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What should I apply with for Wrath of the Raunchy?

What did you guys apply for?

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What's happening in RotJR tonight?


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>that pic

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Rolled 5 (1d100)

Shit, rerolling then

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I thought she was an Oread because she's huge, almost jet-black, and spent an absurdly long amount of time getting knocked up.

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I receive your signal, five by five.

A-As long as that fox has good tone.

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>mfw I realize she's using a sarashi an is probably even more stacked without it

Does it matter? I imagine most lewd things will be between players anyway and making a hidden criteria like that is kinda dishonest.

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The Draph are like a kink-seeking missile that never seems to miss, they are and always will be what I want out of a race.

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The best part is when people prep to deal with PLANESWALKERS: THE DECK and I give them "Hey guys, I heard you like creature hordes. So here's 46 46/46's lead by a 46/46 legend with more evergreens than canada."

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>mfw that spoiler
>mfw I love shopping for that shit
>mfw I love to describe it in absurd detail
>mfw it's for my male character

There's just something *fun* about going all-out in describing how dapper your character looks or the way their clothing accentuates their features in all the right ways.

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>mfw my character for HV has a 16.5 Appearance

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>a flip

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>So has anybody put together a list of each character's intended lover for RotJR yet? I just want to know if it's time to bust out the shipping chart.

Casimir with Amalthea or Svana, or Razmiran Priestess when she gets posted.

DILF with MILF just tickles me!

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>Who do people think the strongest applicants are for RotJR.

Not counting my own character? I'm falling in love with the singing/dancing Samurai and the sisters, and there are some upcoming characters I'm really excited to read (and see~) more of!

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>It really lends something to an otherwise boring conversation with an NPC when they can tell things about you from your garb other than "murderhobo"

Hell yeah dude, that's part of why I'm doing this scavenger's hunt for fancy trinkets and animal pelts to craft this suit of armor, I *love* giving my characters a distinct look and feel that makes them more a personality than a statblock. Bit of downtime in a high-tension situation? Time for my character to break out a lacquered snuff box and take out a pinch to calm the nerves, or at the end of a major adventure whip out a bottle of rare Galtian wine to toast their victory. When we're in town, I enjoy shopping for new tunics to replace the old, sweaty ones from our adventures, or go see a puppet show rather than the usual "go to tavern, drink and sleep."

It's the little things like these that make the game feel like a story, and in the end, isn't that what we're having sessions for?

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