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...are you seriously saying Yang could tank an explosive comparable to a nuke? Because I'm pretty sure she got floored by a girl named after ice cream

Now, that said-we did totally impose our own values and goals on the Seraphim during Supreme Commander by loading ourself into the Black Sun and being shot out of it. Hey, gotta end that endless war somehow.

Otherwise-we taught our demon forging techniques to the denizens of Demons' Souls and inspired a new fashion trend of demonic power armor among the greatest of adventurers. Brought the internet to Erebus, granting the gift of dank memes to mortals. Popularised the Hindu aesthetic among the Synapse during our stay in Heaven's Lost Property to make it feel a bit more like the society we'd created way back in Lord of Light.

Oh, and whenever we jump Final Fantasy we make a point of releasing a clothing line with less belts and better enchantments than the norm.

Only if you're an ork

Game limits. If there's an in-universe explanation it really depends on what it actually is.

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Nu-uh, dragons just sit on their hoard. Which is unhygienic, and probably devalues some of the more delicates gems by cracking the more fragile ones from sitting on them. WE use a meticulous anti-grav shelving system built into a fractal sorting array and matter-energy convesion magitech. Pretty sure even the most OCD dragons settle for some treasure chests stowed in a less obvious part of their lair. Well, maybe Bolas just has other people keep his stuff for him. Not sure about him, but he probably has some sort of filing system at least.

Have we mentioned our infinite shelving space from Fallen London? Some of our gems moonlight as books.

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In our defense, Yuuka and Yuugi are the kind of people who do their own thing in most jumps. It's kind of like hanging out with Sans and Undyne. One just sits around gardening all day and the other runs off to suplex things for fun. So while we're busy tweaking world domination plan #9823432085 they're just sort of somewhere in the background being lazy interdimensional tourists.

Unless someone starts threatening flowers on a global scale, at which point things get messy.

Considering Lord of Light powers are, broadly, explainable as altering energy levels in very precise ways, if you became a god of Foresight or Vision or something perception-related your Attribute could very well be something along those lines.


1. No idea.

2. Actually, Blazblue magic, tech and magitech is perfect for dealing with things like that. It is, after all, a sort of magical applied quantum physics at a certain level. And Observer alone would do wonders for saving your ass.

The Dragon Stream from Devil Survivor 2 might also be a good ace to have up your sleeve considering it was used to stalemate a gaping void used by the Administrators to erase large parts of the world. Though in general you'd want to rely on Almighty damage-type spells from the SMT jumps since only you can see your encroaching doom.

Things like the Correspondence from Fallen London and the Thu'um from Skyrim could defend against the immediate effects. If you had something like the Moonstone from Lone Wolf you might even be able to use them to fight back.

And while relying on them alone is not a good idea, the Ouroboros series of perks from Siren: Blood Curse could buy you some time, at least.

But...yeah. Basically, you may have noticed a running theme that you have to counter-reality warp to stand against reality warping and passing on the debacle is a good idea.

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They make honey and keep ecosystems in equilibrium. That's pretty neat.

We once cultivated a couple cyberdevil bee hives in a bid to find something to polinate our Ilfa-derived botanic soul containers. Individual results have varied. In hindsight, even post-scenario the City was probably not the best control group for testing lifeforms infused with a mix of Imaginos nanites, RPIP and eternally burning brass.


Significantly less so if Corvo sticks to the Low Chaos path. It's generally a good idea to be on Corvo's side but not follow him around.


Bio-technician from The Polity lets you set up closed-loop ecosystems, including plants. Leviathan Tech from Godzilla specialises in terraforming, which could help you out if you're aiming to scale up to entire fields and forests. The Science of Evolution from EVO gives you all data on Earth's evolutionary life, including plants-and thus insight in how to cultivate specific phenotypes.

If you just want a tree that can grow Adamantium though, you could acquire Trees and Silver and Gold from Narnia. From Dust's Breath of Plants also lets you mix elements with plantlife.

