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When I ran Curse of Strahd, I made the incredible mistake of putting a female PC in the Ireena role. This was a bad choice, because the whole game became centered entirely around the 'romance'.

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DM from the other thread here.

Yeah, it's a bad idea. The issue here is that Ravenloft is a gothic-horror setting, and in a gothic horror setting a certain level of temptation / eroticism is expected. Note that I'm not saying that it has to be an erotic game. I'm saying that it's a story in the Gothic tradition: Lust, jealousy, envy, hatred all caused the complete shitstorm that resulted in Ravenloft in the first place.

Making a PC Tatyana's reincarnation is a bad idea for the same reason why electing a single PC as the Chosen One is a bad idea. It makes the story *entirely* about that player, which kind of sidelines everyone else, and you need a very good roleplayer for that. I previously suggested making one of the male PCs the reincarnation of Strahd's brother instead, so that the player has a very personal stake in the matter and Strahd has an equally good reason to kill him, but again you're getting the same problem. Most PCs do not want to basically be the sidekick.

This is a particular problem, because Strahd wants to win this woman's heart. Yes, you could have him want to kill her instead, but that changes things a LOT and arguably misses out the best part of the narrative. I managed to struggle through the conclusion of the campaign with a PC in the Ireena role (pic related), but by the end I was pretty certain that the story had gone more-or-less completely off the rails and it was only through a lot of DM improvisation that managed to fix things. And this was with one of the better players, who played the role very convincingly.

I'll relate the story later, if anyone's interested.

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So I'm gonna make a Wizard/Rogue, with Bladesinger and Arcane Trickster respectively.

How should I proceed in leveling? Which one should I pick first etc

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Tell me about DnD5e/Next. Can I make a magical close combat character that relies on dodging?

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>Run across a werebat girl in Order of Ecclesia
>"Let's play, cute little kitty~"

I felt almost bad about killing them. They just wanted to fuck Shanoa, and I can sympathize.

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