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>tfw you will never fuck a sassy-mouthed qt trap in their boipussy.

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>You will never play in an AP overthrowing House Thrune, purging the Empire of Diabolism and establishing yourself and your house as the new Imperial lineage.

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>tfw the DM simultaneously gave your character a badass quest and reason to just give up hope at the same time
>tfw this is compounded by the fact your character is fucking useless and hasn't done literally anything right (or had the chance to do anything at all) in the four sessions you've been with the party.

Basically, my character's a Cavalier worshiping the Moon Goddess, he's a very devout man who intends on going Paladin after a certain level (I'm the Beast Rider guy from *way* back in these generals, going to get Cavalier 7 for a Lion) and after killing a giant tentacle worm monster (one of many who infested the planet,) the party looked up to see the "source" of the malignancy and it was all coming from the moon, with huge tentacles writhing out of a missing chunk Dead Space 3 style. After asking the DM what this means he more or less suggested the Moon Goddess herself is corrupted.

While I imagine everyone here can see what a badass set-up this is (my character destroys the malignancy and establishes himself as the first, and greatest, of the moon goddess's Paladins) the thing that's killing me is the party/DM neither cares about any of that, nor is my character actually capable of doing anything worthwhile; my character has been knocked out at least once every combat, has only landed four hits in six separate combat encounters (as a martial tank) and is currently incapable of using *any* of his skills because every time I speak for Diplo, Handle Animal or my Knowledges, the Shaman (who owns a velociraptor familiar that has Fast Heal and 3 attacks per turn at +6, compared to my +3) or Ranger bulls over me or people just go "oh, alright."

I want to see where this goes so bad, but I want to save myself the disappointment and just quit right now.

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>tfw I didn't get my daily bread and circuses today.

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