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Pretty much this. To be honest, one of the best ways to save the setting by allying with Cauldron would be to have some sort of mass cloning technology, also have either the Medical & Biological Science shard or a means of recruiting Bonesaw/Riley.

And then pump out an army of Contessa clones with magical girl outfits.

Spliced with a parahuman like Foil (Sting), Miss Militia (energy constructs) or Narwhal (crazyass forcefields) that makes them relevant in direct combat.

Fewer than regular girls, more than princes.

Bit of a distinction there-we prioritise CONTROL, not power. It's the difference between, say, usurping the Lantern Corps in order to fuse some unholy abomination of emotional energy.

And just waiting for the coveniently robotic Anti-Monitor to show up, tearing off his head with a gravitational beam and reverse engineering its' body to create our own Lantern Corps.

Also, at the exact moment of the Spark. We've talked about this.

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Everything we have worked towards is finally, FINALLY coming together to the point where an ultimate goal is in sight. To understand what we strive towards, one must consider what the ultimate threat to stability in the omniverse is.

Is it the Phyrexians? Of course not, they are ultimately little more than an extremely virulent infestation-abhorrent and repulsive, but not apocalyptic. Their empire can be shattered, their infectees purified in fire.

Is it the Eldrazi? Though the Titans can shatter planes with their presence, three were sealed beyond hope of recovery. They are mindless forces with their own cycles of predation and dormacy

We have gathered allies who may deal with those others. But who created the Phyrexians? Who sealed the Eldrazi, and freed them?

The Planeswalkers. THEY are the greatest threat to reality that has ever existed. Sparks have no rhyme nor reason to when they could be spread, so genocide is futile.

Moreover, several crucial things will occur as we Spark:

-Our Path to Victory will be fully unveiled.
-We will ascend from a Rider to a God of Taxes.
-We will attain omnicompetence in our original world
-Our mastery over the multiversal, transtemporal vibrations of reality will finally become absolute

The Spark will be the catalyst to one final apotheosis. Our current form is but a chrysalis for complete transcendence of mere physicality, while simultaneously manifesting in every plane of existence as a fundamental law of all that is.

And so, to protect every world we have visited and many we have not, we shall become the antithesis to whatever causes the Spark to occur. The benevolent and wise will be guided into harmony with the multiverse. The destructive will be captured to study how the Spark may be contained-or extinguished.

We shall create...the Planeswardens.

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Drawbacks: Faustian Mistake (Marid), Shadows in the Night, It’s Like KryptoniteX4: Cinnamon, Wheat, Cereal, Sugar, A jaunt through history (2500)

Magician (2300)

Rules Lawyering (Free)
Might does actually makes RightX2 (2000)
The Great Enchanter (1850)
Anti-Spirit Materials (1800)
A Spirit’s Power (1500)
So That’s What’s In A Name (1200)
Breaker of Chains (600)
That Tickles (0)
Slick Wheels (Free)


And…dammit, he’s actually doing a pretty good job. Bah, no matter-what threat will that presumptuous twit be when we retcon him from the very annals of history? Small wonder we were fought with such resolve-for you see-what we shall defeat in this era is no spirit or magician, but the very concept of magic itself.

…and what sane man wouldn’t? Magic is a sadistic aberration that consists of binding and enslaving beings with no truck with 3 dimensional matter or possibly even individuality to perform what from their perspective must initially come across as degrading, meaningless labour in a hell dimension that corrodes their very essence, the very process tearing out and diminishing scraps of the Other Place to fit arbitrary roles. Small wonder some of them turn to ambition, schadenfreude or masochism to escape their living nightmare-the collective resentment eventually building up into a full-scale invasion of reality.


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>these blades tip the scales between humanity and...everyone else?

Got it in one. Fallen angels, eldritch abominations, fae-the Swords don't give a shit so long as they're used in a manner aligning with their purpose and fundamental nature. The Knights are simply those most suited for wielding them. Harry isn't one, and the sword of Faith still worked for him while he was chokeslamming Nicodemus with it nearby. Murphy was more a temporary wielder than a full-time Knight, and she carved through an army of Red Court vampires-including at least one of the powerful enough to be mistaken for divinity Lords of the Outer Night.

