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Is this the coolest HQ choice one can take in 40k ?

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How does it feel to go from a Space Marine army to an Imperial Guard army ?

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I wish they were written just a tad more human than how they currently are.

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I bought some legit DkoK for the same amount of money recently. I'll probably get half as many soldiers in the end, but at least I'm an honest citizen.

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A cute Death korps Marshal mumbling how i lack discipline and shit like that.
for changing my life, it would probably be like when i was in the army... with the exception that i have romantic dates with my asshole superior.

Also i only went with french and german girls in my life and love girls in neat uniforms, i guess im set.

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At long last I finally see.

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Tell me about the Death Riders. Are they as cool on the battlefield as they look ?

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What would Krieg stratagems look like ?

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>devaleuing your holy lasgun by getting your blood on it

Your platoons commissar has been notified of your wanton destruction of standard issue wargear.

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>>highly responsive to my requests and orders

He's a good solider, he knows what it means to be part of the cult of sacrifice

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No one cared who they were untill they put on the masks

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Fuck Valhalla, what we need is PLASTIC KRIEG!

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Nuke Cadia fgt.

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Well it is true that it was Hotzendorf who was the Most Dangerous officer - both stupid and proactive, with almost 30 attemots at waging war in a very short span. However the war itself wouldn't be a thing if not for for Oskar Potiorek.
>In 1913 Potiorek had invited Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie to watch his troops on maneuvers scheduled for 26 and 27 June 1914. An attack on the life of former governor Marijan Varešanin in 1910 and several rumours on future assaults (leaked by Serbian Prime Minister Nikola Pašić) did not keep the archduke from a public appearance in Sarajevo, backed by Potiorek who worried about his own prestige.
>after the first attempt where the hand granade aimed at the archduke injured several people in another car. Ferdinand wanted to go meet them despite the objections of his staffmembers.
>Potiorek replied "Do you think Sarajevo is full of assassins? I will take responsibility"
> Nevertheless, the governor decided that the royal car should travel on an alternative route to the Sarajevo hospital
>However, he forgot to tell the driver about this decision. On the way to the hospital, he took a right turn on the Latin Bridge, where one of the conspirators, Gavrilo Princip, was sitting in a corner café at the time.
>neither Potiorek nor Count Harrach or Lojka were injured.
He later started anti-serbian riots in Bosnia, as well as he was the commander-in-chief of the punitive expedition against Serbia.
>"I was spared at Sarajevo so that I may die avenging it!"
His ineptitude lead to disaser after disaster in the supposedly easy fight with "pig herders".
He was eventualy removed from command by the end of the year.

So guys how is he not a perfect villain for what I have in mind?

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Does anyone in this thread play Death Korps of Krieg?

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>Finally get into playing Verdun during this sale
>End up playing Truppfuhrer of the Strosstruppen after a few rounds
>Every time I call in a gas shell someone on the other side ends up crying out how bullshit it is
>Catch them where I get half their team stuck in the gas cloud while leading an advancing charge up, using the haze as cover

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Now lets have a look at their officer model

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We hate psyker scum for good reason.

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>Don't you have better things to do with your time then ask questions trooper? Shouldn't you be getting ready for the daylight bayonet charge across the enemy minefield?

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Don't mind me, just stylin' on you without even trying.

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damn that is depressing
but really enlightening, but I think a tad naive, they aren't unthinking either, they would know what laughter is, like how a sociopath does. In a very clinical sort of way, they have seen movies as they have attended scheduled showings when in training(glorious propaganda), they would serve little purpose to a Krieg however. They are above motivation, they are pure discipline.
To roleplay it, I would say they are akin to people lacking empathy, they can operate social scenarios like how a techpriest can operate machinery, they have the tried and tested buttons and levers, but they don't understand it.
But that isn't to say they couldn't learn, as they don't have mental abnormalities, they could develop real camaraderie and be more open to a group, enough so they realise it doesn't negatively effect their prowess, in fact, in improves the others morale.

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I hope this is the right board for this.
A friend of mine has a birthday coming up and he is a fan of magic the gathering. I have no idea how that game works. What would be a good birthday present that is about magic the gathering? I don't want to buy him cards he already has, or boosters that aren't good. What do! Thanks to any who reply, I don't expect this thread to be treated warmly.

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