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Not to mention the thousands of ramanujan posters and cope posters.
Is there some genetic component to their inferiority complex?

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That guy is a Muslim. So he's probably Pakistani

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>pajeets and chinks need years to study for and ace boring-ass tests as proof of how intelligent they are
>get outdone by white dudes in garages building the future on pure creativity and innate advanced reasoning abilities

I worked with an Indian dude with a master's degree in CS who apparently graduated from one of the top universities in India on a company project and no shit, he was one of the dumbest motherfuckers I've ever had the misfortune to meet. Even our Turkish diversity hire with a basic bitch bachelor's degree in IT was able to grasp advanced concepts and get up to date with our software in a matter of a week.

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Indian American average IQ is 115 and Indians are the highest earning ethnic group in both Singapore and america

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Meh. He's kind of like Erdos. Good collaborator, broad expertise, prolific output, all amounting to a series of footnotes in the history of mathematics.

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ok pajeet

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>scrape 99.999th percentile from a country with a population well over 1 billion
>they must all be 115 iq geniuses

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The Harappan man fears the North Eurasian menace.

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average in the UK is in the 90s

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Everybody is a series of footnotes in the history of mathematics now that the field has been divided into so many specific and specialized subfields.

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Hmm, for a lot of deep technical stuff and not just incremental software development lot of interdisciplinary study is needed.

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Indians hate chinese because china is doing much better india.

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as long as you admit indians in the u.s are superior to whites, its good enough. how does it feel to be iq mogged by pajeets you dumb whitoid scum

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You seem to have quite a chip on your shoulder for the achievements of someone else, yet how much have you yourself achieved or are you claiming the achievements of others as your own?

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>lol black people dumb lol average iq only 80 lol niggers dumb haha
>nooooo you cant generalise like that its only the individual achievements that count reeeee

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you speak solely fo yourself

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>t. chang
Indians were the founder of mathematics.
We invented 0.
Ramanujan is the greatest genius of the millennium.
Nice cope, all you have is
>Muh paper and gunpowder
Our IQ is actually greater than 105, it's only because of environmental factors that it's lower. That's why NRI's are so successful.

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daily reminder that IQ is a meme

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India 2020 superpower! Go shit on something else like the street.

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Ramanujan was a fraud. He couldn't explain how he came up with his formulae and he needed Hardy to actually prove them, he couldn't do it himself

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For some reason I've met a lot of Indians that have this weird delusion that they are some sort of unrecognized genius. It's like the entire nation has a mental age of about 14. They feel jealous when they see someone who is actually recognized for being a genius

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are you telling me they're an entire nation of chuunibiyou?

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you posted one dude seething on quora. All the indians I know in math either like tao or don't follow his work, but everyone respects him as a researcher? I don't understand exactly what conclusion you're trying to pull, because your claim is mainly unsubstantiated. You sound dumber than the people you're trying to criticize.
Not to mention, only /sci/ has the volume of ramanujan posters that borders on meme tier bullshit. Most south asians and south asian-americans look to someone like Mulmuley doing GCT and have enough inspiration to do math or TCS, which is why you see a large amount of them in those fields.

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I mean, have you met the average white engineering freshman? Are you trying to sell me on the idea that unwarranted self importance is bred among only the youth of a specific country?
Literal village tier indians doing IT are annoying, but I've had no problems with indian americans in the workplace

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Perhaps to stand out of a crowd of over a billion, they have to delude themselves that they are better then they are in actuality. Some will genuinely be intelligent, but they probably do not need all the self-aggrandizement to convice themselves to try a little harder.

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>Asim Qureshi
Fuck Quora dude, somehow that place is even more pretentious that fucking reddit. It's just parents bragging about their childs 24/7:
>oh my kid got into all ivies but he doesn't know which one to choose, can you help me?
>MIT? No dude getting into MIT is piss easy I did it with just a 1300 SAT, good grades and working part time. Of course, it was 70 years ago when the acceptance rate was around 40%, but that's besides the point. And remember to get your glowing hot letters of recommendation!

I will rape all of them dude, I swear. I can fucking destroy their asses easily.

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You show them Anon. If they were that smart they wouldn't get raped, but once you destroy their asses you will be smarter than a PhD. Absorb their strength through your penis.

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Yes I almost used that exact word in my post but I wasn't sure if people knew it

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Indian American average IQ is closer to 15.

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do you have any evidence that points to indian americans and not indians?
you seem to be the type of person who watches literal village tier indians doing weird shit and then laughs at any brown person living on the street, despite the fact these people are worlds apart. That or you're eastern european and don't understand this concept at all

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Don't they prefer native american?

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I'm an Indian. I must agree how cringe you sound. There is nothing to take pride in being Indian. We are the most disgusting race on the planet. Even Bangladesh are doing better than us.

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> Listening to internet trolls and developing a hatred for your own people

Jesus Christ man. You're the biggest cuck I've ever seen. Now at least go and develop some sort of self respect

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Was this an IIT or an NIT? Which company was this?

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No you're a paki. You are the most disgusting race on the planet.
Tao is overrated. Indians innovate and run the new world order, Sundar Pichai CEO of google, Satya Nadella CEO of microsoft and many more.
We are to you what Jews are to goys.

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ditto, pajeets at my company rarely make it past 90 days because of this. They're actually expected to know shit, and to read up how to do things they don't know how to do. They are eventually put into impossible situations, don't deliver, and then cry when five other people do their job for them and complain. Then when he's sitting in the manager's office and they realize he doesn't know anything, he's fired and his visa is automatically taken back. Then it's phone calls from his "professor" and the "dean" at his former college begging them to reconsider, which is laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.