Let me put this another way: In terms of pure conceptual primacy, I would bet on the Swords if wielded by a Knight against any EX rank Noble Phantasm-even Solomon's ones. It wouldn't even be a close match; ultimately NPs are little more than crystalised masses of Gaia's fart gas whereas the Swords are almost like embodied reifications of cosmic principles because of how important choice is in Dresden Files.

Oh yes, many things. A lot of our experiments end up not working as well as we'd originally hoped for, like the time we tried to homebrew our own Necrodermis and ended up with something that at best could maybe pass as Endbringer feed. Or things with very niche applications, like the upgraded Demon Summoning Program we designed as a backup measure during our brief tenure as the Messiah in Devil Survivors.

And then there's long running projects we probably won't ever find a practical application for, like our cinnamon toast crunch research.

FF13-2 and 3

That would...probably be a tie between YHVH and Jubileus. Especially since we're also the host of a fragment of the latter somehow, and as Lucifer apparently used to be a fragment of the former that rebelled our dad's technically approving of us fighting one of his split personalities.

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Anyway, tentative build:

Drawbacks: The False Pantheon, Seal Failure (2000)

Rolled the Gardens of Ysa

Dokkalfer, Age 27, Fateweaver

Lyria, Goddess of Fate

Fateless (1600)
Weapon Skills: Chakrams, Scepters (Free)
Detect Hidden (Free)
Know Your Fate (1300)
Fate Shift (900)
Secrets of the Primal Element (300)
Alchemy (200)
Sagecraft (0)

Worship can mean different things to different beings. For the Christian, it can be a communal singsong. For the Ancient Greek, a sacrifice. In our case? Worship is politics: In exchange for certain concessions relating to our personal destiny and divine insight into the precise mechanics of the Weave, for the duration of our stay we shall agree to Real Eat our fatewarping prowess to enforce fate instead of warping it, and send over some bottles of soma every now and then. Though looms are outdated for fate management; supercomputers are the new hotness and we intend to introduce our new ally to the wonderful world of reality-warping clarktech computers. It's a good thing we have loads of teaching perks since most goddesses can't into programming languages.

Actually hold on-all these drawbacks seem to be
caused by Winter Fae ruining everything for everyone. It's been a while since we've had a proper genocide, but with the dragons and their fae minions on the warpath it's time to counter by fusing Divine beings with Safeguards inscribed with Correspondence, calling on Metatron and having the ensuing army spam Fire of Sinai-enhanced gravity beams until the pretender gods are no more.

Oh, the Faceless One has to die of course. Can't have people running around cheating their fates. That just leads to trouble.

>weaker then Medea

It still boggles my mind a little to think even though the major Grail War participants don't think much of Casters, Medea could've likely wasted all the DAAs who weren't bullshit like Primate Murder, ORT or Zelretch.

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On the one hand, on paper it's nice to see the Warp reflecting ALL emotions instead of only negative ones.

On the other hand, hamon lizard daemons seems like something that shouldn't be a thing.

Most shamefully of all, it sounds terribly similar to an old experiment we've tried to perform

To this day, I still don't understand why the Speedforce is superior when it seems the workarounds would be even more convoluted than that time someone explained to me why using Vibe for anything other than breaking stuff would be a pain in the neck

From what I've read of it, the premise reminds me more of Chobits.

Usually if you can it says, otherwise you can't I think.

Faction primarily although there can be some overlap for particularly advanced factions

Long ago we were frequently Russian and/or a person of some authority but for the most part when you can't fit in reality, the best you can do is be who you are.

Though recently, becoming the Messiah has stuck in our identity for a while.

Not usually.

But in Worm, we registered as Uncaped Baldy.

And in MCU, we were unwillingly labeled Starlord after that bloody Adam Warlock incident.

Okay, you have to understand-we were almost entirely human apart from also being an Eliatrope, and this was long before any of our ambitions.

