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>coruscation Gazette
>not the Imperial Review

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>Stalin is just fine for an evil faction
>Hitler is suddenly past the line

Ishigdiggity shigdiggity shigdig shig do, I seriously hope this is something you don't do!

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>You literally said anime artists get into the industry because of lolis, robots or Ano only.
>You can't understand the idea that maybe, just maybe, some people don't post in every thread on a board and only those relevant to their interests.
>You're only concerned with defending a space for people who match you demographically

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you /a/.

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Yeah, okay kid.


>Nothing, objectification doesn't exist.

As a physical object? Obviously not. As a thing which people do and think? Obviously it does. You have to be trolling.

>Beside it is a presumption to think something is attractive to only men. Or that it is attractive to every men.

Are you literally autistic?

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>still implying that is a /pol/ only thing
>implying that those posts are me
>implying that the only 2 other posts I made today weren't helpful to the OP
>implying every post you disagree with is /pol/

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Look faggot, this is about comparing our armies vs. fictional armies.
This is impossible for 40k because it's stated that even their most common and shitty technologies are something we can't fanthom.
When GW will provide official stats on the 40k fluff and "translate" them into modern day information, then you can start comparing.

And seeing how this is a fictional setting, we don't have the fucking Emperor on our side.

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>casting spells

If this game was about that, it'd be called "Spells: the Wizarding"

You should be playing creatures and nothing but creatures.

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>implying turtles aren't already the best of all possible turtles

However, a turtle that sun themselves in lava and lay eggs in undersea volcanoes would be pretty tight.

But I don't really see Shax as liking fire too much.

Sea Mom is old and probably bitter about there being so much sky. She needs to learn that shallow oceans are better than deep ones, even if angler fish are pretty cool. Not as cool as sea turtles, though.

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>he doesn't think Infantry Platoons not being remotely like any other troops in the game is a special rule

I bet he thinks they are totally balanced because they only have 5+ armour totally ignoring the fact there are ADL fucking everywhere.

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Implying either of those are bad

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>Searing Spear

Good job in sending it to the graveyard

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most characters in the game are modelled without helmets

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>Thousands upon Thousands of Imp planets
>They ALL are shitty for everyone everywhere

You might want to remember the fluff for a WARgame doesn't always go to realism

More likely most of the planets are OK like Civ worlds

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>People who don't film their games in front of a live studio audience

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>Lawful OR EVIL

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Dam you waited all night to shoot it down again didn't you?

Go troll /a/ or something, too many people here like L5R and silly requests and I want this for a one-shot

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>Trying his hard
Prepare for Costanza on parade newfag

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>tfw my little sister is basically this person
>does all this kind of stuff, would describe the same exact "character" and maybe has before
>I make fun of her for it hoping she'll change
>Don't have the heart to tell her "stop this shit you fucking weeb, this is why you don't have friends"
>Making fun of her doens't work, she does it anyway
>Just turned 18 and wants a giant back tattoo
>of angel wings
>and she wants a tattoo on her wrists/arms
>of fire

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>implying the Tau aren't all pawns of the Ctan set up millions of years ago

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>that lightening strike

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>subtext in a series about someone whose "power is unmatched"

I bet you think Superman is deep.

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