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If everyone dies during an autumn war, how do they starve during the winter?

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Nanotech misconstrued as magic by morons who don;t know any better


The setting was post apocalypse all along~

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>bacteria are not animals
>therefore druids can't turn into bacteria

But what if no druid has ever tried it yet?

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Shape the inconsistency into the form of /or attach it to a pure waifu with huge tits. Everyone who complains about it will be branded a faggot.

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Is it still cucking if you use shapeshifting powers to turn into their partners?

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Momma always told me proper girls can count the numbers of men they've dated using the fingers on their hands. That's why I taught myself finger binary. Checkmate, mom.

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Yeah, the leader sends everyone else to die first.

You can't be backstabbed if everyone's in front of you.

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>can't deepstrike on thousand sons if there's cheap brimstone shits everywhere

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psychosurgery and forking from eclipse phase,it's not disassociative identity disorder if it's one personality to a body

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