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What is it you want? What kind of question is that to ask, during a trial? You don't know where the flash of anger comes from, but you raise your tearstained face to the dead.

It feels like something cold is melting in your heart, and you're not sure if this pounding in your chest is fury, or joy.

"Want? I want to go back and stop myself from leaving that little village. I want to wake up and learn that I fell asleep, weeping, when the company turned me away. But that's a stupid, selfish fantasy. More than anything else, I want to stop feeling...feeling like /this/, like I'm a corpse shambling her way to her next drink, like I died already and I'm still living on my own body. I'm sick of being numb."

You clench your fist and let it go. "I'm tired. Gods, I'm so fucking tired. Of not caring. Of...of everything. I want to make it right but I can't do that. I can't bring back all the people I hurt. I can't undo all the pain."

A man with his chest run through with spears folds his arms. "If this family pronounced your death?"

"Then I'd tell Brianna everything I know, and then submit. It's what I deserve. It's better than what I deserve."

There is murmuring, amongst the dead. You look, and see warmth in Brianna's eyes.

"Why do you /care/?" you ask, almost pleadingly.

"Because death doesn't," comes her frank, solemn answer. "The scythe swings and those that remain are left to pick up the pieces, for good or for ill. Life...life is for the living, River. You didn't ask for this."

"No," you agree. "...But I did choose it."

"River the Southhand," the woman with the noose 'round her neck says, speaking up in formal judgement. "The assembled dead of the la Croix are ready to proclaim their judgement. Be ye ready to submit to our will?"

"I am."

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"Let's start with basics. I'm Brianna la Croix. You are...?"

"Aria. Aria la Croix," the woman answers sullenly. She takes the cup of coffee Nathan hands her, sips it, and immediately spoons in about eighty million tons of sugar.

Definitely a la Croix.

"Lisa sent me a message. She'd made an undead slave from one of Lakehallow's diplomats and sent the dead thing up to try to buy me off with gold stolen from the dead." You tip your pack and open the top flap. "I've come to return it, and to return the Lichyard to its sacred state. I've come to defend the family's sacred ground. This...this is unacceptable. It's base fucking greed, and I'm not going to stand for it."

"And what is it you intend to do?" Aria asks, swirling her cup gently. "Raise an army of the dead?"

"That'd be a bit counter-productive," you drawl. "I need information on Lisa's forces, her activities, her stronghold, and these oni I've heard about. Then we can formulate a plan."

Aria sighs. "...There's complications to that. We've pulled in to the shrine because she's got a dig team nearby. Mercenaries lead by an oni, peeling through the crypts for /something/. We need them gone before we can help anyone. If we sortie out, they'll hit us back like the fist of a god."

"My companions and I can scout them out. Maybe even drive them off. But I might need some time first. I've got a patient."

Aria's eyes flick suspiciously to the elf. "George and I will wait outside. When you've come to a decision or have a proposal, you let us know."

They leave, briskly, and you let out a long breath. "Cousins," you mutter, shaking your head.

> Stay with River
> Leave River
> Split your forces [propose a disposition]
> Write-in.

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>Reign of Winter AP
>Play with friends from college
>ask DM if we can start only an hour earlier today because of reasons
>he says no because he didn't care about my reason and that he's still working on the session
>tell him "fuck you then, I guess" which is usual banter
>now worried he took it wrong and is going to target my character for death

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yeah okay

brb wiping egg off face

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This is a factor of the traditional gaming industry itself, where we keep an archaic model just to prop up business. I can tell you they have a bare minimum 250% markup on the LGS shelf from what they would cost if manufacturers did direct sales. I worked at a distributor, and the basis of the distribution model inflates the middleman profit required as you'd expect. Manufacturers establish the suggested retail prices, then sell at about 50% that to distributors, then to the LGS, then to the end consumer. This is different to say, Walmart where they'll restock Coca-Cola directly from the manufacturer rather than the regional Cola Baron who hordes every brand of cola and is the make-or-break for new cola brands with pushing stores to carry particular new brands or handling their promotionals as industry professional salesmen. Many if not most other industries have already moved on to more direct sales or are moving to direct sales because this isn't the early 20th century still and we've got both universal marketplaces and fantastic shipping infrastructure and less frontal salesmen tactics... or their brand is just established enough outright to do so. However, the tabletop gaming market is small and fragile and most manufacturers would rather sell some moderate volume to speculative middle-men than attempt direct sales in a saturated market and potentially fail completely. It's a gentlemen's agreement with stores not to undercut them, because the manufacturer could totally fuck over storefronts but at the same time manufacturers could fall into obscurity without the exposure by storefronts and distributors. Nobody quite wants to upset this... yet.

Anyway, you're getting ripped off to prop up the stability of the games industry and prop up local stores because the industry is too small and kinda volatile. Figure it's a 25-50% tax rate on everything you buy at the LGS.

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24 Spooks!

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I kinda felt bad for the character though.

His key flaw was that he was selfish in his entertainment. Basically just wanted others to play with solely for his own personal amusement and didn't give a shit about them as people. He really wasn't very good at disguising this and it chased people off.

But the villain WAS EXACTLY THE SAME. Just more charismatic. He used other people for his own entertainment and didn't give a crap about them as people. He was just more charismatic and suave enough to disguise it and attract people to play with to use them.

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>I hate you so much right now.
>I hope you made it out alive.

>I hope Rein doesn't cry.

>barring you trying to sell me out again.
I'm still frustrated with this misunderstanding, and I'd like to at least address this before moving forward with him.

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The contract is sealed

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And that's really it for tonight :^)
Awaken, please.

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Throw that on top of our AAs once they get buffed up and some battlemages to counter any shenanigans, and you've got yourself a proper bitchfucker of an attack force.

>mfw Taira and Gnome are fronting this terror of a legion

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I've been really digging necromancers lately. Could we have a thread about all things necromancy? I wish to learn more of their dark ways.

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All I ask is that you be gentile.

Don't think my little ol' heart can take much more feels.

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It had to happen at some point.

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>my filthy mortal

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