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With the unique fast rate of growth that bamboo has, why haven't any scientist used crispr or some shit to make a genetically modified, calorically dense superfood? You would get numerous harvests per year, which could provide food security for lots of people.

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>unique fast rate of growth that bamboo has
it's not unique
go look up tonnes of DM/Ha

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>could provide food security for lots of people.
science aint in the business of helping people science is in the business of ego stroking and circle jerking

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Bamboo doesn't grow it inflates. Prove me wrong.

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Thanks I'll use your idea to solve world hunger and get rich

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corn grows faster retard. wayyyyyy fucking faster.

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this already exists, it's called corn

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Wouldn't Miscanthus be a better target than bamboo or maize?

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corn doesn't get as big as mighty hemp

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try sugar cane

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Friendly reminder that the main, ESSENTIAL, human diet is ANIMALS. Plants are nigger tier food and our bodies barely extract anything useful from them. One of our species' downfall will be straying away from our natural diet.

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fucking amerifats
cross it with celery you morons

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say it with me:

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the amerifats are asleep
we're talking energy yield

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You have to look at what an animal's teeth are best for to see what diet it should have. You know what human teeth work best on?
Fucking sandwiches.

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corn and sugar make fat jelly energy, celery bamboo, or celeroo as I like to call it, would be way healthier

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Sugar bad
Dying good

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The industry you're describing already exists. Oils and sugars are in everything. In the U.S. anyway, they can both be made from corn. Corn also yields ethanol and animal feed, and it grows like crazy.

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There already are many edible species of bamboo, no reason to crispr anything.

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Corn, sorghum, and sugarcane all grow very fast too.

Corn: grain and animal fodder.
Sorghum: sugar, pseudo-grain, and animal fodder.
Sugarcane: sugar and animal fodder.

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Hi, Siraj!

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