This sometimes happens with chinks but they'll just steal and outsource shit to get it done, which has it's own problems but is easier to hide for much longer.

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which company

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Go back you fucking faggot or kys no one gives a fuck about you.

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literally the same goddamn thing. just because you have different religions, doesnt change the fact that you are both indians
t. arab

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The reason is because India is full of pseudo-intellectuals.

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>dumb whitoid scum
wow youre really self-conscious of your poo skin aint ya? you arent in the least superior to whites who long ago fucked your whole nation up the ass and was forced to leave because of the smell. youd be better off just prolonging that war of yours with pakistan so at least we could lower those numbers of yours

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>We invented 0.
As in you invented nothing? Gotta agree with you on that.

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Richard Lynn's National IQ averages are bullshit anyway. Indians are obviously intelligent. They have made significant contributions throughout history and in contemporary time. Do you seriously believe Indians are only as intelligent as blacks in the US? I don't think so.

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depends on the case

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>>11313270 is right, who would you rather have low IQ niggers and spics or people that can contribute to society?
And we're better than Jews because we also don't like subversive degeneracy.

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If you are at the level where you even know about Tao, let alone understand his work, you wouldn't seethe over him. There's a reason why the higher someone's IQ is the less likely they are to be racist.

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How much do professors like Tao make? Is 500k a year a good estimate for what UCLA pays him?

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>it doesn't conform to my views so it's bullshit

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i am not indian nor am i tao
but the OP is a faggot who can't even post a proper size screenshot so i don't know what it says.

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>they are some sort of unrecognized genius
thats russians

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yeah but thats a minimum wage in any professional sports league.

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Nah Russians are actually smart and they have a different competitive attitude towards it. Indians are the ones with the childlike lone genius complex

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indians are super horny for chinese women

I use an asian girl avatar for chess.com and it's always the guys with the indian flags who say "hello beautiful"

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This is bait

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its because 18% of the human population on earth are indian and they still have a de facto caste system.

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You could have a female mole rat as a profile pic and get messages from indians. They are just horny subhumans in general.

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Send bobs

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>run the new world order, Sundar Pichai CEO of google, Satya Nadella CEO of microsoft and many more.
The haven't invented anything you retard. They just run the company and take important financial decisions. They don't even know who works for the company except the top executives.

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It's pretty stupid to generalize all whites as being racists to begin with, buddy.
Granted this site isn't exactly a stunning example if that at times, it's hard to tell who's joking an who's serious anymore.

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You shouldn't be so critical of yourself.
Everyone has things about their own countries that they don't like.

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statistically whites are the least racist group oddly enough...

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I partially agree with you. But....
>have enough inspiration to do math or TCS, which is why you see a large amount of them in those fields.
...this just happens for the money. Parents literally force their kids out of the way to appear for the national entrance exam just so that they can earn good money. They don't even care if the child is even interested in doing TCS. There are coaching classes here that run by the whole idea of 'mentoring and teaching your child so that he gets in to the top 10 universities of India'. Students preparing sometimes just commit suicide because they can't handle the pressure. What drives this shit tier industry forward is the fact that Indian CEOs like Sundar Pichai earn millions of dollars a year. This dollar stupidity is spammed even in the media wherein if a guy gets a salary of $100000 (normal salary for a CS grad) in the US (in Google for ex) after graduation from IITs, they literally multiply the salary by the dollar amount (i.e. $1=Rs 72) and present articles in newspaper website while actually completely ignoring cost of living, taxes etc. This chimerical feature of the converted salary is what pushes these parents to take extreme steps such as putting their kids into coaching from 9th grade.
Last but not the least, most Indians graduating are software engineers. They know shit about TCS and math.

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High paying jobs-


Ground Reality

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>Parents literally force their kids out of the way to appear for the national entrance exam just so that they can earn good money
This is true for software engineering after a CS bach, but not true for TCS. This is true for your average dude whose mummy and daddy is urging them to go for prestige, but people like Mulmuley, Arora, etc., are genuinely the first wave of their generation of south asians to just do academic mathematics and computer science for its own research. The research presence in math/CS has gone up a lot due to the exposure these subjects got in the technology boom, but this has resulted in a lot of bright minds actually going for it.

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>least racist
in what criteria lmao. How are you measuring racism?

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>How are you measuring racism?
In microhitlers, obviously.

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>yeees I’ll dox miself at 4channel
Lobothomize yourself, Hindustani

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Spics are better than you insecure manlet. I’ve never met one Indians that was not an obnoxious incel

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>shitskin cope
whiter than u pajeet

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they have pathological altruism

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Northeasterers are superior to Southwesterners. You can see that basically every morphological trait lies on a Northeast to Southwest cline.

Southwesterners are fertile and r selected, while Northeasterners are long term thinkers and K selected.

Southwesterners tend towards Caucasoid/Arabid traits (narrow jaw, projecting nose, heavy facial hair, occipital protuberance, long legs) while Northeasterners tend towards Mongoloid traits (wide jaw, flat nose, little facial hair, flat occiput, long torso)

Brain size also follows this trend. Indians, needless to say, are south westerners, and Europeans would be the same if not for Siberian migrants spreading their genes there.

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And how many software engineers actually end up doing TCS?
Those who do TCS are genuinely intelligent and don't care about Google. They are researchers at universities.
Mulmuley is a researcher. Dosen't even work at google.
I remember reading somewhere that a professor of TCS once told a student that he will not join google because they cannot offer him any amount of money

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