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Man, I've got too many to count. I'm trying to whittle them down, lately. Let me try and give a sentence for each.
>Ultramarines descendants on a daemon-infested graveyard world that specialize in fighting chaos and are closet heretics
>Death Guard descendants who didn't turn traitor during the HH and try to atone for their brothers by being medical specialists and focusing on combating Nurgle diseases and zombies (also plague-doctor beakie helmets).
>Iron Hands descendants who turned traitor and replace their bodies with daemon-possessed cybernetics
>Sisters of Battle/Skitarii on an ocean world (the only one of my dudes I'm actively trying to build minis for)
>Nurgle/Isha-worshipping Chaos Eldar
>Auzzie Imperial Guardsman on a frozen penal world where they turn old tanks into cozy mobile homes
>Sikh Imperial Guardsman/Navy Armsmen with a cryogenics fetish

And probably some other dudes I'm too lazy to remember.

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well that just breaks my heart because i love having options or being versitile.

is there any kill team which operates like that? with versitility or more options?

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Oi, you gits ready for Summah!?

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Summer's almost over

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