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These are *literally* the Chivalric Virtues.

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>You're a whiny mouthbreather and the only emotion you can reliably convey is boredom.

I'm a little bit upset at that.

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>you will never adventure with a reformed bandit lass trying to get on the straight and narrow


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Remember, no new threads until we hit page 7 at least.

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>mfw you're exactly right
>mfw it still doesn't feel good

Fuck, I guess the only thing that's really bothering my booty about all this is Taldor being a fallen empire with delusions of grandeur when France was pretty hot stuff in the 16th century (which is kinda sorta what the setting is meant to be, yeah?)

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Why the heck would you want to be naked? Having all those bits flopping around is uncomfortable, and awfully cold! You'll catch a chill and all sorts of wandering eyes, and not in the good way.

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Don't say that, anon! Don't say that ever again! I believe in you, we could make something adorkable and lovely or, dare I say it, cute?

Just pitch me an idea, and I'll pitch something right back at ya, let's see if we can't make a duo for the ages.

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>tfw Stargazer (trait) doesn't give Knowledge (Geography) as a class skill

I just want to know the road, map the stars and point out each celestial body as I discuss their folklore to a woman resting her head on my shoulder as we spend a tender moment atop a hill overlooking the town.

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>She's not impulsive or impressionable! Rules are very important

But she's a dumbie! An easily impressionable, hair-trigger dumbie!

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>Nah, OD/ZS warders drop Charisma to 7 and take a social skill inquisition.

The stats start at 10, and they're gonna stay at 10 unless I got some fluff reason to lower them.

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I forgot I had Craft (Alchemy) and Brew Potion as feats.

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O-Oh, w-well you can never tell too well with those anime types ;_;

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I think I hate my group.
New players, to PF at least, and I told them, hey, make a pc, level 1, we'll have a one shot in a month to get you accustomed to the game. Read the phb, get the dice, etc.
4 of the 5 don't have characters done, and 3 of the 5 just now got backstories finished.
Those same 3 have no grasp of the mechanics, or even know what a "ability modifier" is. The game is saturday.
Help? I'm frustrated already. Why do players do this? I mean, the game is hard enough to run already, and now I'm facing the possibility of having to literally spoonfeed adults things from a book they had a month to give a cursory look over, and chose not to.
Do they just not care?

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>mfw there are games that let you Prestige while leveling your normal classes

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You're right, I'm just freaking out a bit about trying to make all these attributes work in a way that make sense for the character - he's supposed to got poise, you know? A proper duelist that's let himself rust a bit in an ole seaside sleepy town, I get that with 14 dexterity and Agile Dancer (along with the future Landsknecht and Scarlet Throne Style focus) but it feels like he needs some Wisdom.

Ah well, we'll get there when we get there, eh?

Speaking of, are there any Craft skills you think would be cool to see done in this campaign? I'm getting Painting, but I've got enough skill points for (4) more Crafts!

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What's wrong with painting?

Lotsa stuff you can do with those things! Make action shots, panoramic landscapes, racy nude portraits, even entire worlds inhabited by sexy crow girls and a fluffy-tailed halfbreed!

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>tfw this entire conversation
>tfw I want to be the mage

Gosh darn it you dorks, I want to feel cute too!

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Rolled 16 (1d20)


Y-You better take responsibility for all of us!

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two walk on Cortus

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I'm not, all my games are either on hiatus or delayed well into November.

I mean it's cool to have the night off to jerk off to porn or drink or shitpost with you dorks, but it still hurts.

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>mfw homebrew Mythic campaign on Roll20
>mfw it's cliche "players trapped in virtual world" bullshit
>mfw the character creation is actually really cool: level 13, Mythic 6 with Path of War support
>mfw individual sessions are possible for players who are cut off from the group for one reason or another
>mfw the game creator doesn't want to DM

Is this what it feels like to have a confused boner? Because I'm simultaneously amazed and disappointed at this concept.

Speaking of, assuming I want to play a ZweiSent is it better to go Guardian or Champion?

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Yeah, I know.

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Good answers!


Nah, this is happening RIGHT NOW in AMAZING REAL-TIME.

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