in a subdimension and put a simulacrum moon in place while we finish fixing up the original one.

Other than that, gonna just hunker down and study. this wave-particle song stuff. Winners don't do drugs-for combat, anyway. Hopefully we can engineer some sort of Relic-based armor that doesn't leave most of the wearer's body exposed.

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They use Wakfu, which is basically the resident in-universe stand in for chi and mana associated with nature, growth and creation. All the races use it to pull their whacky powers-up to and including timestops in the case of Xelors-and Eliatropes have...either naturally large reserve of it, or a unique affinity for it. Probably both, considering they're all little demigods of the creator goddess Eliatrope, from which the stuff originates.

Now, as for limits-that's actually quite hard to say, because the most plot relevant Eliatropes are their reincarnating god-king/the MC and SPOILER who invented a device to greatly refine his control over wakfu. The villain does things like casually open portals to distant planets (in the weird Eliatrope dimension, where planets are heavily implied to be more fragile than usual) and make portals fast enough to hurt people with their own attacks. The MC started off needing to "throw" portals around but later graduates to thinking them up into existence like the BBEG in the OVAs, along with opening portals to a separate dimension. Prior to that he led an army of his own people to fast travel through space after SPOILER .

So to end this lore dump, they probably use a mix of mana and stamina. One last thing-because of the nature of Wakfu, well-trained Eliatropes can do other tricks with their powers. Like sensing life energy well enough to see things fine with their eyes shut by observing life energy in other beings. Or somehow using their portals to shoot huge wakfu lasers at thing.

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Truth be told-we did, in FF13-3, devise a great working of Lumen Sage magic and focused Eradia and good ol' DF-style thaumaturgy to set up a bigass magic circle in the Well girded by arcane speakers to play a cover of the Soulsong we modified for preservation instead of annihilation for a separate apocalypse contingency. It's still there, and we do tweak it everynow and then.

It's quite similar to this case, actually-we weren't sure if the passage of souls into Chaos in FF13-3 counted as a separate afterlife or not. As we understand from stuff Babs mentioned a while ago, the Well draws in souls that don't have a claim from a proper afterlife, so we figured the ones lingering around would eventually sort of drift into the Well after a long time?

Either way-we do have that as a contingency amongst other things like the Double Deity. Undertale SOULs seem unique enough that we'll have to play it by ear, expect the worst and be prepared for the best.

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By using Moloch's Razor and Words Have Power. Preferably with J'accuse, The End of a Dream and Bait of Babylon to really rub some salt in those wounds.

And the Correspondence if you're feeling really vindictive about the whole argument.

"15 reasons why you should throw the Starchild out of an airlock"

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Force Wall. It's a warehouse before anything else, gotta keep the wares safe.

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For the longest time, Drop-In was literal for us too! Although it was more our puny limited mind being unable to comprehend the bullshit involved in being quantum dunked into a retroactive history.

Nowadays, given that the vast majority of our very being would squash reality if that happened and that due to its nature kind of...exists out of synch from the universe because of how Reality Marbles and demiplanes work, what usually happens is we have one avatar (think Zion's golden man body) that comes equipped with all the racial traits, backgrounds and so on that sort of blips into existence in the starting location, while the rest of us just sort of slips into existence from the void between worlds.

Oddly enough, we've always liked having Jam as our sole semblance. Just...seems very representative of who and what we are, y'know? Instead of trying to branch out, what we did in the past was focus on buffing and buffing Jam; we did take all the soul-related perks in Soul Eater, amongst other things. And took Anathema, A Ragged Wound, Cross to Bear and Exploitation Now! to make it hit even harder. And took Soulfire, Angel Slayer, Thaumaturgical Focus: Boundary Fields and Cursed Land to /really/ ruin the day of anyone who steps too close.

Yessiree, it's just the right kind of shine we like to have on our soul and nothing's ever going to change-

>Semblances can EVOLVE


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>Exalted Jump

Not as far as I know. There were some proposals a while back, but nothing set in stone.

>too high powe-

Reminder that at Essence 6 you can theoretically learn a perfect defence that can cover mass units and no-sell environmental effects. Up to and including sweeping away Adorjan with a tornado of golden light, or blasting apart layers of Malfeas.

Oh, and that one of the lower tier charms, Ghost Eating Technique, was specifically designed to kill unkillable primordial beings that naturally lack a concept of death because they embody/created concepts like Kingship, Opposition, Perfection and Strength. It may not be spectacular in terms of firepower, but the implicaitons of the conceptual hax there are staggering.

