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I took calc ab to have an easy year, its so fucking easy its not even funny, wtf. We JUST got to integrals and niggas are struggling. Fuck that lets get back on the subject. One year before graduation my question is should i take linear algebra? My gpa is ass its like 2.4 WEIGHED up from 2.1. Im a beaner so and poor af so idk if im going to college. Here are my ap scores, biology 4 world history 3, compsci p 4. Sorry for blogging, really need advice tho.

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4channel is 18+

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Ill help anyone interested in learing computer science basics,

Im 21 officer

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>Ill help anyone interested in learing computer science basics,
Yeah, teach me about signal theory or whatever it's called. I don't now why I need to pass it as a CS student, feels more like its meant for EE or something.

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Your post looks like shit. You should use punctuation and type out all your words instead of abbreviating. It means you're not on a phone, because you have at least most of a keyboard in front of you, and phoneposters are cancer. Also the character limit here is high enough that you don't need to shorten what you say to fit it into one post, and we take no small amount of pride in not being like the rest of the internet.

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Why would you take linear algebra, AP Calculus BC exists for a reason. First half is a review of AB and then you get to do Calc II, and if you get a shitty score on the AB exam then you can try again with the AB subscore on the BC exam, also what the fuck man? How do you get a 2.4 weighted GPA? Just do your homework bro, calling other people retarded when you have a C weighted GPA is stupid.

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I do plan on taking calculus BC, but it seems like a waste of time to take no other math senior year as the first semester will be all review. This gives me the summer, and first semester to do a linear algebra course. I looked at the course overview and i dont think theres any concepts ill need calculus 2 knowledge for, please correct me if im wrong.

My gpa is low because, yeah i dont do my homework, you caught me. I wasnt really trying to go to college till late sophmore year, up until then no one in my family had gone to college so I thought I was fine. I am trying to get my sat to 1500+ to compensate tho.
Wrote the whole 2 paragraphs above thinking about you baby. I know no one on this website cares about anything but im glad you care.

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Eyyy I just wanna give you props bruh I'm a latinx as well. I just learned to read at age 22 and I'm going to college, we learnin about proportions and shyt, like if you have 3 apples and 2 pears it's like a 3:2 ratio or Whatevers. Stay reppin for the cholos in the 85 iq wasteland homeboy, i'm gonna go watch american me ese

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Anon I... nah im playing. Being brown in a mostly jew and asian school has kinda taken its toll on me. Sometimes I really do be thinking,"are we the inferior race?", but then i remember that these fools are pampered as shit. Just save in in IRA and dont make above 40k senpai.

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*under 40k

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