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The Queen Lua Culdranth will see you now.

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Dragon game party.

What is everyone's bust size.? And what do you think the bust size of the npcs?

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There needs to be team names for all the groups of pfg games.

Team Harem for dragons
Team Tank for RoTJR group A
Team Murder for RoTJR group 1

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But is she done yet?

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782 XX

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Well the applicants themselves havent been memed so much as The Queen herself.

For instance she has a Bong in her house the size of a standard windmill, and she changes out sexual partners almost yearly.

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Dragon DM here with a public service announcement.

RoTJR and Dragon game recruiting ends next week. 15th and 18th respectively.

Make sure you have your application in and spell checked before then.

Remember, lewd can help a character be more interesting, however lewd is just icing, not the cake itself. Don't confuse the two.

I love you all!

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So where in her ability list will it state her unnatural ability to procreate in masse?

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The Dragon Queen Culdranth has, in a one of her rare public appearances, called upon you to aid her.

What do?

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How powerful is Queen Culdranth? Could she beat Mengkare in a fight?

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Anchoring for draw friend! Once again the glasses are essential!

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bumping for Dragon queen with Essential glasses.

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Alright folks we need a comprehensive dump of all golorian dragon lore.some of this shit is cash

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Original image. Glasses are essential

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Anchoring for draw thread.

An actual Dragon form of pic related, The glasses are essential.

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The Queen is a terrible ruler! She's a fat, lazy, nympho!

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The Queen changes her preferences almost yearly. As such a relationship only lasts if the individual in question is flexible. Even if the paramour can ride the ebbs and flows of her passions, she also change preferences in body as well. Most relationships with her last no longer than years at maximum.

One thing does remain constant however. She's a power bottom.

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Obviously the Queen has the best booty. Else she wouldn't be the queen.

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requesting pic related as a standard Dragon. Same Color scheme and design of each of the five heads.

The glasses are essential.

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Culdranth's Inner Sanctum.

Nailing down exactly what the demographics of The Demesne. So far i'm getting 20% Dragon, 60% dragonblooded (anywhere between Dragon child race, to Octatroon dragon-humans.), 10% standard human, 5% kobold, 5% other.

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So what sort of profession is considered desirable in Culdranth's Demesne? Since the city is literally make out of crystals, maybe a miner or a gem cutter?

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Would you play in a campaign as Sons and Daughters of the Dragon Queen?

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I think that's quite enough out of you, young man.

Don't make me send you to your room.

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