>Daylight perk

Wouldn't they technically be Sidereals what with the whole carrying out the will of the stars thing? The Sun doesn't seem unique among the Judgments in terms of authority. That said, Fists of Judgment does uncannily resemble the concept of Holy damage if SWLIHN had more input into the Unconquered Sun's definition of Creatures of Darkness, while Black of Night sounds like something a really creative Night Caste would come up with.

That would probably depend on what other mystic forging perks you have. You could probably rely on it as a very good Baang or Ignition Weapon though, since it's your very own life energy as a weapon. Going by the jump, canon ignition weapons seem to operate by "igniting" life energy through a conductor, so your metal might have tremendous attack potential at the risk of re-corroding back into shinshoo if you use it too much. like the Eight Gates of Naruto but with the damage occurring to your weapon instead of you? Admittedly I'm not very familiar with ToG so take that with a grain of salt.

Well, there was that time we disguised ourselves as each other during a really intense game of Calvinball in Changeling jump.

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Actually there's one in Naruto jump.

>Singular Reality (600 CP Discount Drop-In):You won't be fooled, not by such petty tricks. You can barely tell that an illusion is taking place, and certainly can't be bothered to actually be affected by it. Genjutsu, lies, body language; you see the truth behind all of it.

Although MGNQ, Strike Witches, Code Geass and possibly Mushoku Tensei offer similar things.

Each is special in their own way.

Well, technically speaking? There was that one time we got killed in Highschool DxD right upon entry into the world. It was all kind of a blur but we were pretty sure every character jumped us at once, with the Datenshi leading the charge. Until someone stabbed us in one of the perpetual motion machine-hearts from which we derive our endless spiritual energy with the True Longinus.

This caused a massive energy surge that overloaded all the OTHER metaphysical engine-organs throughout our world-self, screwing with the localised physical laws until we exploded in a big spiritual kablooie, the unshackled higher dimensional energy searing across all realms of existence as our consciousness collapsed upon itself and dissipated. Almost all the movers and shakers were caught in the blast even before it left the galaxy.

So...yeah. We accidentally an apocalypse from getting shanked, but in all fairness it wasn't our fault.

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Well, there's always Drifa from Age of Ice. But yes, that would have been pretty sweet

Nidhoggr makes 'em both look like small potatoes, though.

Well, technically Planet Subconsciousness from Alpha Centuari.

You don't get to keep it after the jump, though

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I'm aware of that, and I didn't mean to imply that. What I'm saying is-I actually have no idea how powerful everyone else is because she's the only one who ever gets any mentioning

What I read is what I get. You start the jump with 'em working as advertised.

As for how many...



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Question for Wild Card-this one's going to take some explaining.

So, over the aeons we've exploited the spiritual amalgamation that is our multiverse-body to perform a neat trick drawing mainly from the Evangelion, Percy Jackson, Symphonia and Supernatural angelic/divine aspects. Basically, we carve out a specialised portion of our soul, form it into a spiritual messenger and have it discretely integrate into powerful beings or entities in a setting, gestating within like a Shard. Using a symbiotic trick based on Borrowing from Discworld, the angel-Shard interfaces and analyses the host on a metaphysical level to experiment on replicating its abilities in exchange for granting a small measure of our power, all the while discretely guiding the host towards our plans. The more the host draws on our angel-Shard, the faster the astral synchronisation occurs. A sympathetic bond between the angel-Shard and one of our second or third circle souls also grants us data for upgrading our powerset and refining the vast amounts of hyperdimensional energy we generate into useful avenues. At the end of the gestation period the angel-Shard leaves its host once more with a bundle of assorted powers developed from the host and aspected towards ourself.

In light of this, our question is: How does Power of Dominance operate here? Are the pseudo-horcruxes still indestructible as soul-constructs, or are they rendered somewhat vulnerable from being separated from the main mass of our world-body and spiritual presence even though in a sense they are extensions of ourselves, just as fingernails are extensions of a human being?

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Something worth noting about Sting from Worm quotes:

>A female, standing just outside another time distortion, walked around the effect, charging objects with energy. The entity could see as the small pieces of alloyed metal unfolded, taking shape in not just this world, but all realities, at the same space and time, bristling with an effect that would sever their attachment to most physical laws.

>In the moment that hope died, the girl with the injured hand used her power on the iron rods. Infused them with the energy he was afraid of.

It appears that Sting functions via some sort of energy wavelength. Now, Creative Composition enables all sorts of exotic effects to be mimicked through Song Magic-which specifically concerns matter-energy weirdness. Granted, the energy requirements for bringing about Sting are likely stupendous-so it might not be a bad idea to use the HYDRA Blueprints to integrate Futurama-native Dark Matter into the Orgel of Origins in order to increase power supplies. But in tandem with Industrialcraft, we believe the possibility for mass-producing Entity-piercing kinetic weapons exists.

