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Gonna post some pics till I get a response

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Why play a shitty Pokemon Rpg when you could play a superior and more adult friendly SMT rpg.

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There's always another way, you just have to take it from other people Anon.

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I can safely say that I am not about to post OC.

I refuse to speak on behalf of anyone else regarding this subject, though.

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>hates FFVII
>Loves SMT
mah nigga

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Swarthy Blackbeard Viking

Might: 13
2-Handed [6]
Flame And Thunder [4]
Full Body Beard [2]
Bellow Lungs [1]
Shield (Yes I took 2-Handed and Shield, I wield the shield with my beard) [0]

Beard: 3
Asbeardstos [7]
Lubed Beard (+1 Rape) [6]
Flagellation (+3 Might) [4]
Static Charge (+1 Might) [3]
Bushiness - 3 [0]

Rape: 6
Gryten (+1 Rape) [1]
Fuckboys [1]
Burn a point on Rape [0]

>Fire Attack
>Lightning Attack
>Lightning Resist
>Breathe Anywhere
>Heat Resist
>Double Team

>Craft World
>The Warp
>Monstergirl Village

Reward Points: 390
I sure hope I added and subtracted properly, so let's see. If I go to Monstergirl World then I lose all my powers but stay immortal. But if I lose my powers then I will lose my rape points, and consensual sex won't be the same after these years of chaos. If I go to Gensokyo then I keep my powers, but I'm pretty sure I can't rape Yukari without dying horribly so it's no good. Going home is lame, and the Valhallas are just okay I guess.

Fuck it. After all these years of RAPE AND TEAR, I'm not going out like a wuss. I won't settle for second best. I'm going to Gensokyo, and I'll either be God-Emperor-Beardsmith or I'll die clutching my claymore. It'll be worth it either way I'm sure.

Solid 9/10 CYOA, honestly. Excellent.

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He's my go-to for someone of mortal origin standing up and kicking anything demonic in the balls. Best SMT character, only beating MC/Atsuro from Devil Survivor by a slim margin.
>Dat reprogramming of demon-kind to serve humanity ending in DS1.

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At the least, I doubt that people will go so frothingly angry and smite happy about a class that anyone can get into, that let's you build a waifu and a home.
And be used to mimic several other ideas without straying into fetish territory.

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Its not so much about the bodies part, more like the "eternal servitude" part that puts me off.

I prefer people serving me eternally case in point I'm a neet and will live on welfare if needed.

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