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Hello /sci/
I've been working on creating a new metaphysical numeral system.
I call them "Reactive Element Neo-Numerals",
or "REN-Numerals" for short.
They do not have set values in the way that Hindu-Arabic numerals do. Rather, they aim to highlight states, phases and relationships.

There are a few related concepts I've been working on (mostly alternative base numerals). This is the hypothetical "tip of the iceberg".

If you find any errors, please let me know. I'll try my best to correct them, and answer questions. I may pop in and out of the discussion sporadically though. I work on these when I have the time, but it is certainly not my job.
My background is in the arts rather than STEM, and this project "stemmed" from my attempt to change that. I can show you the concepts, but writing out equations in base-10 isn't my thing.
If anyone else wants to play around and contribute equations, feel free. I hope these will eventually be developed collaboratively.
Also, if there are any pre-existing related theories you think I should study more, I'm always looking for new material to read.
I hope to help unify mathematics with a more metaphysical system.
Languages change how we perceive the world, and numbers work in a similar way. They've "upgraded" my perception in a very tangible way, which is what has pushed me to share them.

Most of this has been done on paper so I will be making graphics to share information as it is requested, or becomes more relevant.

Thank you
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Needs better explaination but I think I know what youre getting at and it is valid

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This makes legit no sense

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how do you write 752 and how do you add 2 numbers together

>my background is in arts
well now

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How is this supposed to be better than our standard numeral system? Seems like you're introducing complexity for literally no reason.

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i think you missed your meds today, lad
come back to me once you form the bare axioms instead and i'll look at it

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idk what use it has, but theoretically it could be a substitute notation for relevant stuff..idk

Basically OP means that, when you have any one thing, it is identified by 3 parts. There is the thing, what the thing is not, and the context of the thing within what it is not. 3 parts to create the whole that is the thing within an environment.

What use does it have? no fucking clue. Its interesting to think about, kinda seems representative of biblical trinity or something if you wanna go /x/ on it. But really its just how things work so like...idk what else OP is saying. The stuff about suming values as you add them is kinda weird and probably schizo shit

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How is our reality based on "1"?

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