Well. Semi-kinetic, since it seems to require a projectile to unfurl-unless perhaps if you had Wave-Particle Dualities to enable conversion of an unfurled kinetic projectile into an energy attack.

A Sting ray, if you will.

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Drawbacks: Haunted by the Past, Clowns, Cursed Element, They Got Meaner (1600)

Wanderer, "Human", Age Unknown

Rolled Balance Valley

Master of the Trade (Free)
Gold Club Anomalies (1500)
Georama II (1300)
Blessing of the Valley: Moon Flower Garden (1100)
Stasis Wards (800)
Golf Club (Free)
Name Change Ticket (500)
Rail Master (300)
Atlamilla Shield (0). Finally, FINALLY a way to shed those confounded harem perks!

S1: A Tale of Three Atlamilla

Well. We were mainly going to research all the time-space wackery going on here anyway so-sounds like a quid pro quo kind of deal. Everyone wins.

>The Last Day of the King

We can kind of casually manipulate time to attain the future we want but sure, why not. Might as well take the scenic route. Hopefully we can shake that clown and those damnded elements off our trail too. Also-totally reverse engineering that pseudo-Atlamilla like it’s going out of style. Perhaps a little Mantic energy infusion can give this thing more kick.

Princess. Stormy night. Armed contingent. What better way to sell your time traveller credentials than playing an impromptu game of gulf, literally putting the enemy outside the time-space continuum? A week later, a very confused group of men wake up outside the castle with some inexplicable dents in their armour.

Also. Resurrection spell. Yay, daddy’s alive again.

But as we explained to Monica-we’re kind of trying to research these temporal anomalies thing so we still kind of need her as a guide of sorts to go back in time and stuff. Yes, your dad’s resurrection is conditional on your cooperation. No, we do not foresee any dang-oi. Oi, Radio noise? Be a dear and destroy the Emperor Griffon’s entire army, will you? It’s getting noisy out there.

Peace and quiet!

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Drawbacks: Bydo Bait, The fact that their DNA has the same double helix as ours however has been demonstrated..., Auto-Scrolling, Power-Up! (1600)

Researcher, Age 21

R-Type (Free)
K-Type (1500)
Renaissance Man (1200)
Metal Storm (600)
Holy Diver (0)
Launch Bey (Free)
R-9JC Custom (Free)

>Scenario: Paradise Plan

There are times that call for finesse. Tact. Diplomacy. Times that call for a strong leader to unify disparate interests in the name of safety and sanity, and bring order to uncertainty. For someone to take a stand without standing above his peers, and remain resolute yet measured in overcoming an inconceivable threat. Without a doubt, these are the moments that determine who gets going when the going gets tough, and who breaks under the pressure.

This? This is not one of those times.

This is an excuse to chaos dunk an entire planet. Right back at the Bydo's homeworld, in fact.

Because that's clearly the only reasonable solution to being low on a supplies.




>Scenario: Bitter Chocolate

Surprisingly, the above has not endeared us to the Bydo apologists. You'd think the cosmic thunder flying, Bydo crying, teeth shaking, glass breaking, star roasting, DNA toasting, wham bam I Am! slam would be popular with everyone but nope. Apparently it's "unprovoked" and "a war crime" and "ow my sanity"

But we digress. With the Solar Liberation League's help we shall build a new Mass Effect-style Cruicible, now with 50% more not-wraithbone coalesced from the orderly inferno of psychic energy within our world-self, and 100% more biomechanical Bydo components! After disposing of loose ends, of course.

It's up to everyone else to decide if they want to keep bickering over politics or come and help us end the Bydo as a threat once and for all by putting them in their place as bioweapons.

The soothing relaxation of exercising temperance in one's life.

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Usually we don't go with cape names. Apart from our various titles (which really, are more like job descriptions that got blown waaaaay out of proportion by other people), we already address ourself as Anon to most and thousands of years ago we ate our true name to prevent anyone from exploiting it so-in a sense, we're always using "Anon" as a cape name to defend against sympathetic magic.

Though in OPM, we received the hero name "Uncaped Baldy" when we joined the Association. As a Mysterious Being. Misunderstandings abounded.

They continued to happen in MCU when Peter Quill got into a huge argument with us over who got to be called Star-Lord.