But uh. Technically in Harry Potter Luna Lovegood was one of the few people who actually believed in the whole Jumpchain thing at face value. And a shoulder to cry on after Ravenloft. Nothing really came of it but-we studied together a lot, talked about the things we'd seen and done, the other companions liked her too.

Something could've come of it but-we both agreed it was better to let go rather than make things complicated.


...also to this day we're still not sure how the fuck we ended up being half-giant, half veela. Our relatives refused to discuss it.

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As someone who did take Real Eater in hindsight I am very sad between that, the Flask Plan Data and two other Minuses I wasn't able to afford Devil Style, Remodelling or Wordplay.

Heck, if I wasn't playing a Jumper who fits the Minus template like a glove I'd have gone full Abnormal.

Never. Whenever others point out things like terraforming Nechronica's world into a habitable planet under an empire of Dolls restored to human form, giving Pinky a shoulder to cry on in MGNQ, defending Xuanzang in Journey to the West or bringing about a world of Law in Devil Survivors they forget that as a cosmic principle of order, both tyranny and harmony advance our hand. By now, all we do is in the name of control-not power, but the capacity to control the world with means both overt and subtle. That we are willing to lay down our life for our cause is proof of commitment, not nobility.

We have far-reaching goals that stretch beyond the scope of the chain, and heroes don't have a monopoly on determination. Heroes would not survive what we have, and idealism is a fool's game.

Heck, even from the beginning we were never reall a hero-not like some of our companions are. Just a dorky tourist running away from home.

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If HeavensAnon is around, a few questions about how technology/magitech from other worlds might interact with Heaven's Lost Property technology. Some of these probably don't have any conclusive answer, so even guesses would be appreciated:

1. The Pandora System is described as a program. The Defragmentation Device from Blame! specialises in repairing and improving both software and hardware. Is it thus possible to use its' technology to improve the Prototype Pandora System? As an aside for Devil Survivor-in an earlier combo we were wondering if it would buff summoned beings overall, or just their purely physical traits-it's probably the latter, right?

2. How would it interact with nanotechnology from Iji, GUNNM and Bubblegum Crisis that also has its' own self-improvement protocals? Would the improvements integrate with each other, or for the purposes of the post-Spark thing would they be unable to buff the System beyond a certain point-or perhaps unlock unique processes rather than those sealed?

3. The Gravity Furnace from Blame! contains the potential for functionally endless gravitational energy-which one of the factions has managed to harness for all sorts of tricks like private spatial locks. The Safeguard are a kind of biomechanical energy being produced which can harness built-in forms of gravity furnace technology. If you used something like HYDRA Blueprints to integrate a structural conversion tower (the thing that makes Safeguards) into an Angelroid production how much more efficient would you make them overall?

4. Would a steady supply of endless energy and resources help the Pandora System's ability to self-modify? e.g. an Aeon Paragon inscribed with Correspondence sigils for limitless energy to enhance its' resource production.

5. Does the Pandora System only interact with "hardware" technology or can it also interface with energy constructs? Like MMZ's Cyber Elves, for example.

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Well, in our case-because we never actually met the guy in person, DC was a very early jump and we were more interested in hanging around with the Endless than all the superhero stuff.

Nah. Well, from a certain point of view we may or may not have a lot of Judgement children but star reproduction is complicated, kinda like barnacles or flowers.


We don't talk about the time we got Elune "pregnant" through the power of our singing voice after a really wild night, and besides it wasn't really reproduction so much as shaping life with powers

Drawback: Nightmare (1400)

"Human", Age 23 (Free)
Synchronise (Free)
Abilities & Techniques (Free)
Enchanted Instruments 101 (1300)
Preserve the Land (700)
Mailbox (Free)
Blacksmithy (600)
Jumi's Staff (0)

Okay, so this one's pretty much another jump where we're going in blind, and try to figure out how to unfuck everything in the least traumatic way possible? We've got Bhunivelze's hula-scythe. Hopefully we can arrange for a reletively painless death-and-ressurection thing while either purging the corruption with spiritual prejudice. Not really a fan of fracking for materia/magicite in this case though, that seems kinda bad for the environment.

