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Rotating a model on the spot does not count as moving.

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>"Nearly Suicidal"...

It's not a suicide if the nets catch them.

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It's not a war crime if you don't declare a war.

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White people don't have culture, so there nothing to appropriate.

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>learn 3D modelling and do your own models
>it's no more stealing GW stuff than using green stuff to hand sculpt your own models in the style of GW models

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If Horus is such a good guy, how come he is dead?

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>wait for marinelets to get squatted
>use marinelet models with primaris rules

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Can't appropriate white culture because it doesn't exist.

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Don't have to keep a record of aliens you've exterminated if you wipe them from history.

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Don't have to count them in your painting backlog if you never finish any models to the point you'd have to start painting.

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I don't need to know I'm in an RPG when I can see the future.

A power than in of itself negates free will as a concept.

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>I said worst CODEX army
>you name armies that are currently INDEX only

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>statisticly highly unlikey scenario that probably makes for a good laugh more than anything else


>your expensive units won't land where you want them too 2/3s of the time, usually ruining your game plan 2/3s of the time

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>cant ruin the models if they never make any
Wise words.

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After all, how can you lose if you never play?
Checkmate LAACs.

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>Skarbrand gets banished twice during the gathering storm.
Don't have to wait 1000 years to respawn if the warp can compress 1000 years warptime in to 10 realtime seconds.

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>cant shoot me if I'm in melee with you
>cant fall back if I surround your unit with 20 Paladins
>cant shoot me if I hide in a building with astral aim
>cant shoot me if I use gate to run from your melta's
Sistah plz
GKs are OP for a reason, you know.

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The enemy can't blow you up with their artillery if you blow up their artillery with your artillery.

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Mechanized Engagement Carapace for Heavy Assault. Or M.E.C.H.A for short.

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You don't need to ban it if you don't allow it in the first place

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Why didnt Frodo just use Turbo Tax?

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Not if they're shit.

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In outer space, temperature is a steady 455 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. That's about three degrees Kelvin regardless of varying electromagnetic or radiaological heat retention in a near vacuum. Fuck that noise I say, we can do better and achieve beam weapons that shit all over the concept of heat.

Heat negative lasers my man. A cooled potassium gas system that produces a outbound beam to one billionth of a degree below absolute zero. In the quantum world, that's actually hotter than the Sun. It's hotter, even, than infinity degrees Kelvin. Now, before you open your mouth, fuck you, with your "but it's impossible to go below absolute zero!" Cooled potassium gas has a negative temperature, Because if you introduce more energy to the gas into a system where there are more atoms that are moving at high velocities than at low velocities, this corresponds to a negative temperature rather then static atoms at zero degrees and negative temperatures are in a sense hotter than positive temperatures thus logically avoiding all that absolute zero cockery.

My space military will deploy our "Vanilla Ice Beam System" and proceed to teabag the universe.

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