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if anyone hasn't noticed, it is in my humble opinion that no battledress is complete without a crown

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The best Paladins are the ones which aren't starting classes so you have to earn the power of one, and hopefully learn how to play one correctly during your journey.

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The next call went to Zela.

The holographic window stood blank for a few minutes, while you patiently waited for the knight to pick up the other end of the connection.

But, eventually she picks up.

"Sir Fox." A terse nod, and her usual scowl lightened for fraction of a second, before returning to it's usual position, indicating that she was actually quite glad to see you.

For her.

A normal person would probably have just passed it off as an annoyed twitch of her lips, but you know your troops.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of this communique?" You deliver your usual smile, and give her the same reply as you did Lyra. You were just checking in on an old student, nothing wrong with that?

"Ah, I see." She nodded, the faintest ghost of a smile on her lips. "Sir Fox is feeling meddlesome, this eve."

Meddlesome? You are not 'meddlesome'! You are... exactly what she said you were.

"You have me." You admit. "My retirement is... lacking in challenges. I keep finding myself growing more and more annoyed with the routine, and I have resorted to nagging my students for entertainment."

Honesty is the best policy with this one.

"Have thee considered a courtship to wile away the hours? I hear tell that such things can bring the mightiest of soldiers to their knees and drive them to drink." You take a moment to stare at the screen.

"Was that... a joke?"

"Nay, Good sir. I am far too steely to resort to such japes." She replies with a completely straight face. You blink. Two jokes in as many minutes.

"I take it you are no longer feuding with your husband then." There had been a fight the week before, and you were a little worried, but it looks like things have smoothed out.

"Aye. A few rounds of matching blades, and we were able to settle our disagreements with honor." For a split-second, you see the faintest hint of a blush, but it's gone just as fast. It really is good to see her like this.


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Shit. Something's come up, and it's not looking like I'll have a post ready before I have to leave. I should be back sometime around, uh...

Eight hours from now.

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