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I'm looking to make billions of dollars. But i need knowledge. What's a good degree for this path? I'm not too sure what to study but I'm looking at computer science. And I know a degree doesn't guarantee anything but I need knowledge.

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Category theory

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I would just focus pure maths and memorize all the finance equations needed for standard business, learn some accounting, and study a niche market like histology services or something, and roll all profits into real estate. You could also crunch some numbers and roll your profits into value investing.

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Math and become a quant

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something to do with clean energy

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Jewish Studies

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>make billions of dollars
Yikes. How exactly do you think a Good Wageslave Certificate of any kind is going to help you?
>but I need knowledge
Learning how to game the grading system doesn't help you make billions. The rest of the knowledge is not exclusive to college.

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Did you not read the end of my post? Also i doubt self studying

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The real question is, what nation should I choose to win Civ 5 on deity

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First get smart, learn all the financial lingo and financial equations you can. Study Real estate, find a niche market to make your money in (for example, histology, something new with a ton of money in it), roll all profits into real estate, crunch some numbers and do some value investing too. Constantly read too for investment opportunities related to any of your interests.

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>Did you not read the end of my post?
I did, hence my quote of the last sentence. I'm saying that if you want to learn you can do it on your own. College won't make you learn unless you want to, which is the same scenario as non-college. And really you're going to need to do something which has never been done before if you want to make billions, so it's not going to be taught in any case. If you're content with mere millions I would guess the advice about finance in this thread is good.

Venice is ez mode

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>looking to make billions of dollars
literally me

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>needs knowledge

you need luck and good timing.

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What's up with all the compsci fags?

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I have interests in clean energy, electric transport, weapons, AI. A small development here could yield big profits. But I need knowledge for these things so I am asking what I should learn.

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basically you need to find a problem, and provide a solution.
design it, apply to start up accelerator (you dont even need the in-depth knowledge - just a solution and a vision)
as long as you can guarantee that your invention works because you can visualise and design realistically then you can borrow from other peoples money and skill pots to bring your idea to fruition

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If you want to achieve that level of financial success based on your performance in college then basketball is the topic you want to focus on.

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A billion is a long shot, but can you make a few million easily with a CS degree

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