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How was the swarmlord at octarius during the blood crusade when it was also at Baal for 70 years?

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Anything new about octarius or that khorne blood crusade? And can we get a confirmation that leviathan wasn’t actually wiped out?

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He can’t shit up 40k general if he’s too busy getting ass-annihalated here.

First off, Lorgar and Perturabo are undivided daemons.

Second, khorne couldn’t do shit against orks or Tyranids on octarius even with his WAAC list, pic related

Third, Morty demands what he wants from abbadon and Abby bends over and gives it to him like the cuck he is

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>khorne sends in WAAC list
>win thousands of battles except 2
>can’t beat the 2 biggest jobbers in the setting
>can’t beat a bunch of eldar on jet bikes
How many times do you think khorne hate-fucked slaanesh’ boipucci to get over these indignities?

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Chaosfag shitposter who, among many other things, refuses to accept that Tyranids Are anywhere close to the chaos gods in significance or threat. Which is why anytime it’s mentioned that Tyranids are a serious threat, or they beat chaos, he spergs out tremendously. Pic related gets his ass more fractured than Biel-Tan

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>ork and tyranid players enjoying an intense back and forth game where no one seems to be winning
>suddenly a khornefag shows up with the cheesiest WAAC list you can imagine and interrupts the match, claiming he just steamrolled every other opponent he faced
>ork and tyranid players accept challenge and face this insufferable faggot while still fighting each other
>khornefag grows increasingly frustrated as his cheeselist gets stalemated
>suddenly packs up all of his models and claims his mom is here and he has to leave
>counts all the slain models in his army as victory points for him since "le blood for de blud God!"
>khornefag claims he won despite both orks and tyranid armies still being on the table while he is nowhere to be seen
>ork and tyranid players gentlemanly agree to call it a draw

This is why chaosfags are the worst

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That's exactly what happened at octarius. The Blood crusade containing just about every major khorne character and a WAAC tier army showed up and thought they could steamroll the Xenos like they did every other force (save one) they came across. The Orks and nids fought them to a standstill until the bitch ass daemons left via warp storm and the mortals had to run away or end up being swarmed by gaunts or pulled down by lotz of grotz. Chaos fags will try to claim victory

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>Though, I suppose the bugs might have a slight advantage from having two armies (Tyranids and Genestealer Cults) to Orks one.
Narrative-wise that wouldn't really matter since Ork Genestealer cults aka Bugboyz tend to side with greenskins when push comes to shove (or just get used as shock troops by Freeboota bosses looking for some meatshields that are more durable than grots, based on Freeboota fluff).

As for an Octarius War campaign, it'd certainly be interesting since the old fluff already stated that's a fucking free-for-all down there (Salamanders were trying to protect human worlds inside the Octarius Sector, Eldar were pulling a Kryptmann and wiping out entire worlds to keep Hive Fleet Leviathan from noticing their craftworld was nearby, Ghazzy and Swarmy have been trading blows for the past 112 years on Octarius (the planet) with a few minor interruptions of Kharn & his World Eaters going down there for a year to collect some skulls (the smallest of which was the size of a damn boulder), and the ill-fated Blood Crusade, which didn't go well for any non-important Khornates that tried to reap some skulls from the galaxy's biggest meatgrinder (pic related).

There's literally something for everyone to do in that war. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the Tau tried to expand their empire out there or some Necron tomb world woke up and the Overlord came out to tell 'YOU PESKY KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!' using gauss cannons.

After 112 years, that clusterfuck has got to have grown worse, especially since the hive's Norn Queen lost her largest Hive tendril to those Chaos assholes at Baal.

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>You remember where you got that info from?
>implying xenosfags give a damn the only real lore about them came from a Chaos codex, since GW's not releasing their codexes until next year (and that's if they're lucky)
Congratulations Chaosfags, your little codex gave Ork and Nid players another tiny bit of info to get hyped about their own faction's incoming lore.

What do you want: a squig cookie?

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>war of the beard
Lmao no, they retconned it to where the changeling/some tzeentch daemon was pulling strings to make sure the war ended up being as severe as it was. Literally everything is chaos now. It would be like if we had a purely xenos conflict for once and then chaos just had to show up for no reason with a bunch of their major char-

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This chaos force invades the Tau capital world. What happens?

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>this WAAC list couldn't even kill Ghaz or the swarmlord
Even if that wasn't the reason they were there, it's pretty sad that this much star power couldn't do any more than stalemate a couple of NPC factions

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>8th edition ain't gonna be just marinemarinemarine, battle of blue vs bloated
Considering there's been this lil' minor affair called the Octarius War that's apparently still on-going, and according to the 8e rulebook, one of Khorne's Blood Crusades decided it be a great idea to try and jump in the middle of an Ork-and-Tyranid meatgrinder and fight both sides at once (which went about as a person jumping in the middle of two demolition derby cars about to ram each other head-on), I suspect the other xenos races will get their own attention as well.

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>reminder that Khornes finest thought they could steamroll through Octarius and ended up getting fought to a standstill before they Ran away

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how many of Khornes finest do you think died completely ignominiously being pulled down by Lotz of Grotz?

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>assmad Khornefag still pissed that the WAAC list couldn't beat Ghaz or the swarmlord
Look at all those heavy hitters being sent into one battle, that kind of force should roll through anything. Instead they got fought to a standstill and claimed no noteworthy skulls. They were also here long enough for a shit ton of mortals to show up and join, and only the daemons left in the warp storm. The rest of those Khorne flakes had to fight their way out

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>this entire force couldn't affect the Octarius war in any meaningful way
Holy shit, Khorne was being a WAAC power gaming faggot and gathered all of his greatest champions for this fight and still couldn't do shit.

Reminder, Ghazz has cleaned a planet of tyranids, tyranids have cleaned planets of Orks, but Khornes mightiest generals couldn't wipe out 2 armies that had just been fighting each other and were in no way allied. Just SAD

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Holy shit 100 years later and they're still there? How the fuck have the tyranids not figured out how to defeat Orks? How have the Orks not reached Beast era levels due to all that constant fighting? Shit just doesn't make sense, but at least they stalemated Khornes OP blood crusade

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