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Slaanesh just got a new Daemon Primarch.

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Stat me /tg/

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>anon doesn't seduce both of them

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What's wrong indeed. Who needs even the most basic of morals?

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"What are you talking about, Sayaka?"

She responds to you.

"I just realised; You can't save everyone. Nobody can. Only delusional idiots want to save everyone. And when they try to, the only thing they do is hurt other people. You can't kill every single Witch in this world, no matter how hard you try. And when you resort to killing people, that only makes you a worse person."

She continues.

"You know that news about that parlour of Yakuza that were all stabbed to death? I did it. I stabbed every single last one of them. And then I realized something I should've earlier; two wrongs don't make a right. Evil against evil doesn't fix the world. That's why I'm an idiot. I realized I can't save the world. But that doesn't make me despair. Because... I've given up on that unrealistic dream...To tell you the truth Kyousuke..."

You wait with abated breath.

"I just want to be with you. And I forgive you. So please... will you date me?"

["Yes, Sayaka."]

["I can only hurt you." Walk away.]

BEM: 0
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 17%
Black - 121, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 144, Yellow - 20 , Red - 149

{This is the last post for this session. Today has been a productive session, thank you guys. You can see that the summer heat reduced my productivity quite a bit, but I'll try acclimatise myself to heat over next week. The next session will be at Saturday, 29th November, starting at 2300 UTC. Godspeed /tg/ and may Makoto Itou be with you.}

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You think about what to do today... And the thoughts that strike you are not pleasant at all...

Firstly, there is the issue of Kaname-san's wish. Her wish manifests such; the closer you are to her, the more powerful her mind-controlling wish for you to act as her girlfriend is. Furthermore, the closer you are to her, the more effort it takes to try and resist that mind control and suggestion...

Secondly, both you and Miki-san's reputations have been thoroughly ruined. The rumours (or rather, recounts, because they are true) of you and Sayaka being at a love hotel have probably spread like cancer with your absence. They've called your precious Sayaka a floozy and you a player and talked of a 'street rat'; presumably they're talking about Sakura-san. Your reputation and Miki-san's reputation are ruined and if the both of you go to school, Miki-san will probably press questions onto you.

Thirdly, the issue of Nakazawa and Saotome-sensei. They two were clearly in a relationship of sorts and you don't want to have to deal with...

Your guilt intensifies. How has Nakazawa been coping? It's bothering you so much.

["I need to go to school to keep appearances. After all, I'm a classy violinist prodigy."]

["School's too risky, I might have to skip it."]

BEM: 0 (Thinking is lawful)
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 8%
Black - 120, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 133, Yellow - 20 , Red - 148

15th Friday 8AM


Nakazawa is Taisuke Sawanaga.

With this, this session of Mitakihara Middle School Days comes to an end. I will resume the quest at 2PM 22nd Saturday (which is 6AM AEST 23rd Sunday for me). Until then, godspeed /tg/ and may Makoto Itou be with you.

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"Why are you so obsessed with me all of a sudden, Shizuki-san?" A certain concern and fear fills your voice.

She promptly ignores your questions and digs into her rucksack, drawing out...

...a David Oistrakh CD.

["...Thank you..."]


I will now end this session. The Quest will continue on the 6th of November 2200 UTC (which is 6th of November 1700 EDT and 7th November of November 0900 AEST). I will create a few posts dedicated to recaps for people to get into a game, so it may take a while to update. Until then, godspeed /tg/ and may Makoto Itou be with you.

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{The QM will now end this Session. The QM will rise at 1900 UTC (0600 AEST) 1st of November to continue Mitakihara Middle School Days Quest. Until then, godspeed /tg/ and may Makoto Itou be with you.}

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OOC: The QM will now go to sleep.

Due to the QM sitting his Higher School Certificate examinations, which is the Australian New South Wales equivalent of the American SAT and ACT, the QM will be unavailable for 'Mitakihara Middle School Days Quest' until the 1st of November, 2014.

In the meanwhile, the QM will be running some lighter questing on Madoka CIV Quest, the link to the first session being here >>35267628 .

The QM will attempt to incorporate lessons learnt from the first ten sessions to increase the quality of Mitakihara Middle School Days Quest.