This preserving-landscapes-as-artifacts knack sounds...intriguing since they seem to ressurect the people as well as the cities. Merits some research into Calamitytech and the Creators' creation techniques, certainly-see if it's possible to Xzibit some landmarks.



Depends on the pitch, but often a blend of living grey and mindblasting purple

A jumper would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could jump worlds.

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Drawbacks: Like Edward and Bella, It’s the Eyes, Shrouded in Darquesse (1600)

Rolled Dublin, Ireland

Cultist, Age 17 (1500)

A Vile Man (Free)
A Jumper Scorned (1300)
Face of the Faceless (1000)
Beautiful Sorrow (400)
Child of the Spider (0)

Huh. That’s odd, we’ve picked up a lot of odd things in the transitions between worlds but an actual /fetish/ usually gets parcelled with a drawback rather than a perk. Oh well, that’s gonna take some attitude adjustment to get rid of.

Anyway, considering we’re technically already several kinds of spider god in our own right it’s time for some inverse heresy, since we’ll be breaking away from orthodox spiderism to found our own secular belief system/corporate conspiracy. Standard precepts of discipline, sustainability, not acting like a crazy person on live television (looking at you Tom Cruise) and transcending mortal form with spiders as a doctrinal metaphor. And we’ll have potluck lunches on Sundays, in between training courses for slaying heretical dark gods.

Because those Faceless Ones sound like bad news. And so does whoever apparently wants to spread magic to absolutely everyone, ever. So our global game of shadows will be entrusted with suppressing things that go bump in the night maliciously-with extreme prejudice.

Also, apparently the God-Killer Weapons were forged by dipping them into a magical pool. So we’ll be investigating what happens when a person equipped with an Imaginos nanoswarm gets dunked in.

Also we should probably seal Skullduggery’s true name at some point.

There is literally nothing wrong with that. Selfs are overrated. You make mistakes, and hurt yourself and everyone around you and fail because you couldn't think one step ahead.

We've never said no to our own Path. We've just focused on asking it the right questions, as >>46090005 said.

In fact, we've buffed ours with an assemblage to make it far more infalliable and self-correcting.

>> No.46072107 [View]

...h'okay, so. After some consultation with /tseg/ and others, it appears we seem to have drastically underestimated something we magpied through a gigantic Warehouse door ages ago: The Eye of Magnus. There was lots of speculation as to exactly what it was ranging from the shell of a magical AI from the future to the hole left behind by Magnus when he left Mundus, but apparently the thing's an effectively limitless font of magical energy-which in sufficient quantities is apparently comparable to the deities of Elder Scrolls. And before the Evil Overlord list gets quoted, we did purchase the Staff of Magnus too at the time.

Now, Elder Scrolls was only our 26th jump; we'd only performed the Darkhallow one jump ago. So what's some good ideas to use the Eye and the Staff for, as a reletively inexpeienced Jumper?

Didn't have one. Magic swords are overrated.

Lots, and lots of Territories, portals and Bounded Fields stacked together and fiddled with into a sort of ablative outer layer. We call it worldmail. Also a great deal of holy fire and psychic emanations.

Though the avatars we send into reality usually get by with something understated like jeans, a longsleeved v-neck and a vest.

>> No.46028092 [View]

Honestly, we've probably abused Wakfu portals in every conceivable manner by now.

Door-to-door salesman? Warp that fucker onto the neighbour's roof.
Stray cats on the lawn? They're now in the nearest pond.
Some asshole cutting us off in traffic? They're now heading down the wrong lane.

The list goes on. Pies warped onto chairs right before someone sits down. Portals under rivers being used to win water fights. Climatic battles spoiled by the ol' double portal perpetual motion loop. Annoying queues dumped on the opposite streets.

The Wheel of Fortune, and-pretty much what it says from Persona jump

Meh, humanity is overrated. If we're guaging the value of species by luminosity the Angels of Adam, Rakasha, C'tan and Judgements easily beat them out.

Also humans have to poop.

We're just saying.

