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So this one guy I help out is a computer science guy with 20 years building web apps.

I try my best to listen to him on certain subjects to maybe gain some knowledge, but I feel some of what he believes is distorted due to his ego.

A few of his claims:

1)AI is a myth. (I feel he means AGI, but he keeps calling it AI)

2)Services don't scale

3)Capitalism is good, but transactional trade is bad.

Am I nuts for helping him out for no pay? I mean, he said he'd teach me 'his' language for web apps. But, I feel like it would be difficult as I'd need his support when I run into any issues as he wrote no documentation on it.

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>building web apps
>computer science guy
These are two different things my dude. Being a web dev is akin to being a technician, not being a proper computer scientist or mathematician

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>said he'd teach me 'his' language
uh run away dude. just get a book like normal people. unless he has special knowledge, he probably doesn't.

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Well he got his degree in computer science and worked on numerous projects. He claims He's one of Canada's best C programmers and that he built Canada's first cloud based application. I brought up web apps, as the last business he was operating specialized in that.

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Everybody can say shit like that, I can say shit like that. He is just some boomer making shit up. You must be really young or something, every boomer at the bar will make up shit like this regardless of their trade. If he was actually good he wouldnt be talking to you.

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>AI is a myth
true and high iq
>services don’t scale
Not a coherent claim
>capitalism is good, transactional trade is bad
stupid and incoherent

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Kinda true. I'm well aware that most people are full of shit. I feel his ego causes him to get in the way of himself.

Can you expand on the AI being a myth. I mean, by definition it has seemed to exist for a long time. But, it isn't the AGI that many people believe it to be.

The claim services don't scale never made sense to me. I was explaining to him my views on hiring people to scale a business. Apparently it doesn't work because then you have to pay people... I decided to let him ramble about, because he's too stubborn to listen to the benefits of delegation and saving time.

He basically believes that capitalism is inevitable and it's the way the universe works. He doesn't like transactions because there's no anthropic connection and likely due to his experience with taxes. He also doesn't like stock market trading, marketeering (not to be confused with marketing), crypto currencies, etc.


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>1)AI is a myth. (I feel he means AGI, but he keeps calling it AI)
well yeah, AGI is science fiction, AI is just abstract algorithimics and it never works as advertised no matter what some upspeaking prick continues to say it is, outside controlled environments and it does nothing but piss off users/customers half the time

>2)Services don't scale
depends on the service, but you cant make one design that only works in testing for 1000 at a time and expect it works with 3 million instances

>3)Capitalism is good, but transactional trade is bad.
what does he think capitalism is? mercantilism?

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>2)Services don't scale
They do if built correctly

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AI has nothing to do with intelligence, it is simply smart programming and there is no potential for sentience in it, whatsoever. I can't believe people really fucking think "computers are getting smart"

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Being a web dev nowadays is akin to being a monkey. Our computers' processing power has grown exponentially over the past few decades, so WHY THE FUCK are websites slower? Everything web is bloated garbage. No one knows how to program anymore.

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There are hundreds of people working at facebook corp. I have had the same PC for >4 years and facebook keeps getting slower and slower on my browser. What the fuck are they even paid to do there? Modern programmers are all shit.

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Ask the Indians who work there

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>AI is just abstract algorithimics and it never works as advertised no matter what some upspeaking prick continues to say it is
What about google duplex and all that shit?

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Facebook has 43,000 employees lol

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50% are indians

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computers become better with time. apps take advantage of the increasing hardware resources and old hardware can't keep up. In the case of fb, the advantage most of those resources are spent on is tracking. They track your scrolling speed for each type of content, your mouse movements, and basically anything you do there that can be called an action.

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>and there is no potential for sentience in it, whatsoever

You're seriously going to have to provide evidence for this.

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