Until then, may you all speculate on how Kyousuke Kamijou's philandering will surpass entropy. Godspeed /tg/ and may Makoto Itou be with you. END/OOC

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Sorry for forgetting trippy, but these indeed are my posts. END/OOC


You approach poor brutalized Nakazawa and kneel down to him as he whimpers in fears, with you sporting a diplomatic smile.

"Listen to me Nakazawa-kun."

"Yes, Kamijou-kun?"

"People are killing students and teachers from Mitakihara Middle. I'm trying to stop them. I want you to keep quiet. I hope you understand."

He's still whimpering, albeit a little less.

"Now that you've understood that..."

["Could I borrow your gakuran? I look like a crazed killer in this.."]

["Do you know where Miki Sayaka is?"]

+1.25% (Scaring the fuck out of Nakazawa is Chaotic Good)
BEM: 36.625%
ROM (Red): 0%
ROM (Black): 0%
+1 Blue point
Black - 110, Pink - 32, Green - 3, Blue - 88, Yellow - 15 , Red - 106

OOC: The QM will now go to sleep. The QM will rise at 2200 UTC 2nd of October to continue 'Mitakihara Middle School Days'. Until then, godspeed and may Makoto Itou be with you. End/OOC

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OOC: The QM will now go to sleep. The QM will rise at 2100 UTC 1st of October to start the next session.

Godspeed /tg/ and may Makoto Itou be with you.


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OOC: The QM will give until 0230 UTC for /tg/ to reach a majority decision due to this vote's disproportionate plot importance. May Makoto Itou be with you. END/OOC

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Kyubey; a creature that looked like across between a rabbit and a cat, that only MGs and MG candidates could detect.

Kyubey establishes contracts with girl to fulfill their one wish trading for them the destiny to fight Witches for the rest of their lives.

These wishes bring temporary happiness for them; Sayaka smiled when she saw your hand healed; but eventually, they end in tragedy, which again you just saw.

What do?

[Conclude Kyubey is the Devil and is therefore an enemy of the Holy Spirit and must be targeted by the Executors]

[Wonder about Kyubey's motives; if one understands the mind of a heretic or demon, one can try to counter it.]


OOC: It's 1130 UTC. The QM will go to sleep and rise at 2000 UTC to continue Mitakihara Middle School Days.

Godspeed /tg/ and may Makoto Itou be with you. END/OOC

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You choose to say 'itadakimasu' and give a prayer of grace even when nobody is there to here it.

No... The Holy Spirit is there to listen to it.

And so you give your prayers and do the right thing even when no-one else is listening or watching.

For you live in fear of the Lord, even as an Executor, one of the few He waives His laws for the sake of His continued bond to his Creation.


Father Kotomine comes in, whistling a tune that should've been sung solemnly in a cheerful and upbeat way.


You choose to give it the name of 'Decretum'. You can discern parts of it despite your deteriorated ability to discern tones from your the damage your ear sustained during the incident down at the dumpsters.

What do?

[Ask Father Kotomine why he is so cheerful today.]

[Ask Father Kotomine about relationship problems.]

+3 Red points, +1 Black point

-2.5% BEM (Order)

53.5% BEM

Interaction Points: Black - 37, Pink - 9, Green - 3, Blue - 33, Yellow 4, Red - 24

+1 Stat: WIS

Stats: S (4), D (5), Co (8), I (8), W (7), C (7)

OOC The QM will be going to sleep now in order to QM properly, starting at 2000 UTC 28/9.

The QM may combine options on two criteria; popular demand of at least 2 votes or for the sake of improving "Mitakihara Middle School Days Quest." for /tg/'s enjoyment.

Sorry for today's short session. The QM lives in AEST.

Godspeed /tg/ and may Makoto Itou be with you.


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The QM will now go to sleep.

Tomorrow, the quest will start at 0530 UTC 28/9 due to the QM's high school final committments.

One final question: the QM intends to write a novelization. What does /tg/ personally think of this?

Godspeed, /tg/ and may Makoto Itou be with you.

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QM will be taking a driving lesson as said earlier.

>GM will be AFK from 1000 UTC to 1130 UTC, taking a driving lesson.

Until then, may Makoto Itou be with you. It would also be nice if you guys could make sure the thread is still alive until then. Thank you.

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Alright guys, it's approaching 0700 UTC. Will porbably be AFK for until next 0600 AEST (1600 UTC 26/9)

Godspeed /tg/, and may Makoto Itou be with you.

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