>> No.45981546 [View]

Order and stability. We're at the point where we need to carefully sit down, and simulate a human mind to remember why we SHOULD have second thoughts for our all-encompassing need for control to be fulfilled.

This doesn't always take the form of power acquisition-there's always been a subtle distinction between control and power for us. In Undertale we incarnated as a corgi to prevent our own DETERMINATION from having ruinous consequences.

A cosmic principle, as much the unity between concepts we encompass as a spiritual presence straddling what Is and Is Not. And ultimately, an entertainment for a higher power.

We have certainly murdered, stolen and lied. By now the acts seem insignificant compared to our true calling, though.

We have always fought for two reasons: For the sake of peace and sanity, at any cost. And to rid the multiverse of eldritch threats, once by fighting them as an even greater menace, now through alliance, terraforming, conceptual engineering and other subtler strategems.

And no. We sing to create, mend or bend reality. Everyone who's anyone knows you DANCE to end one-and that sort of destruction is a marginal part of our purview at best.

We'll admit, we've never been good at letting go.

If you had lived as long as we have. If you could see every future-including the ones from future jumps-as we can. You would realise-that nothing ever ends.

Everything has a purpose. Energy, consciousness, fortune-it may be reallocated or transfigured, but we do not just abhor waste, we reject it.

Even the meanest tota of existence may yet serve a purpose. How we deal with them is a matter of resource scarcity and circumstance.

Also, >>45976941 sums it up pretty well, actually. If I had to quantify how I value a good jump based on those criteria, I'd say it's 90% writing/formatting/grammer quality and 10% visuals, which are more like the cherry on top for me.

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By the way, have you considered a +0CP drawback to account for the differences between Game of Thrones and the books, or is the jump only supposed to represent the books' canon?

>> No.45945523 [View]

See, the SELF-DESTRUCTIVE part is what clearly disproves that it behaves anything with badwrongfun spiral energy. Instrumentality DOES embody separation AND conjunction, making it more balanced as a wave-particle phenomena than spiral energy's inescapable evolution towards ultimate unification ultimately resulting in the Spiral Nemesis. And Lordgenome's Spiral power only changed colour after his spirit was broken by the canon AS' revelation, since it was heavily implied to be the thought of Spiral Nemesis occurring that made him a depressed burnout. So clearly, AT-Fields only have some SUPERFICIAL similarities to Spiral Energy since it's a different colour ALL the time.

And even if they do-then nothing says we can't just be super-determined to focus on the separation part, thereby avoiding Spiralhood by rejecting it! Strong AT-Fields imply a strong will to keep others away, the opposite of letting others get all up in our grill.

1, personal space
2, personal space
3, get outta our personal space

See, if it actually was Spiral Energy things would've just sort of worked out for Shinji after blundering through. Instead in EoE he ends up fucked up on a beach and in 3.0 him getting fired up almost ruined everything a second time.


...2.0 was either a ruse or an anomaly, maybe both.

The one you think is the best, by definition.


...unless it's Spiral Energy, the WORST superpower.

>> No.45919098 [View]

Review shows. We'd review just about anything and everything, from the latest brand of soft drink to presidential candidates to other reviewers.

The big draw though was our anime and vidya reviews-since we incorporated some footage from the jumps of those settings in our reviews. This led to a decade-long hunt for the legendary SFX studio we were apparently rich enough to fund and run regularly, as well as a bunch of hopeful voice actors contacting us. We ended up hiring a few just for appearances' sake.

Define "ultimate weapon"? Personally we find it preferable to rely on a mass production line of really well designed weapons instead of relying on one or two one-hit wonders. Like the miniaturised Irrigo-Darklight Cruicible, or the antimatter space-time vortex projector array.

In terms of raw kinetic damage, the improved Gravity Beam Emitter (http://pastebin.com/mpKLg27A) probably packs one of the biggest punches. It's a deceptively minimalist rectangular barrel, which took about a decade to work through all the kinks for. And it's seen action a few dozen times, as a deterrant against Umor.

