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Scientists and mathematicians aren't smart they are just good at science and math. Have you ever considered what smart is or means, did you ever realize that you guys aren't actually necessarily smarter than other people, you just have a talent for math and science?

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Wojak posters aren't smart and not good at anything except sucking dick.

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I was thinking about this exact thing the other day. I would rather talk about science and math than circlejerk about muh IQ. There is literally nothing wrong with humanities.

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>another IQ thread

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That statement is obviously false, let's say you were smart, so if we pretend you are smart and then you post a wojak thread it wouldn't magically make you less intelligent.
Maybe scientist sand mathematicians just have a good ability to think in a scientific and mathematical way but they aren't actually smarter overall in other ways.
Not IQ, IQ is a meme basically.

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>Not IQ, IQ is a meme basically.
depends what you mean by meme
it's a testable metric and it is measuring something the question falls on distribution and whether what we're indirectly testing has value.

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Sometimes it's just ridiculous, what exactly are you trying to prove by asking somebody to find a pattern at such an advanced point where multiple answers would make sense?

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>you aren't smart you're just good at (thing)
>what does smart mean?

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because at that point those with more advance perception and reasoning ability would be either much faster to recognise a differentiating pattern or the only ones able to draw in multiple sources of information to differentiate them

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Anybody over here that claims they're smart is prolly some highschool atheist. Fuck this board though the only shit being discussed is some philosophical sci-fi bullshit.

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Oh I've always thought of myself as a complete dumbass, just a well educated dumbass. My dad's friend is a cardiologist and a good one, there's no one I'd trust more to perform open heart surgery on me, but the dude is a complete idiot when it comes to anything that isn't the heart. I wouldn't let him watch my plants if I left town.

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>Weightlifters and sprinters aren't athletic they are just good at lifting weights and sprinting. Have you ever considered what athletic is or means, did you ever realize that you guys aren't actually necessarily more athletic than other people, you just have a talent for lifting weights and sprinting?
Cope harder brainlet

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>Athletics and thinking are the same thing because athletics involve grinding away at your muscles and steroids and thinking involves composing yourself.

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Athletes can't exceed the limits of their genes.

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>Have you ever considered what smart is or means
And what does that mean you absolute mong?
IQ test are partially math puzzles.
Scientists figure out patterns from data.
Go pee up a rope.

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Define “smart”, please.

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If you want to talk about what constitutes a smart person then you should define what "smart" is.

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Most of my life I was told I was "smart". It rarely crossed my mind as I always desired ordinary things like friendship and companionship, which are hard as shit to do when all you do is focus on differences and how better someone is at whatever metric.

I was encouraged to go into mathematics and physics and did. It was OK. I was good, and I liked being good at something, but I didn't care for it. I always sort of desired physical application and/or connection with other people. It was around this time that people got REALLY fucking insecure about their "intelligence" regarding me. Suddenly my life's work and interests were all now evidence for me thinking that I'm better than everyone, which I never truly thought. Hell, even if I entertained the thought, it's because THAT'S WHAT EVERYONE ALWAYS TOLD ME. Some people would even get upset with me if I didn't think I was smart. It's the craziest catch-22. People hate you for being smart or people hate you for not thinking you're smart. It's a hard take away in life: no matter what you do, someone's going to shift the perspective towards some negative thing and try to tear you down. It's how it is, after all. Everything is both good and bad, and anyone can change the perspective to focus on either. It takes maturity to incorporate both into a world view, but considering most people are egotistical monsters who live in a "me or you" mindset, they can't get out of "better or worse" or "good or evil".

Anyway, I actually work on a farm now (seventh year, soon) and feel a lot more satisfied with my work. You know what I honestly am coming to realize? I am smarter than most people. I'm so glad I get to work outside. I'm so glad my job doesn't involve tons of egotistical, masturbatory circle jerks. I'm so glad I work in a team where we are forced to cooperate or else go out of business. I'm so glad I have literal fruits of my labor.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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>Define “smart
Good at science or math.

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I used to think i was smart n shiet with high iq because i was a fucking nerd with nothing else to be proud of.

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I have a natural aptitude for anything and everything, I just prefer mathematics. Even my lowest IQ score (verbal) was in the superior range. I learn everything I try quickly, was even captain of the basketball team in highschool and I graduated with honours from both highschool and my undergrad at a top university while being drunk everyday and not studying.
I am of German background so maybe eugenics worked?
Intelligence is a meme is a meme.

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