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The mysterious witch in your party asks you for a private talk.
She reveals that there is an even greater threat to the world than the demons which she found when dimension hopping during her student days - a world full of massive, innumerable metal beasts and massive towers that touched the sky. And that they know where we live and that they're coming.
She tells you that she plans to unify humanity to face off the twin threats of demonkind and these mysterious enemies.
You are a special talent she has recognised and she wants you to serve under her in this task.

How does your character respond?

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>After traveling with your party for a while, the mysterious mage has decided that you will make a good general
>She expects you to be one of her general in her dream team she will use to unify humanity and fight off demons and invaders for other dimensions. You will be well rewarded in status and financially for your service.
>she refuses to leave until you accept her proposal

What does your character do?

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Rance's idea of fair and square fights are shown in that image

the Demon Ithere is in love with Shizuka who is one of Rance's party members.
He has already previously asked Shizuka to become his.

Rance has no confidence in defeating Ithere.
So he gets Shizuka to strip naked and approach Ithere saying that she wants to become his. Rance's logic is that no man can concentrate while the woman he loves approaches him in the nude while confessing love.

Rance then stabs Ithere in the back.

Later in Rance IX when Rance is talking to Miracle. Miracle brings up her dream team of servant knights for when she conquers the world. She mentions Ithere and Rance boasts that he magnificently killed him in a fair and square, one on one fight.

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