We didn't even want the stupid name. Either way, after an incident involving a runaway traumatised Endbringer and a lot of cosmic fire, Star-Lord ended up sticking on Earth Aleph even though we just reregistered as Uncaped Baldy on Earth Bet. On top of everything else people started wondering if Sundancer was supposed to be our sidekick.

Look. Cape names are more trouble than they're worth.

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>Kino's Journey

You know, although our usual contact with spiritualism has been alternating between trying to dissect it and yelling at everyone involved for being wrong we do have a quasi-divine incarnation of cool motorcycles as a recurring vehicle/travelling companion. And we are quite a good gunslinger, even if we seldom have chances to show off.

We do occasionally indulge in the hobolyfe you're describing but...it's kind of the beach episode equivalent in our chain. Something to do when there's no pressing threat to the universe in a setting, or when we just can't be arsed to get involved in the local conflict.

Even then, we are pretty attached to our infrastructure. We spent our trips in Codex Alera and James Cameron's Avatar making a David Attenboroughstyle documentary about the Vord and Pandora respectively, and basically spent WoW as Indiana Jones, but on a motorcycle.

And if instead of Short Round, Indy's native guide was an elfin moon goddess

And if instead of snakes, Indy's pet peeve was Old Gods.

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Oh yes. Well, 2510 was written after 231 and probably 2317, but one of the names mentioned by the bronze automaton when listing the Archons-six presumably powerful beings the Demiurage created to attend to its "wanton desires"-is CRIMSON. And the Demiurage rattling its cages is held to be responsible for many, many SCPs out there. Ergo, it seems the Devourer is an Archon of the Karcists' Demiurage.

Which says volumes about how powerful the damn thing is at full pwoer if an Apollyon-class SCP was one of its servants.

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Drawbacks: The Window of Innocence is Shrinking, Powerful Emotions, You’re Not Scary, Banishment! How Many Kids Have You Got In There? (2100)


Hide and Seek Champion (Free)
You Start Getting Attached to IT (1900)
It’s True! I Saw The Whole Thing! (1600)
Monstropolitan (1200)
I’m Off Duty (1000)
Fear Tech (400)
Closet Warehouse (0)

You know what this is? This is a classic case of our own combo going haywire in the wrong time and place.

Turns out even if you were suppressing your actual emotions at the time, even if you’re immune several times over to the corruption within, walking around with the sum total of multiversal evil in your soul has…unpredictable effects on the environment. It’s even worse if you’ve stacked corruption perks, and start causing the doors to scream about the warp overtaking them as they prepare to break free and claim the world in your name.

And to cut a long story short, we were exiled from Monsters Incorporated as a matter of public safety after the evil emanating from our avatars is apparently doing things to fear tech akin to a florescent light bulb suddenly undergoing cold fusion. if we hadn’t been thinking with portals we might’ve accidentally Mike and Sully.

So-we had to seal off the concept of fear from us, and now we’re stuck out in the sticks inspiring legends of not-Slenderman while being treated like nuclear fallout. Which means we’ll have to delegate babysitter duty to our companions. While we tinker with fear tech in a cave, with a box of scraps. Hoping to find a loophole that will let us reintegrate with normal society without causing all nearby technology to implode or turn into worshipful door-cultists.

Also somewhere, somehow, someone keeps selling us gigantic multiverse-scale hats unfurled through nigh-infinite dimensions, hyperdimensional crocs and basketballs with the density of neutronium.

Also somehow there's a pair of jeans too baggy for us.


>> No.43387946 [View]

A quick tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0u-__5wuEs

And a tumblr link for those who can't view the source:


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You misunderstand-we have. But not in the way you'd assume-by abusing Chosen of Death to hell and back, going to and fro in the Earth and building superstructures based on Yama's true forte: Crazy, crazy science, to enhance the bejeesus out of our Aspect. It's slower than just waving a hand and scorching a battlefield with a fireball but the rewards are well worth the investment into quantum mechanics and rare earths. If Sam could dominate a battlefield with lightning strikes merely by donning some wearable devices, imagine what the God of Stasis can do when he merges Song Science with vast factory-cathedrals embodying his Aspect, and nanites construct them to ring a city in a span of days.

Also, just looked up the conversation in the book. Sam refers to Aspects as being a mutant power of the brain, and Yama says it's directly tied to the sense of identity generated by the electrical and chemical makeup of one's brain.

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And I find metaphysical thought experiments fun and despise thinking of my hobby as a glorified exercise in accountancy, so I guess that approach ain't for me.

Sorceror supreme. Or Archmage, whatever. Life did have some interesting things on offer, though. Will continue tinkering with harvested mana node energy after we figure out how to reverse the polarity of the imaginary numbers axis installed in our Ideon.

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