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I don't know if that's supposed to be sexual
at least it isn't genestealers

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Have you even fooled anyone so far?

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good genes

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I'm looking at the archive right now

I honestly don't understand the reason for deleting those posts if not as preemptive strike in fear of another shitstorm like the first

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I was going to say something catty about giving whores money, but that's not a bad deal

just have that shit playing in the background while im cooking dinner or doing the dishes

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So I was learning how to DM deathwatch for a group of my friends, we where about to finish high school and go to university and I thought the holidays in between would give us a chance to play, the group had always been interested in trying a table top RPG and a few of us where big into 40k, picked deathwatch just because space marines might be an easier jumping on point.

Anyways, no sooner do I inform the group that I've not only been nice enough to make sheets and characters for them but I've also got the rules downpat the group suddenly informed me while I had spent two months figuring this shit out they'd all got boyfriends or girlfriends

Long story short:
Now I'm just writing shitty 40k fanfic using the character sheets and trying to figure out how the campaigns would have gone. Does anyone else do this?

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Getting cliche at this point, sadly.


> I'd really like to see one of them howling, if you know what I mean.

> Thatsthejokebecauseduplicatefileentry.jpg

Bonus points if she's riding a "Screamer Killer."

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will this small xeno work?

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God Emperor - Emperor of Japan
Space Marines - samurai
Imperial Guard - conscripts and tribesmen
IG Command Structure - WW2 army command structure
Imperial Navy - WW2 era Japanese navy (battleships everywhere)
Inquisition - Kempeitai
Grey Knights - Kamikaze pilots

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You don't know what they do, man.
Thing, I dunno.

...Okay, not going to ask.
Is he going to grow more arms or something now?

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"Yes, brother?"
"Have you noticed anything about Brother-marine Helvestus?"
"...Not really. Why?"
"His backpack looks wierd."

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Let's say you wanted to build an army with two goals in mind:

1) Make Space Marine (or equivalent, but mainly them) players cry, even if at the expense of well-rounded ability to take all comers, and

2) Not a Space Marine equivalent yourself.

What do you choose?

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"I-it's not like I think you're cute, or anything."

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