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Rolled 4, 82 = 86 (2d100)

>Name: Elisa Andreassen
>Regiment: Iocanthos 17th
>Fluff: Born and raised on the warring and bloody world of Iocanthos as a child soldier, her group was largely incinerated at a young age by a passing SoB, who took the oprhan in as a recruit. Though talented with weapons, she was deemed too meek to be a Sister, and was released at the age of eighteen not as a Nun or Repentia as par usual but because of Iocanthos's outstanding instability, as an IG agent for them. Spent the last three years as a reconnaissance specialist in the IG doing generally what the Ecclesiarchy wants on the wartorn planet. Beyond fanatical and has a weird thing for ultramarines.
>Gear: [Multi-Melta], [Flamer], [Flak Armor], [Sabre], [Primer]
>Chances of survival:10%
>Planet: Fomer shrine world of Givil, fighting cultist
>Bonus:(Blessed soldier)You have been blessed...with a multimelta and chain sword

1. Okay, uh, should move quietly forward as par orders and check out where the heretic scum is holding out! Stay quiet and in cover to avoid detection or targeting, gotta see where they are before I do anything. Only shoot if something gets up too close.

2. Make sure to keep in contact with the larger groups about enemy positions and tactics, they're relying on me to bring them information.

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