However, it's also a strictly material weapon-mainly so it can be customised with specific supernatural properties for individual threats-so we have other armaments with more powerful conceptual effects.

Like the Ars Megiddo: A fusion of the True Longinus, Armageddon Blade, Godslayer and War forged into an Angel Slayer using Mantra as a spiritual base.

Or the Vorpal Deity: A fusion of the Lance of Longinus, Galaxia, Sommerswerd and Thorn Forged to Kill Kings crafted into a Beyblade.

2 shurikens out of 10. It's more a part-time hobby than a gimmick, but our primary avatar does play to stereotypes a little.

>> No.45905288 [View]

Take a guess.

Well, between the Amazo data and HYDRA Blueprints nanomachines have recently become a viable and versatile option.

Tech's a solid choice because it's reliable, customisable and easy to assume direct control of should the beneficiaries ever try to use their new powers against us.

>> No.45862377 [View]

We have long since transcended "needs"


...or, for that matter, "days".

EVA might not technically be psychic per se, so-let's go with a tie between Alpha Centauri's Planetary Consciousness perkline and the Thought Control technology.

>> No.45858849 [View]

That's actually kinda hard to answer. Since the only armour big enough to fit us these days is made from our own world-layers from a certain point of view the answers "No, it's always on" and "Yes, I don't wear any" are equally valid at any given moment.

We're not even sure if this counts, but we did hack the Moon Cell during Fate/Extra. Although we didn't so much hijack the other BBEGs so much as sit them down, have them talk about their feelings and generally therapy them into realising how absurd the way they were trying to reach their goals was.

To varying degrees of success, admittedly. Twice just needed a basic history lesson about how war never changes. BB was more than happy to hand over after we helped play wingman with Hakuno.

The less said about Kiara and those blasted Command Seals, the better.

Probably 8 or so? There's a lot of "foster" families out there who basically lived through The Omen except if Damien's weirdness was directed at other people and was otherwise a model student.

Notable exceptions include the Asagamis, who like most magus families were a pile of cuntwaffles barring our then-sister. Suffice to say they're now an ex-family.

Well, some D&D jumps exist so-yes, strictly speaking inherently evil sapient life is a thing. Then you have the dark powers behind Ravenloft, which pretty much fit the above criteria.

It's a big multiverse out there, and keeping track of every other moral standard's an exercise in futility.

And of course it isn't fair, or even arbitrary enough to draw meaningful universal distinctions from. Choice is a valuable commodity-and the only true constant-that not everyone can afford or use responsibly, and Jumpchain as a concept is an illustration of that.

>> No.45762460 [View]

We know. It’s not something we’re too happy about ourself but-it’s like this.

As we’ve travelled, we’ve come to realise that the only constants that exist are the ones we take with us. One world where God is a loving, benevolent font of goodness might easily in 10 years be replaced by a world where the universe is empty and dark, and in 10 more years by one where eldritch assholes wait beyond the veil of reality to punk everyone. Another world where the stars cast down law by the light of their souls might be replaced by one where the only law is the strong over the weak.

Even if we were to ally with a font of order or stability that can come with us, that doesn’t change the fact that in the next jump those will be just as outside context as we are. Because there are no reference points in the multiverse apart from the Benefactor, and ourself. To believe otherwise is to deny the objective, observable facts of being cut off from one reality and pasted into another. To be a Jumper is to inevitably be subject to some degree of chaos by their very nature as a traveller, and all we can do is shore up the very core of our identity into an expression of immutable, eternal transcendence to refine our own conception of order when cut off from the precedents “order” is normally defined by.

Therefore, though we truly want to bring order, stability and structure to each world we visit as an outside-context problem we are willing to work outside the closed systems we promote in order to see them enforced properly, and sometimes in an unconventional fashion relative to conventional understandings of them.

We are lawful, but we operate on a cosmic scale with plans that can extend to post-Spark simulations. Which means our methods can sometimes appear...chaotic.

Magically cast out the parts of ourself which cannot be reconciled with our cosmic principle or corru-ahem, properly aligned into an appropriate form.

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