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Except the Deceiver shard was a Hrud trick.

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It's slightly overpowered. It's not gamebreaking. Just need to take into account that Skaven players like to sneak it in at the end of a magic phase using warp tokens, so be cautious.

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Yes, I'd like to see the Hrud, Q'Orl, Thyrrus and some other aliens gathered into a Codex: Xenos. Would be neat.

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looks, mostly.

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We got to the gunnery decks.

We were excited, we smelled meat, rotten meat, but still meat, as we got closer to the mass-quarters for the gun-loading crews. Then we found out what happened to all the food on this ship.

The Hrud ate it.

They came sprinting out of the shadows, airvents, and pipes. They incapacitated the heavy in the ensuing fight. Apparently these things have been in control of this section for a while, because when we locked ourselves in a storeroom to get away, we found an elaborate shrine. The good news is there was food, left out on ceremonial plates. The bad news was the statue sitting on the altar. It took a perception check to see what it was since the room was only lit by candles and the statue was poorly made, but we figured out what it was.

Their object of worship has tentacles.

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>Sakurai: UNTIL NOW

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